Tony: Top 5 Things About Chiefs vs. Browns Toilet Bowl

Kansas City has the distinct honor of hosting the worst game in the NFL this weekend. They’re calling it “The Toilet Bowl.” It’s a shame that all of the clueless sports people are looking at this strictly from a football perspective. What this Chiefs Blackout really represents is one of the biggest taxpayer swindles in history given that Jackson County is collecting close to a billion dollars over the long term for a Stadium hosting games residents of the County can’t even watch. Also, $22 parking should be illegal.

Nevertheless, there has to be a silver-lining to this black cloud and I think the following list looks on the bright side and may provide ways to consider the historic blackout and horrible game as a benefit.
Here are the Top 5 best things about the upcoming “Toilet Bowl” between the Chiefs vs. The Cleveland Browns.

5. Tailgating crowd can finally admit they come to the stadium because they’re bored, alcoholics or compulsive eaters. Once and for all we can finally acknowledge that the game is the last thing on the minds of all those dorks in the parking lot.

4. Watching a Chiefs loss to a horrible team would far too damaging for Kansas City. This town is already behind the rest of the nation when it comes to recovering from the recession. This game is a giant step backward that’s better off ignored.

3. Cold, covered up Cheerleaders aren’t worth looking at anyway. I wasn’t impressed with them when they were wearing skimpy clothes. Covered up the collection of 7s probably drop a few more points.

2. Folks attending the game get to look at real Kansas City football fans for once. The Season is lost, there is no opportunity for glory but I hear they’re selling even more tickets this weekend. These people are the real Chiefs supporters and I’m guessing that fewer of them are coming from JoCo – an area that’s home to folks who only seem to be fair weather fans.

1. Newspaper Dead Tree Media finally serves a practical purpose during at TV Blackout. Of course radio will still carry the game live but prose from sports newsies might actually be important now that the visuals are gone. For one glorious moment, at the expense of all of Kansas City, the NFL turned back the clock on technology and made the written word published on bird-cage liner relevant once again.

Tony Botello

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your making jojo look like Mark Twain.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Toilet bowl – that’s a good one.

    But I think these guys are devolving into something else on this site. Hearne doens’t have the Star to keep him safe from the Internet trolls anymore. Work the spam filter Hearne, work it good.

    And all the talk of male dick sucking is about a grade school level.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear dave-o:
    Message received!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Put in a simple registration process to post. Maybe just verify an email address. Ban people with the dick sucking-type posts. Sure they can just re-register with another email address but the quality of posts and feedback will improve. Don’t leave it wide open. You’re just asking for a downward spiral.

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