OTC: Browns Reduce Chiefs To Skidmarks

Browns beat Kansas City Chiefs, 41-34

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice work, Greg. What’s left to say? There is no reason to think Haley has any chance of finding his way. This coach is in over his head and needs to go. He needs three new coordinators and Whitlock had it right when he questioned who would be stupid enough to come and work under this knucklehead. Pioli, who I still hope will work out, is running the risk of being “too patient,” or at least giving that impression to the few remaining fans. He needs to give up on getting any Patriot castoffs that become available and getting some players that actually make you want to watch the Chiefs.

    I generally agree with you about helmet-throwing players being not smart enough to play for your team, but wouldn’t that at least suggest some sort of impassioned response to this horror show of a season?


    GH: Gavin, Especially if the thrown helmets were directed at a runaway kickoff returner.

  2. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    As I wrote on this blog when the season STARTED, no talent, new coach, owner who is not willing to spend big bucks to fix it, and so on….and a team with a poor track record,50 years two super bowls, one win, so they have pretty much been a bottom feeder all the time, save the Dawson era..

    Guess what this will continue on and on, and so will the Royals, whose owner is even worse…oh yeah 60 years of baseball two world series one win, and by the way its been a lifetime since either team was in a world anything….we are an afterthought in pro sports..and will continue to be…unless by some miricle we find a true leader a quarterback like Dawson…a hitter like Brett, without that, enjoy last place or close to it for decades to come…..sorry the past shows you the future…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    “past shows the future”. Past-Seper Bowl. Future=Super Bowl.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    “NFL quarterbacks do not make this kind of mistake.”

    — Apparently they do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gavin-This is actually in response to your blackout posts. When you guys start all the fu’s and s*x with sheep I can’t access. So I had a friend tell me your posts. In reverse order.

    I thought the bet was for your enitre mortage. But I don’t remember taking it.

    Can’t speak for you but just becasue I post on a little read site like this that has the writing of the famed Hall, I can’t say I’m a loser.

    The Chiefs have improved over last year. They are at this point one win better. They have discovered a great running back, beat the Super Bowl champs(though that has looked less and less impressive), have a new regime after years of people asking them for Carl to be canned, have gotten rid of Larry, got a starting QB. But yet you and many others are not happy with that. So I assume you wouldn’t be happy unless they were 16-0.

    I don’t understand your logic of Clark buying tickets to show he cares and reward fans. I run a business. When my cashier is short on her register I could easily replace the money. When salesmen don’t make their quota’s I could still go ahead and give them their bonus. But if I came and bailed them out everytime they failed thier jobs that would make them sucessful how?

    Chiefs salesmen failed their jobs. Fans refused to come out and pay tickets to watch a game. So your solution is that the owner should buy all the tickets so in the future the salesmen won’t have to sell tickets and the fans won’t have to come to games so the owner can let them watch it on free TV? This is logicial to you?

    You say its not your business to run the team. Ok. Then why don’t you not comment and let the ones that are paid to run the team run it. Give them a FAIR chance. Let’s see what happens. Wait until you get your million before you start wanting to can people, f-the owner etc.

    Why is Clark being held to a different standard? Lamar didn’t live here and never has. Not many complained. We won a Super Bowl while Clark was in Dallas starting soccer leagues and involved in professional tennis. Clark becomes an owner and now all of a sudden the Chiefs suck and he doesn’t care because he lives in Dallas. Not fair. Not logical.

    Your thoughts that Clark doesn’t care because he is not out giving interviews etc. Again Clark is doing the same as his father. Clark is doing the same as he has done the previous years. He waits until the season is over and he gives a round of intereviews. He did that last year. He did it the previous year. My guess is he’ll do it this year.

    Do you think Clark doesn’t hear the boo’s or sees the empty seats?

    The actions of the GM. Scott said when he hired Todd that he believes the coach should be the face of the organzation. Off and on fans and Jack Harry have complained that Scott is not talking to the media. Each time I have posted he is just doing what he said. The coach speaks on behalf of the organzation. He is the face. Guess what? Scot was on 810 last week. K.K. asked him why we don’t hear more from him. And……….Scott said what he always has said. The coach is the face of the organzation. How does this equal he doesn’t care?

    Gavin-Though I think you are wrong. I enjoy your passion and hearing your comments. I hope I have responded to all you said. Merry Xmas Rick

  6. Anonymous says:

    An Open Letter to Greg Hall:

    Grer I’m very disappointed that you’ve joined the chorus of fans, St. John, and others calling for Todd Haley’s job. Is Todd a quality NFL coach? I don’t know. But what i do know is that with your own history and your observations of media you wouldn’t think you would be so quick to judge. Let me help you recall.

    I remember the first time I heard Bill Maas on the radio with Frank Boal. He was TERRIBLE. Stuttering, fumbling, he had trouble completing a sentence. I would of never guessed that he would of gotten a network job. He is now one of my favorites.

    Though he’s not one of my favorites Tim Grunehard start was pretty rough around the edges.

    810. Greg do you remmeber that they actually started on 1510? They were so BAD that while they were on the air you could hear they had THEIR radio in the background tuned to another sports station so they could get their sports info from them and then report it. This was like radio fom someone’s basement. But looked what happened. They turned it around, changed to another station and are now number one in the market.

    Then their is you Greg. Left a sucessful newspaper career for radio. Do you think that was a smooth transition or was their some bumps in the road? No you weren’t as bad as the failed JoPo attempt but you were far from a polished product. But you were given time and patience to improve. You were given a FAIR shot. Now it is a joy to hear your comments on 980 (Though obviously you were wrong about no black out).

    So Todd shouldn’t be given the time and patience that you, Tim, Maas, and 810 were given? Just can his butt huh. Humm…you may be right. Of course maybe if he is given the same chances you and others were he can improve and become the same sucess of those mentioned.

    Other notes:

    Seeing Jim Brown who apparently has lost his teeth on TV was very sad.

    Nick Griffiths on 9 last night when reviewing the Atlanta game and Tony’s catch mentioned that they were fighting for a playoff spot. They were out of the running before the day started. It would be nice if the sports caster knew some of the fundmental facts.

    On the radio Friday night 810 Rich Gannon talked about Brady not being a NFL QB and Matt is. The play Sunday proved that point.


    There wasn’t the task of filling an 80K-seat stadium depending on the success of Maas or Grunhard or my careers in the media. The escalating cost of tickets and just the cost of being an NFL fan forces Clark Hunt into a

  7. Anonymous says:


    Merry Christmas to you too. And while we don’t see eye to eye on this particular issue, I appreciate that you gave a thoughtful response devoid of the sometimes low standard (that I have also lived down to) that can take over on this particular board. While I can’t promise that I will do better at trying to not get down in the mud, I can say that I realize I ought to do better and will try to.

    Regarding our “bet” if you look back on December 1st, you will see that I asked if anyone was confident enough to bet a mortgage payment that the Chiefs owuld win another game and you suggested that I should just give you my address since you were likely to just come and thake the house in our wager. My comment yesterday was, obviously, just for fun and no real wager was offered or taken.

    As for the substance of your post, again, we just don’t see things the same way. I aprpeciate how you have to treat your business and that you need to decide how to best handle your own money and profits. I don’t know what you do for a living, but I am willing to bet that it does not involve hundreds of millions of dolars in taxpayer support in what might be viewed a public/private trust. The Hunt family, after years of disappointing (at best) football held Kansas City hostage and pretty much said they wouldn’t sign a new lease on Arrowhead without LOTS of free money coming to them. So Jackson County ponied up and has been keeping this team afloat through ticket sales and taxes and when they have reached what is, at least for now, an absolute nadir, Clark Hunt won’t do something that shows he cares about his fan base. No one is saying Clark Hunt should lose money, but if he does, it’s his own fault. But I do think the Chiefs owe something to the fan base and they haven’t given back anything except excuses. Seriously, can anyone name a single sacrifice the Chiefs havae made for their fans or for the city? I know that the players all have contractual obvligations to help with charitable causes and I also know that the Chiefs particpate in NFL Charities and the United Way, but what has this franchise done for the FANS? I am not being disingenuous; I really can’t think of anything. No playoff victories, some damn embarassing moments on and off the field and, lately, some fugly football.

    As for Clark Hunt living here, I don’t think he needs to. I think that it would be better if he spent some time here and listened to some of the complaints of the fans. Make Pioli tell him and us the process. Not trade secrets or strategies but an actual plan (maybe like, oh, a five year plan). So far all we have heard from Pioli is pleas for patience and instructions to trust “the process.”

    And I disagree that this team is better than last year. Yes, I know about the old adage that you are your record, but I really do not think that last year’s team would lose to this year’s version. Obviously, there is no way to prove that, but the play, to me, appears to have regressed. Just look at yesterday’s defensive and special teams “efforts” if you need any proof. Basic fundamentals like catching, running and holding onto the ball seem to have been completely forgotten.

    And you are aboslutely right about Pioli having said that he coach is the face of the organization. He is doing what he said he would do. But what he said he would do is simply not working. When you say you’re going to do something and you do it, you are to be lauded for your honesty and principle, but when doing that thing fails miserably (and I do think this team is a miserable failure, obviously), you have to sack up and say “I did say that the coach would be the face of the organization, but the fans deserve to hear from me too and I want to address their concerns” and then do that. I applaud Pioli for giving KK that interview last week, but now that he is clearly willing to give one, what is the problem with giving more? I don’t see how it weakens (or, candidly, strengthens) a team. If it doesn’t hurt anything, what is wrong with doing it? I just don’t see what’s wrong with answering some questions. Why stick with the hidebound notions if they aren’t going to improve anything?

    I think, Rick, that your overall perspective is that they should get a “fair” chance and have not yet been given one. First, I am not agitating for the removal of Pioli. Haley, yes. Even bad players should improve fundamentally and I just don’t see that under Haley. I think they have regressed significantly. But the problem I have with the suggestion that these men haven’t been given a fair chance is that I don’t think that I, as a fan, have been given one either. Pioli and Haley have been given one year, so far, and I understand that, but I have given the Chiefs my loyalty since the early 1970s and I feel like it’s been taken for granted with arrogance and disregard. I realize the Chiefs were a mess before Pioli got here but how many teams have improved dramatically since Marty left? Look at how many teams have surpassed the Chiefs. Now look at how many the Chiefs have surpassed.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It did not bother me to not be able to watch the Chiefs. I got some work done outside and listened to the radio, which I rarely do.

    Len Dawson … abysmal TV sports anchor — really great radio analyst. When he says, “that was terrible” after yet another defensive breakdown, you can hear the disgust in his voice.

    Another thing — Herm’s 810 segment on Monday morning’s is way too long. I’ve never heard Vermeil’s but it sounds like it doesn’t offer much either.

    Clark Hunt went out and did what everybody was clamoring for him to do — hire Pioli. Now that it’s not an immediate success, he’s an idiot?

    Pioli hired Haley. We’ll see if he has the sack to deal with his decision now that it is evident Haley is in over his head. I don’t know that he absolutely must fire Haley but he absolutely cannot not allow things to continue as they are currently operating. Haley obviously needs some help. Chan Gailey would have helped. If Haley’s not willing to accept help, then he probably does need to be fired.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What the hell just happened there. I was reading jojo and Cliffy and found myself agreeing with them (mostly). It’s a Christmas miracle!

    Cliffy, you’re aboslutely 100% right. And I don’t even like you. But I have to give it to you. I hate Len on TV but I found him to be really good on radio. I have no idea why that is.

    And I am done with Haley, but I still think Pioli should get more time. There are lots of possible reasons that Pioli might not have done what needed doing last year but I see this team getting more and more unsound fundamentally and that is all about coaching.

    jojo, I am not as hardcore as you on Clark Hunt. Dude was an academic all-America in soccer, wasn’t he? While you’re right about him never having to worry about his electricity get shut off, I do think that he has probably had to work at something in some way. Still, Clark’s decision on broadcasting the game yesterday speaks volumes about where he places the dollar and his fanbase in terms of priorities. And I agree with you, jojo, that we fans are owed a shitload by this franchise. As I was writing earlier I found myself thinking about Jerry Jones in pretty much the way you talked about him. I pretty much can’t stand him, but there is never any doubt that Jones wants to win and will do whatever he can to make that happen. I do NOT have the same feelings about Clark Hunt. I applaud Clark for going out and getting the GM everybody, me included, wanted him to hire but I hope he doesn’t think his work is done.

  10. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    Three things:
    Whatever happened to Wolverine Willy? I loved that guy. Just because Rome ran him off doesn’t mean he shouldn’t call local radio.
    Does anybody on Earth besides Clark Hunt and Mitch Holthus say the words “Chiefs Kingdom?”
    Pathetic as it is, I’m going to win my bet that the Royals have a better winning percentage than the Chiefs. Makes me sick.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well, Jojo certainly wins longest post of the year, right? Felt a little bad for Gonzo not getting to the post season with ATL. Just a little.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Man,everybody sure is wordy today..but good stuff. Mary Christmas everyone..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Went to Vermeil’s online winery at Greg’s suggestion. Discovered Carl Peterson is a partner in his wine business. Cheapest bottle is about $40. Even though the Vermeil label has not won any awards, Carl recommends he increase the price by 20% next season. Also suggests charging $20 to park outside the tasting room might be a good idea.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    God damn some of you people can babble with your posts.

    How much time do you really need to waste talking about the Chiefs or yesterday’s game? Seriously. Get over it.

    Bring on conference play in college basketball. Then March Madness. Then NFL free agency. Then the NFL Draft.

    Until then, babble yourselves silly.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You know…all I want is for the Chiefs to field a somewhat competitive NFL team…not a Patriots practice squad.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If Haley gets fired after one year I’m bring 21 other guys to the parking lot of Arrowhead with sings saying,” Hey Todd, can you win with us?”

    Also I think Brian Waters should escort Haley with his stuff to his car.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    I find it interesting that Ego-li was on KK’s show the other day in one of his rare interviews and not one mention of it on this site. I bet if The Frat Boys or White Guilt had the interview, Hall would at least show a few quotes.

    Also it was funny as hell that The Frat Boys got the whole Jim Harbaugh going to Kansas thing wrong.They relied on an unreliable source so they can say they scooped 810, only to look like fools when it was learned that Harbaugh, not only wasn’t going to take the job if offered. He was never offered the job by Perkins to begin with.

    I guess those summer “scoops” you had were just like the Chiefs beating the Steelers…a fluke!

    810 scoops 610 once again….810 scoops 610 once again…

  18. Anonymous says:

    KK is back on line.

  19. Anonymous says:


    …bring in Jimmy Johnson, a proven winner, and allow him to work his magic, why is this so hard to grasp?

    No NONfootabll player is able understand what it takes to win football, never be able to lead a team, this is NOT Glengarryglenross, this is football!!

    This haleygirl is a cunt. She needs to be obliterated. Fkrs like her talk all this accountabality BULLSHIT, yet they never look in the fking mirror. He ruined my team. fk him, and fk hlark cunt.

    The only thing that makes sense is hlark cunt wants to move this team out of KC.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Until the time that Todd Haley is fired, this team will be known as the Queefs.

    They’ve earned the moniker.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is anybody loopy enough to believe Haley’s going to get fired after this season? Hiring Haley was Pioli’s first major act as GM; if he were to fire Haley after one season, it would be an admission of error — not just a mistake, but a grievous error. NFL GMs don’t concede they make serious errors, not until its apparent that blunder is going to cost them a job. If Haley goes, then Pioli has to go — after all, Pioli is responsible for Haley. If Pioli goes, what promising GM is going to sign on with the Chiefs, who obviously would be incapable of having the patience to undergo a rebuilding program? Bottom line, Haley’s going to get another year, and all the outrage is a waste of time.

    I agree with Teicher: the Chiefs have little NFL talent and whatever record they post is to be expected (except a winning one). Losing to Buffalo and Cleveland have been met by apocalyptic visions, but both were at best “winnable” games, not locks (even though so much emotion was invested, from the time the schedule came out, in beating the Browns because it was among the few competitive games on the schedule).

    The Chiefs look bad, and some suggest that looking bad this late into the season is a complete black mark on the coaching staff. While it is hardly encouraging, keep in mind that the staff hasn’t been working with the same players all season. How many O-linemen, wideouts and tight ends have the Chiefs used? When one considers the roster turnover, it is foolish to believe that there could be a linear progress of development.

    Until the Chiefs straighten out their personnel issues, especially the overall upgrade of talent, they will look and be bad. This isn’t going to happen in one year, and maybe not two, and in the meantime moaning about the outcome of one particular game or another — regardless of the quality of the opponent — is an excercise in abject futility only fit for masochistic fans. The rest of us will sit tight and see what evolves.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Oops, hit the wrong key and incomplete post went up.

    BTW Jimmie Johnson will never return to coaching. I’ve known Jimmie for 30 years, ever since he was head coach and I a sideline radio reporter at Oklahoma State (and later was a reporter covering his Dallas Cowboys) and he’s out of coaching for good. Done. Finis. Fuhgettaboutit.

    Any other ideas?

  24. Anonymous says:

    “YA KNOW…I MADE YOU ….YOU F*CKING _______..

    ______________…YOU’D BE NOTHIN”


  25. Anonymous says:

    As usual, you have no clue, yet you type away …… how do you say other people are stupid, when you are the most ignorant … over and over …. and over … STFU!!!

    The results of a Moron University NONeducation.

    Danny Devito was NOT in Good Fellas. STFU!!! you fkn babbling idiot.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back, KK (Kissell). Where you been?

    I saw quotes from Pioli’s 810 interview here. I also recall Greg taking the “dorm rats” to task for screwing up the Harbaugh story.

    810 is nothing to brag about. I listened to St. John this morning try to beat down a caller because he had the audacity to try to defend Pioli and Haley. I’ve heard Bukaty, KK, Petro and all the others do the same thing on a variety of topics. What’s wrong with allowing listeners to have a differing opinion? Sad.

    Jojo … I don’t think Dany Devito was in Goodfellas. Wasn’t it Joe Pesci?

  27. Anonymous says:

    sorry it was joe pesci…sorry ….but they
    look alike…both are short.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Greg-Agree they need to show progress NEXT YEAR. Don’t believe it has to be 7 wins. 5 wins.

    Gavin-I work for a million dollar not for profit so we are VERY dependent on public support. We take no government money though.

    Why were the Chiefs given all the money? So they would stay in town. They bring a lot of dollars to the economy. They have kept their in the bargain. They haven’t left.

    I just don’t think many of you see reality. Yesterday I heard C & C say this was the “worse they have been.” “They couldn’t go any lower.” Jojo “the team has hit rock bottom” Really???? You see I watched a team lose by a touchdown. I saw a game that they were in it until the final play. To me 41-0 would be rock bottom. Many fans and media get caught up in emotion. Logic flies out the window.

    Jack Harry talking about their record the last three years. WTF does that have to do with the new administration?

    Gavin thank you for your loyalty and $$$ you have given the Chiefs. Yes I believe you have a right to be angry and hurt by their arrogance and disregard. But again what does this have to do with the new guys?

    Analogy. If you went to court and the case before you was a man convicted of murder and your case is a speeding ticket. Do you think it would be fair if the judge put the sentence of the murder onto you? But yet you want to blame guys that have been here LESS THEN A YEAR on the poor decisions and play of the Chiefs over the last several years? The fairness in that?

    Why I see and agree with some of your points about Scott and his interview. I guess my response is I want him working to make the Chiefs better. Not catering to fans and media requests just so they have a warm fuzzy feeling. Give me a winner on the field and I’ll feel all warm and fuzzy.

    I do concur with the criticism of Todd not starting his conference on time and that being disrespectful (as heard on 610).

    Yes you are 100% right. I just want them to be given a fair chance. I don’t think its fair of you to compare their LESS then one year term to your lifetime of support and loyalty. Yes, you have been screwed. But not by these guys. They are just trying to find their way. Can you give them a FAIR chance or is it OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

  29. Anonymous says:

    OFF with thier heads
    dude, NO NFL has ever been successful unless the head coach had SOME football playing exp.

    Are you out of touch? This idiot is trying to motivate athletes as if he was motivating salesman. IT DOES NOT WORK!!! IT WILL NOT WORK!!! NFL teams need a leader who is respected, and no one respects this raving idiot. It is one thing to rant and rave on a blog, it is another to talk to MEN WHO ARE MILLIONAIRES like that.

    More time will not help.

    But this is all a moot point anyway, this owner spent 50 million UNDER the salary cap, he does not care, KC NFL football is fkd.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Rick, you raise some good points but I think your speeding ticket/murder analogy is way off. I think if you wanted to use that sort of thing as an example is if you imagined that a certain company, let’s say, to keep it in Kansas City, Sprint had a history of getting tons of speeding tickets when driving in company-owned (and marked) cars and vans. Let’s say that everyone at Sprint knew that they were one of the major economic drivers of the economy in this city so they knew they could speed with impunity even though they also knew that it pissed off the citizenry the way they flouted the law. Now let’s say a new guy comes to town and goes to work for Sprint. This guy has never had a ticket in his life but he hears about how Sprint drivers get away with reckless driving all the time and all they have to do is go to court and say “I was working for Sprint” and the judge would toss the ticket. But now a judge finally stands up to Sprint and he decides he wants to send a message and so he gives this guy the maximum fine possible and says to tell everyone else at Sprint that they have ignored the law long enough and they will all get the maximum fine from now on if they ever show up in hs court again. This one guy has never had a ticket before and all he wants is the same leeway all other Sprint workers before him have gotten. Does he deserve that? I don’t think so. I realize it’s a tortured analogy (as well as inartfully phrased), but what Haley and Pioli seem to want is the freedom to be as arrogant as Carl Peterson was before them. They want the same freedom and control Carl had and they’re being very disdainful of the fans as they do it.

    The thing is, I am all for giving Pioli some of that leeway. But if Haley and his staff were doing a good job, even a team loaded with bad players would get better fundamentally. And I don’t see this team improving in terms of fundamentals. They’re still dropping easily catahcble passes, Cassell is still over/underthrowing wide open receivers. They’re tackling poorly and the defense stinks and not only from a scheme perspective but from simple things like filling gaps, staying with your man and even arm tackling. That’s why Haley needs to go: He has lost this team (if he ever had them) and I just don’t see how he makes them better. All his sideline screaming at grown men is clearly not having the desired effect and I just don’t see how he gets any better. Pioli, hopefully, will have a better roster next season than he did this season, but I just don’t see how Haley makes the team any better at all.

  31. Anonymous says:

    This town is finally learning that the NFL is, at its core, a business. If a car company can get away with producing and selling clunkers yet still rake in huge profits, they will do so. They will continue to do so until consumers stop buying their product, and the cash stops rolling in.

    Sure, there was a blackout this weekend, but they only fell 3k tickets short of the sellout. That’s about 97% of the stadium (and without ponying up the other 3%, Clark makes more money than he did in previous weeks). If he can stay that far in the black without committing any resources to improving the product, why bother? Attendance may slowly decline, but at the end of the day a ton of people are still buying tickets and merchandice. The best owners are shrewd businessmen who are ALSO sports fans who can see past the profit margin. Kansas City has the misfortune of having TWO owners who lack the latter component.

  32. Anonymous says:

    gavin after that…my head hurts. I would say u are 100% wrong to blame Cassel for all the dropped passes.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Jacquetta Juba
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