Will C Comes Home & Jimmy Shubert Does Tiger: This Weekend at Stanford’s

It’s a long way from Kiss tongue-wagger Gene Simmons A&E show Family Jewels to the wilds of Platte City…

But that’s exactly where comic Will C – a regular on Family Jewels – has come to hang with family and lay down some standup this weekend at Stanford & Sons in the Legends.

Think hick humor and you won’t miss it by much…

Hey and for $20 you can buy one of Will C’s “Palma Sutra” t-shirts, for example.

Headliner Jimmy Shubert is an altogether different breed of cat.

Not surprisingly, the Philadelphian tore into what’s left of Tiger Woods to start his show.

“Tiger Woods has got 99 problems and a bitch in every one of ’em,” Shubert cracked. “I knew he was going after Jack Nicklaus’ record, I didn’t know he was going after Wilt Chamberlain’s.”

On Woods fooling around on smoking hot wife

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