OTC: Mizzou Wants To Start Seeing Other Big People

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Forget sports for a moment and focus on the alleged purpose of college, academics. From that perspective MU is a better fit for the Big Ten than the Big 12. Not a lot of serious learnin’ takin’ place in the Big 12. KU/MU could still play each year so the rivalry stays intact. Finally, we can divide the two fan bases into cornpone and wheatpone. Unfortunately, Gary Forsee will probably screw this deal up worse than he did Sprint. How cool would it be to be able to take the sled to Columbia and see Penn State, THE Ohio State, Michigan, etc.

  2. Anonymous says:

    BYE BYE, feel free to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. If misery wasnt just on the other side of the border, it might as well be in North Dakota.

    Getting rid of this embarassment that is MU (Mistake University) is agreat idea. From Paige arena to calls from prison to the coach’s wife to the MU girls beating up wussy MU guys, that place is nothing but a oil stain on the BIG 12s reputation, good riddance, cya bye bye.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What does Missouri bring to the Big 10 anyway? No BCS bowls, no Final Fours…the Big 10 already has a Northwestern. I think the Big 10 would be smarter trying to get Pitt…

  4. Anonymous says:

    MU has been blabbing about this move and their academic superiority over the rest of the schools in this conference for as long as I can remember. Really? I know they think they are smarter but are they? I know the folks from STL would rather be in the Big 10 than associate with us midwesterners but how in the world is MU really that much better academically than the rest of us that they can look down their noses at us like we are a bunch of country bumpkins? I’m a little insulted to say the least.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawker in Big Ten Country
    There’s been plenty of talk in Michigan about the next Big Ten team, but little interest in Mizzou. What do they bring to the Big Ten? As for academics, earlier this year US News and World Report listed Mizzou’s overall ranking as eight in the Big 12 (below Kansas and Iowa State) and it would be easily last in the Big Ten. http://www.usnews.com/articles/education/best-colleges/2009/03/03/athletic-conference-breakdown-big-12.html

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m a 20 year mizzou fan and here’s what it brings to mizzou to bolt the big 12.
    1. MONEY: There are only 1 or 2 schools in the
    big 12 that can outraise missouri right now.
    Money is the reason. As a member of the prestigious big 10 conference they raise their
    visibility dramatically and can outraise any
    big 12 school (probably after texas).
    With state funds being cut back in every state..schools need more money and the big 10
    is where the people of mu believe the money is.
    2. VISIBILITY: THE big 12 is hardly known for
    anything other than its sports. Academics is
    pretty far down the line. Missouri understands
    that by being part of the big 10 where research,
    developement and academic excellence are taken
    seriously that they can bring the school up into the nations top ranked colleges. Missouri is
    concerned with much more than sports. Yes,
    sports drives money…but it’s time for missouri
    to get away from the kstates, ku’s, colorados,
    oklahomas and move into the top tier of schools
    nationally in many other areas.
    MU is poised to expand itself into one of the
    top business shcools…journalism school is
    on a steaedy upward path…their vet and
    animal schools are now ranked nationally….
    they are ready fro a huge capital improvements
    program that would make them ever more
    The us news and world report issue was off.
    Everyone knows that.
    For missouri to step up they need to move away
    from the big 12. Leave and take the shot at
    greener pastures.
    We understand that missouri willnver be a
    consistent football or basketball powerhouse.
    But its about money…money …money and mu
    has seen that the big 12 just isn’t cutting
    it for them.
    I hope mu leaves the big 12 soon. It’s time
    for mu to step it up to the next level and
    leave the “farm midwest” image behind.
    They also are looking for extensive expansion into medical areas. They can’t do that being
    stuck in the mud with KU/kstate/etc,
    Forsee knows what this means. All mu alumni know
    that its time to move up and out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    mr. olathe…stick in olathe…the cesspool
    of the midwest…missouri alumni want to step
    it up and get rid of hicks like you and the
    image it brings to our school.
    Hopefully mu cna now take the step and move into
    a more classy and recognized conference that is
    known for something other than sports.
    MU’s future is not sticking in the big 12…
    to grow and prosper its time for mu to move on
    to bigger and better things

  8. Anonymous says:

    greg… you’re wrong…there are not hundreds
    of thousands of missouri fans in this area.
    Ithink the last alumni info put kc well below
    40,000…and missouri is not a hot bed in kc.
    Just go watch a mu game sometime…this is
    ku country…there are hundreds of thousands
    of ku fans in this market…but nmanyu many
    fewerr mu fans……..i will get you stats.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey jojo…I hope that MU doesn’t submit any of your incoherent ramblings to the Big 10 as part of their “examples of what our alums are doing now”. It’s MU fans like you who have this weird belief that you are superior to the rest of the Big 12. Go on. Move on out the door. You think you’ll be hard to replace? And you’re dissing Olathe? Really? I guess maybe if Kansas had more cosmopolitan towns like Moberly, St. Joe, Joplin, Warrensburg, Poplar Bluff…should I move on down to the boot heel? Should I list all of the KKK meeting places? Where can I attend a good cock fight? Bring your own mason jar to the moonshine party? Seriously. Missouri? Wow!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would take Arkansas or TCU over MU in a heartbeat…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Funny stuff coming from the state who is home to Fred Phelps. When the state’s biggest tourist attraction is a shopping area that surrounds a NASCAR track….well you get the picture. I like these KU fans who act like MU leaving the Big 12 will have no impact upon them. LOL! That being said…I don’t think it happens. But it would be an excellent move for MU. Especially the academic side.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawker in Big Ten Country
    Admittedly, the USNews and World Report is far from perfect. But the Big Ten maintained it’s reputation, according to the report, while Mizzou looks to be an average university. I’m sure if the rankings placed Mizzou higher, then it would be less flawed in the eyes of some posters.

  13. Anonymous says:

    mr. olathe…how about arkansas city/eudora/
    and that big ball of string. How about those
    cosmopolitan cities like salina/manhattan/
    come on mr olathe..admit you live in a white
    trash city with all the illegal aliens who got
    run out of roeland park.
    Get real mr. olathe…kansas is a nice place
    if you like wheat/boring lives and of course
    some of the biggest fattest pigs for women
    in the u.s.
    KC/st. louis…when the big 12 loses these
    2 markets you might as well move everything
    in the big 12 down to texas..or name the
    conference the TEXAS LEAGUE….
    You can’t stand it when we kick your ass
    in football again..and now you stand us when
    we threaten to leave.
    get back to your hog farm hick.

  14. Anonymous says:

    jayhawker in big 10 country…another “unbiased
    opinion”….you left kaNSAS…what for?
    Its such a great state? righttttt.
    Now get back to your baleing machine and feed
    those chickens.
    Agaiun…why the hatred from the ku fans?

  15. Anonymous says:

    DON’T GET SO UPSET…if we leave you can rest
    assured that everything in the big 12 moves
    to texas. If mu moves where will they hold the
    big 12 tournament? How about in the HUtchinson
    Junion college stadium? Maybe the Salina civic
    center….maybe even the Garden City VFW.
    Where will they hold the big 12 football
    UH…in pittsburg?
    Don’t get so upset…mu just wants to improve
    its image…move up into the upper tier of
    academic and research universities and get
    away from the midwest farm image.
    Can you blame us?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawker in Big Ten Country
    No hatred here Jojo, and I wish I could say the same for you. I miss my hometown and would love to return there, but schooling brought me to Michigan for a few years. I don’t know where I will be going in the summer; maybe back to Kansas.

    As a KU fan, I would miss Mizzou’s presence in the Big 12, but I won’t miss their fans puffing up the school to be more than it actually is at the expense of other schools in the conference.

  17. Anonymous says:

    And for the record, The US News & World Report’s rankings are based purely on opinion and nothing more. Using it as some sort of basis to denigrate MU’s academics is ignorant at best. Nice try KU fan.

  18. Anonymous says:

    KU fires its football coach because football interest is at low point. AD needs to stimulate
    money to pay for 30 million dollar football
    stadium expansion for vhighb rolling fans.
    KU can’t raise a dime to do it and money to
    university is falling fast…very fast.
    MU about to embark on 100million dollar
    academic capital improvement program….
    what say ye ku fans. Its time for mu to
    get away from this farm image that has held
    us back for years.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawker, The US News and World Report Rankings are based on a number of criteria, not solely academic performance, even though that is the impression that they give. Last article I saw, and I’m trying to source on the internet, listed MU as #3 in the Big 12 academically. I think the move would be good for MU. It would challenge the school more academically and in sports. THe KU/MU rivalry could certainly continue and might make it even better. Nothing like WASPY animus towards rednecks to fuel the fire. To smartmans point it would be killer to go to Columbia to see Penn State, OU, Michigan, etc. As a sports fan who loves road trips the move would add some much needed variety to the sports scene, especially if Arkansas moves to the Big 12. Forget about Gary Forsee screwing this up. If Bill Laurie wants it to happen it will. Nothing like some Walmart money flowing into the Big 10 to help get the deal done.

  21. Anonymous says:

    bill laurie is in….waltons are in…they
    want to help mu move up in stature and not
    have thsi midwest farm image any longer…
    as alumni we are 100% behind this move…
    its about time

  22. Anonymous says:

    I could give a crap less if Mizzou leaves. The Big 12 could replace them with TCU and redraw the the conference lines.

    Maybe if all these schools hadn’t cowtowed to Texas when the conference began they wouldn’t be ignored now. It started as the Texas conference and it will be that way until someone besides Nebraska steps up and fights it.

    Greg, as long as Texas gets what it wants it isn’t leaving the Big 12. Oklahoma maybe, not Texas though.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Get ready for OU to move to the Big 12 North if MU leaves. That way, the powers that be can have the OU/UT game be the conference championship game every year, which is exactly what they want to begin with. That being said, I just don’t see MU leaving the Big 12.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Interest in Mizzou on sports talk radio would HAVE to decline if MU makes the move. They wouldn’t disappear entirely, but given that two of the three “local” schools would still be tied with the Big XII, the league coverage would still be dominated by the Big XII. When KU plays MU it’s a huge deal and it probably still would be but all league games get lots of coverage around here. But when MU basketball plays Northwestern, KU and K-State fans are going to turn off the radio when that game gets discussed. As it stands right now, KU fans still want to hear about it when MU plays Oklahoma State because the results of that game will affect KU in the league standings. But if MU plays in the Big Ten, the only KC area fans who will care about MU from a league perspective will be MU fans.

    As for the possibility of the Big Ten poaching Oklahoma or Texas, I just don’t see it happening. Oklahoma doesn’t fit the supposed “profile” of the Big Ten (not that MU nevcessarily does either, but that’s a different story) and they won’t be asked. And remember when Baylor alums in the Texas legislature pretty much mandated that Baylor be brought into the Big XII along with the other three Texas schools? Well, if Texas wanted to leave, I am pretty sure that the A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor grads in the legislature would do everything within their power to stop UT from leaving them behind.

    As a KU fan I hope MU doesn’t leave. I like the way the rivalry is right now and I don’t really want it to change. And I know that lots of people say that the rivalry would still be maintained, but not with home & home games in basketball. And didn’t Mizzou just essentially cancel their rivalry game with Illinois (which I think is almost as big a rivalry game for MU as KU)? Who is to say that either school won’t decide that canceling the rivalry makes sense at some point? The only way to absolutely guarantee the rivalry will continue is to stay in the same league.

    What I do hope happens is that MU leverages this supposed interest into a more equitable Big XII. I understand MU’s gripes about bowl selection, but I think it goes beyond that. The sharing of revenue is absolutely unequal in the Big XII and if MU can get the league to agree to a more even splitting of the TV money and maybe change the voting so that significant changes in the way the league is run can’t be obstructed by only three members, I’d be in favor of that and would actually thank Mizzou for getting it done.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    Tigers aren’t going anywhere. It makes for fun discussion and for heated, borderline comical, blog fodder, but that’s where it ends.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawker in Big Ten Country
    I never tried to denigrate Mizzou’s academics. Quite the opposite seems to be the case here, Mizzou fans denigrating the academics of every other Big 12 school. Even the unsourced comment above says Mizzou might be third in the conference in academics. According to some posters, you would think they’re in a tier of their own in the Big 12.

    Of course the move would be good for Mizzou on a number of levels and they should take the offer if it ever happens, but I don’t think it would be desirable to the Big Ten. I think they’ll look to expand east, especially into the New York market with Rutgers as their top choice. Nonetheless, Mizzou should use whatever leverage they have out of this to make the Big 12 fairer.

  27. Anonymous says:

    MU did NOT cancel the IL series. Illinois chose not to renew it because they were tired of getting their asses kicked. Both atheletic departments official stance was that the series would not be renewed. But it’s no secret that it was IL who had no interest in continuing it.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The talk of Rutgers delivering the NY market is laughable. If you haven’t noticed, NY folks despise Jersey and everything about it. If the B10 is interested in the NY market, the better bet is Syracuse. And Pitt doesn’t really bring anymore tv sets than the Big 10 currently gets out of Penn State. All that said, I think Delaney jerks around for a year a recommends that they not expand and review it again in another 5 years, like he did back in 2003.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawker in Big Ten Country
    It’s not laughable (oh and New Yorkers love upstate New York right?). New Jersey is part of the New York television market and Rutgers football garners much greater interest there than Syracuse football. Basketball is another story, but I think Rutgers is more attractive than Syracuse for many reasons. Lots of Michiganders want Pitt to join, but you’re right. PSU already has the Pennsylvania market, so it doesn’t make much sense for the B10 to add Pitt.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Eric. You’re right. But my point is the same: Without a league tie-in, either school is free to cancel the rivalry whenever they want. Kietzman said yesterday that the guarantee the rivalry remains is that if either AD suggested cancellation, that AD should be fired on the spot. I don’t know about that. Maybe they should, but I don’t necessarily think that is going to happen just because Kietzman thinks it ought to. And if Lew Perkins thinks there is money to be made by canceling the series, well, he is gonna do it. Would there be a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth? Sure. But the last few weeks have shown that Lew won’t let some wailing and gnashing stop him from doing what he thinks ought to be done. And I’m a Lew Perkins fan except when it comes to his spat with Joe College.

    The point is that there is no guarantee that the KU-MU rivalry will remain at all if Mizzou goes to the Big Ten and there is absolutely no denying that it will change significantly and for the worse. Without home & homes in basketball and without the added tension of league championships added in, the games will be played for lower stakes. Lower stakes equals less tension and pressure, and that weakens the rivalry. Sure, both teams owuld still want to win and everything, but it just won’t mean as much. Look at Iowa-Iowa State: Does anyone think their rivalry wouldn’t be a lot more intense if they were in the same league? Penn State and Pitt seem like natural rivals to me, why doesn’t adding a rivalry game like that make more sense for the Big Ten?

  31. Anonymous says:

    The MU fans are killing me.

    Perhaps Missouri IS more academically suitted for the Big 10…I don’t really have any idea because, like probably 100 percent of people who read Greg’s OTC, I WANT MY UNIVERSITY TO WIN FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL GAMES AND IF IT RANKS HIGH ACADEMICALLY THAT’S ICING ON THE CAKE.

    Seriously Tigers! C’mon. Do you really give a shit how your school ranks academically?!

    What bugs you Missouri fans more:

    1. Being a supposed superior academic instition in a supposed academically inferior Big 12 Conference.

    2. Never winning a Big 12 football Championshop, BCS bowl game or going to a Final Four.

    EVERY Missouri fan would say the latter.

    If it’s true that Missouri’s biggest reason to leave is for a better image, I say GOOD RIDDANCE!

  32. Anonymous says:

    stop ku fans…once wwe bolt you’re left with
    the texas league…if texas stays or they
    and oklahoma bolt for a super conference
    that includes 12 super schools.
    MU is going going gone. This is not conjectiure
    …we are ready to bolt this farm league and
    move into being a major university not just
    in athletics and academics and research and
    At MU we have always been fans of our sports
    teams…because of its location the overall market size is less than 20% of the market for
    ku athletics (market size= 40 minute drive)
    MU has bigger and better plans…and that does
    not include being part of the texas league any
    WE want more..more academics..more research..more
    developement…higher class facilities…more
    investment money…better educational process…
    of course you ku fans will moan that we’ve never
    won a national championship or gone to a
    bcs bowl.
    fine…weh ave a far superior football program
    and wioll kick this bullshitting liar turner
    gills ass for as long as this uncle tom has
    a jobin lawrence but we’ll always follow ku
    in basketball ( remember last year…we made the
    elite eight…what about ku)…but we want more.
    we vwant to be the best university in all phases
    of classifications…not just known for our
    For you ku fans who are angry…you’ll be ending
    up kissing our mu ass when you realize that once
    mu leaves you’re leftbwith nothing.
    Bye bye gayhawks…we’re on to bigger and much
    better educational endeavors.
    Outside of a great basxketball team and an
    incredible coach what the f*ck does this ku

  33. Anonymous says:

    This is starting to make me want to read Tony and a few Jojo posts.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Can’t you jayhawk fans ever talk about anything
    besides basketball?
    Is this because you are so insecure that this is
    what makes up for your inferiority complex?
    Can we please talk about immportant matters…
    like maybe the education system at the university…the advancements to humanity that
    a college makes…the quality of its eduvational
    endeavoers…research…developement of important discoveries? Maybe there is something more important to college than playing hoops?
    Are you so shallow ku fans that this is all
    you can talk about.
    KU fans have a chip on their shoulder.
    Did you see uncle tom turner. What was his #1
    goal…BEAT MU?
    what about being a top athletic/schollar school.
    He3y maybe we make peace between the blacks who
    play football and those that play basketball
    on our “illustrious” campus.
    Maybe we win a few games…maybe pay off
    perkins 37 million dollar crap shoot.
    His first goal is to beat MU?
    what kind of guy did perkins hire?
    Is this guy for real.
    KU fans will live to regret perkins hire and
    his crap.

  35. Anonymous says:

    And God answers.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Leathery texture and unnatural curves. Reminds me of South Beach. A McRib and a cougar. Either way, you’re going to be sick in the morning.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This “my University is better than your University” is very juvenile, BUT…

    Someone point to me a source that says Missouri is a better school than Kansas….academically or otherwise.

    Spending some time on Google, I found a number of rankings….ALL of which are probably flawed numerous ways. HOW do you judge a University.

    But EVERY ranking I found ranks Kansas 5-15 spots ahead of Missouri. Both universities rank anywhere from 70-95 in the U.S., depending on which ranking service.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Nick, I think it’s cute that you are trying to bring a note of sanity to the interwebs and all, but making sense here, of all places, just doesn’t, well, make sense. (See, e.g., posts from jojo above). MU fans insist that their school is superior in every way and they will not be persuaded by something so mundane as actual FACTS.

    Never mind that KU has endowment nearly $250MM larger than Mizzou’s. Never mind that their enrollment is nearly 2000 smaller than KU and that they would easily be the smallest school in the Big Ten other than Northwestern, a very selective private school. Never mind that Mizzou has never won a BCS bowl game, been to a Final Four or demonstrated the wherewithal to compete for championships in the Big Ten in a major revenue-producing sport. They belong there and that’s that. They’re better than KU and the rest of the Big XII academically, athletically, spiritually, intellectually and financially you can’t convince them otherwise.

    It’s said that we’re entitled to our own opinions but not entitled to our own facts. Well, that doesn’t apply to Mizzou. They can have their own facts as well. They’re that special. If you spend anytime hanging out around here, you will recognize that.

  39. Anonymous says:

    MU clearly did something better then KU. Treat Norm like crap after he left. The whole deal with the naming the arena. Shameful. Plus they passed on Self so give them the credit the deserve.

  40. Anonymous says:

    gavin…stop lying…i will post current
    endowment (total endowment) not some b.s. you
    dreamed up that doesn’t cover all monies…
    ku is way behind mu…i will get stats and
    post them…
    and by the way …one year does not make a
    record…we finished #4 in the nation that year
    perkins scammed him money to get ku into a
    bowl…ku finished below.
    But lets not just talk about athletics because
    I ‘ve already enraged the gayhawk faithful.
    Lets talk about reality and i will be providing
    ever increasing evidence that ku belongs in the
    dark ages and mu is on the upswing as a
    major university in the nation…
    gavin…you’ll eat your words and your
    gayhawk feathers….stop lying.
    Rick…badgering mu for the way they treated
    norm stewart? The floor is named after him..
    they treasure him now. What about ku pushing
    the fat man out of his job when all the white
    players loved him and the blacks hated him.
    This story is yet to be told.
    Wait til the truth about perkins 37 million
    dollar scam scheme comes to light…
    and don’t you rememeber that ku was ready to
    sell rights to allen field house promotions…
    lets not talk about athleticfs…mu is beyond
    that…stick with the content.
    MU need s to leave the big 12 and its b.s.
    and its whiny ku fans. What about uncle tom
    turner gill…its first goal is to beat MU?
    what a freaking loser…and his record
    portends it.
    We want to move up in the world and not be
    associated with such miniscule values as
    the gayhawk fans exhibit.
    Rick…lets talk about subject…not going back
    to your fantasies of opening a pack of
    baseball cards or preaching to us about marital
    issues when you can’t get a date.
    stop…th is argument isnt even fair.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Jesus jojo. Whatever you’re taking, you must either double the dosage or cut it in half. But I will wat for your proof. Meanwhile, here is mine: http://www.nacubo.org/documents/research/NES2008PublicTable-AllInstitutionsByFY08MarketValue.pdf Look at spot 62 and then look at spot #75 (if you can count that high) and tell me which endowment is larger. What’s interesting is that the Missouri endowment is for the entire MU system, which means that part of that endowment is for schools like UMKC. Whereas the much larger KU endowment is for KU only.

    As for the proof of which schools are larger, I’m not going to hunt down the links for it, but go to http://www.sportsline.com and check each of the teams in the Big Ten and then compare those numbers to enrollments at KU and MU. I’m assuming you know which numbers are larger, right? If you need help just ask.

    And I will be anxiously awaiting your “proof” that I am lying about MU having won a BCS bowl game or gone to the Final Four. I swear I looked everywhere I could, but that proof just doesn’t exist on my copy of the internet.

  42. Anonymous says:

    “come on mr olathe..admit you live in a white
    trash city with all the illegal aliens who got
    run out of roeland park.” -jojo

    BWAHAHAHAHA….for ONCE I agree with jojo. Olathe is Kansas’ version of Independence. What a shithole that place is!

    Greg, Mizzou got staright up FUCKED out of the Orange Bowl in ’07- KU had no business whatsoever playing in that game. As for this year, while Mizzou SHOULD be playing in Tempe instead of Iowa State, it a better deal that they’re not- playing in the Texas Bowl in Houston provides a great recruiting opportunity in that state, and the game is on network TV as opposed to the NFL Network (which not many will see that game in Tempe) that Time-Warner Cable continues to screw us paying customers out of, but that’s another story.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Joey Gallo
    jojo…when you getting all these stats you keep talking about?

  44. Anonymous says:

    Gotta agree w/ Paul on this. What kind of prestige do MU fans think is tied to the Insight bowl that they’re missing out on? KU beat Minnesota down there last year, and I don’t recall Sportcenter leading with the story. The Texas bowl is against a better team, available to more TVs, and right in your recruiting pipeline. Get over it, MU.

  45. Anonymous says:


    I’m a huge KU fan but I will agree with you that MU got fucked hard and dry on that Orange Bowl berth. Not that I care, mind you. In fact, it gives me great joy to see so much vitriol from my black and gold clad neighbors to the east. But MU was treated badly and their collective anger is justified.

    But doesn’t it say something that the Orange Bowl chose to go with KU over MU? I mean, we could go back and forth all day about whether Lew Perkins did some shady deal with the Orange Bowl (in fact, jojo has been doing exactly that), but the fact is that the Orange Bowl chose KU and they did it simply because they thought that KU would make them more money. I’m not clinging to some romantic notion that the Orange Bowl was moved by the heart of Todd Reesing, the pluck of Kerry Meier and the athletic gifts of Aqib Talib. They just figured KU would make them more money. Same thing with the Insight Bowl versus the Texas Bowl this season. MU got hosed because the bowl at issue thought that MU would make them less money than KU in 2008 and Iowa State this year. I’m not crowing about it and I do think MU was treated unfairly in both instances, but can we agree it’s about money, at least as far as the bowls are concerned?

    So, if it’s about money, why would the Big Ten be interested in MU when the perception, if not the reality, is that MU isn’t as big a draw as KU or Iowa State when it comes to just a couple of bowl games? The Big Ten may be looking for a school that they think can keep up academically, but the Big Ten is a sports league and they don’t want to expand because of academics- they want to expand because of money. So why is MU such a great expansion possibility when there is already this perception floating around that MU isn’t going to bring in as much money as any other number of schools? yes, they will add TV sets in KC and St. Louis, but adding Pitt adds a new rivalry game (with Penn State) and adding Rutgers or Syracuse adds new TV sets too.

    And hey, jojo, I’m still wiating for that proof that MU has a larger endowment than KU, that MU has an enormous enrollment and that they have gone to a Final Four. Anytime big guy.

  46. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    WOW they named a floor after Norm!!! Hell Jojo we’ve named a urinal after you. Also men you will be waiting on Jojo and his proof for a long time. We’re all still waiting on his race with greg hall. He’s a talker.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    The AP just named Tiger Woods Athlete of the Decade. No argument here. Got 56 of the 142 votes cast. If they would have considered his golf career as well, he would have gotten all the votes. Lance Armstrong came in second. That’s just nut.

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is much ado about nothing. MU ain’t going anywhere…and if they did they’d be the Big Ten’s third (ND, Pitt, maybe even Rutgers or Cinci) choice…just like Gill was KU’s third or fourth choice.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Nov 7,2008: MU joined the ranks of UCLA,Penn
    State, Michigan,Ohio State, U of Texas, U of
    Wisconsin, Mich State University, U of Iowa,
    in completeing a 1 billion dollar plus fundraising campaign. And the did it without a
    single gift over 50 million dollars that marks
    most billion dollar fundraising campaigns.
    So mu joining the ranks of other noted
    educational, research, academic and sports
    collegiate institutions makes sense. Especially
    mu joining the ranks of other big 10 universities
    that achieved this incredible monetary feat.
    Source: Mizzou Magazine, Spring 2009 issue, volume 97, number 3 available at mizzoumagazine.com.

  50. Anonymous says:

    again jayhawks…this is not aboutathletics…
    for the last 4 years mu has proved their
    football program superior and higher ranked
    than the ku program.
    Its about us mizzou alumni and backers wanting
    our university to achieve more success
    to go beyond what you all consider to be the
    only important factor in judging a college.
    WE’re leaving…and you’ll be stuck with
    k state and iowa state…
    GAvin…wrong again…

  51. Anonymous says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    jojo, do they actually teach reading comprehension at Mizzou (clearly they don’t teach punctuation or grammar if you are an average alumnus)? If so, did you take the class? Did you pass? Did you even attend college? That billion dollar fundraising effort you talk about is NOT the University’s endowment. Read the artuicle closely next time. It talks about money they raised and it’s an impressive number and it does say that the money will fund a lot of projects like endowed professorships and such, but they do not discuss the impact of the fundraising on the actual endowment. You are talking about apples and I am talking about oranges. Or, more accurately, you are talking about a checking account and I am talking about a savings account. I have no idea what’s in either school’s checking account, but in terms of the savings account, KU has a quarter of a billion dollars more in their account than MU has in theirs.

    Still waiting for you to show me how MU is a larger school than KU or anyone besides Northwestern in the Big Ten.

  53. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Jo-JO have you ever been up for a reality show…you deserve one….this guy is very entertaining…give him some credit…

  54. Anonymous says:

    glazier..headed to l.a…wheres all the
    hot p*ssy….show me the way!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I never talked about endowments gavin but
    i figure thats accumulated over years and years.
    Missouri raised a billion bucks which exceedes
    any difference in endowments.
    I ‘m not a math major but add that billion
    to the endowments and mu is the king.
    And remember…read..if you can…I’ve mentioned
    several times that mu wants to move up.
    The big 12 offers mu no future. It offers us
    no chance to advance in research.
    Kevin Harlan said it so great this morningon
    810…the move for MU to the Big 10 is perfect
    for MU. Harlan said that the big 10 is superior
    to the big 12 in almost every category and that
    a move by mu would be the best move that university has made.
    It’s time for mu to step it up. University
    officials understand that with limited state
    funding, they need big bucks . The big money is
    not coming thru the athletic departmentsx.
    Its coming thru grants…research money…
    corporate involvement…and mu’s association with the big 10 would catapult our university
    onto the national stage alongside other major
    If ku was offered the same opportunity they would jump at it. Harlan said this is a perfect fit for mu…and a perfect fit for the big
    MU is on a dynamic upward swing. Its time to
    move away from the midwest stereotype that the
    big 12 places on us.
    And of course if you read my post…its about
    money. MU can grow dramatically in stature…
    revenues and donations by moving to the big
    10. And Harlan saidv as much this morning.
    As for the billions that KU has…it shows
    what cheap ass dogs that university is.
    Fix up that football stadium…clean up that
    hideous campus…stop being so cheap with that
    100 billion you guys have. The stadium was
    built in the 20’s and looks it. Give perkins
    his 37 million and let him cuddle with the
    high rollers. Stop being so damned cheap gayhawks. Spend some of that 100 billion.
    And as always: MU 41 KU 39.

  56. Anonymous says:

    JoJO-First of all, I’m very proud of my state. Good, hard working farmers are the backbone of this country. On the other hand, or should I say across the state line, you have redneck hillbillys flying the rebel flag. Oh, that will go over real well in Big 10 country. And you can ramble on & on about endowments and academics but I don’t think this is really the site for that. Most people here care mainly about sports. And more sports. And you think that when MU hires a coach that he knows he needs to beat KU? And one more thing: If you could go back 10 years, which AD would you pick: Alden or Perkins?

  57. Anonymous says:

    First of all, I’m not surprised you don’t understand what an endowment is, but you called me out for being a liar and I have yet to see you demonstrate that. Until you do, you have zero credibility. My post earlier specifically said that KU’s endowment is $250MM bigger than MU’s and you called me a liar. Now I realize we’re in the wild, wild west of the internet age where anyone can say anything (For example, last night I banged Uma Thurman! See how easy that is?) and it’s not like I have hurt feelings, but maybe you should save the charges of “liar” until you can prove them.

    Second, dude, the Big Ten is an athletics league. No foundation or governmental agency gives grants based on what league the school’s athletes use to compete. Ever heard of the Ivy League? Of course you have, but it’s because the schools are all top notch academic institutions, not because of the athletics in those leagues and those schools all get great funding because of their academics, not because they’re in a confederation that requires that Cornell play Dartmouth every year in football. And the same is true of the Big Ten; if the Big Ten schools get better educational funding, it isn’t because Illinois and Northwestern have to play every year. It’s because the schools in that league have huge enrollments and enormous academic support. In the Big Ten Mizzou will be a guppy in Lake Michigan (or Superior or Ontario or any other lake that borders a Big Ten state) when compared to enrollments and comparative academics. Anyone who thinks that MU is going to suddenly ramp up its academics simply because it’s in an athletics league doesn’t really understand how academics works. Take the Pac-10. Nothing special when thought of collectively as a group of academic institutions, but Stanford and Berkeley are great schools not because of their Pac-10 affiliations but probably more in spite of them.

    I’m not saying, by the way, that MU shouldn’t go if they get the chance. The Big XII is an inequitable league and I wouldn’t blame Mizzou in the least. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that the Big Ten wants you for the sake of acaemic improvement or that you will improve academically because you’re in a sports league.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick, Larry Flynt just announced that HUSTLER is changing the name of Beaver Hunt to Tiger Hunt. Nike is introducing limited edition black balls so all the women who wanted to tea bag Tiger, but can’t now since he’s on the wagon can still say they had Tigers black balls in their mouth.

  59. Anonymous says:

    wow gh, that was a bell ringer, nice, I skipped most of the article, went straight to the comments, lol, : ) nice.

    Who ever could have predicted the divided masses on this story? but it rang the bell, good job.

  60. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    If MU leaves will they take JOJO WITH THEM???

  61. Anonymous says:

    gavin…still waiting…tell me something
    positive happening in lawrence..i havent got
    all day…as a whiny ku alumni or one of those
    fair feather fans tell me soemthing…
    tell me something outstanding thats going on
    at ku..please…i’m waiting…and tell me
    why the star reported that donations to ku
    are way off…tell me gavin..you smart aleck
    ku gayhawk. The money has been cut off…perkins
    is feeling the heat to raise 37 million dollars..
    thats one donation from the walton family to mu.
    MU is ready to take the next step. Why join the
    big 10?…its easy…money..money…money…
    and the ability to grow as an educational
    institution. Kevin Harlan made some incredible
    points why MU is going there…and he knows
    more than both of us.
    A billion dollars in donations…i don’t care
    if it goes to endowment or upgrading the
    university…MU is ranked up there with other
    big 10 universities in raising money and
    making the school great. Why does that irritate
    you gavin…why can’t you handle the facts that
    KU is lagging and falling behind the rest of hte
    big 12. And now with a new administration
    mu is ready to bolt the farm image and become
    a stellar, top tier school.
    . And I guarantee we will raise another billion dollars. It all goes
    to university. No, I don’t know endowments or
    donations…but i’d rather see it go to making
    the university a great institution than letting
    the wallstreet scumbags invest it and lose
    60% of its value.
    The top universities are determined taht to grow, expand and prosper they can’t simply rely
    on the athletics to bring in money. At MU they
    got 1 billion dollars…a billion dollars…
    and it was not directly flowing from athletic
    dept. MU has determined that the way to do this
    is become aligned with more prestigious universites that while being great athletic schools also are great academic instituions.
    Whats wrong with that? Why wouldn’t mu want to
    do that.
    What is wrong with you KU people. Again..you have to personally attack me because we are
    now getting ready to leave you and your
    failing school.
    nimble minded ku fans are so insecure.
    1 billion dollars gavin…a billion dollars
    raised…add that to our endowment and you
    ha ve mcuh more at mu.
    Get over it gavin. Stop trying to make up for
    the insecurity of your own problems.
    I said missouri is getting ready to move up the
    ladder. I’m sure the top people at MU will evaluate the situation…and make a credible
    decision…MU and the big 10 are a perfect fit.
    Mu has a bigger base of donors..the ability to
    raise billions of dollars (unlike ku which is
    struggling financially now)…has several large
    donors ready to kick in hundreds of millions of
    ]dollars for the university…why does this make
    you mad gavin? Why do you have an anger problem.
    What makes you so mad and so defensive….
    gotta go…have fun in that 20 degree weather.

  62. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    Something positive happening in Lawrence? Jojo doesn’t live there.

  63. Anonymous says:


    hello? geeezzz , you ARE a dumbass. oh well, it is not your fault, you can blame that shitty NONeducation thingy over at MiseyU.

  64. Anonymous says:

    rock chalk jayhawk

  65. Anonymous says:

    it feels so good to say it, and only one school at a time gets to say it, so let me say it ONE MORE TIME !!!! JUST TO MAKE SURE THE poorhavenots@miseryU CAN HEAR ME!!!!! THE BEST IN THE NCAA, NUMBER ONE RANKED IN ALL THE LAND!!!


    normally I would be a lil more humble, cuz no tellin, eh? …. BUT HOLY SHIT!!! ……HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TEAM ???? !!!!!! WOWZAAAAA ….. I thought Rush was good … but this Henry kid WOW!!! ….. OMG!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!! even if he only stays for a year, oh well, while he is here, he is doing so good …. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!!

  66. Anonymous says:

    Okay if MU leaves to join the Big10 that have a good shot of going to the !ROSE BOWL!

    We’re looking at East/West Divisions

    East Division:
    Penn State
    Ohio State
    Michigan State

    West Division:

    Missouri could no doubt with the Big10 West and with some luck beat either (Michigan/Ohio State/Penn State) from the Big10 East and go to the Rose Bowl on Accident!

    Crazy but possible!

  67. Anonymous says:

    bye bye, on your way now, cya, feel free to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out,but what you will feel is my boot, DROP KICK>>>>>>BAM!!! to the moon, or to the big whatever they will call it CUZ BIG 12 IS TAKEN!!!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Missouri a winner in the Big 10. As they say in Missouri………SHOW ME

  69. Anonymous says:

    Anyone consider the possibility of two Big 12 teams leaving for the Big 10? Nebraska and Missouri???

    Now that would be more interesting & would leave the big 12 in a bit of a mess (I’d like to call it “mess with texas”). I think it’s entirely possible actually and something Missouri really could do. Ultimately the Big 12 needs much better revenue sharing and pull some of the power away from the texas side of things.

  70. Anonymous says:

    The KU vs MU vs KState vs. etc etc nonsense is nothing more than banter & noise. But a move by MU or any other team from the conference except for Baylor would be something very significant for the remaining teams in the Big 12 errr 11.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Six Pack
    Hi!I think this blog is good!I found it on Google,I will surely come back! 😀

  72. Anonymous says:

    Moberly Mo
    If Missouri wants to be respected and get to a top bowl, maybe they should schedule some top-notch non-conference teams. Playing Furman does not enhance your resume. Call up Fresno State, I bet they will be glad to show up in Columbia. Another step might be to quit wearing the gay inspired/designed uniforms, not that there is anything wrong with it.

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