OTC: Darkness Over Arrowhead Forecasts Blackout

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24 Responses to OTC: Darkness Over Arrowhead Forecasts Blackout

  1. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    If Clinksdale would have been a caller he would have been disconnected in typical KK bullying fashion. It’s rare when Clink stands up to the bully but when he does it’s good radio. I’m mad I missed it. Thanks for the post.

    I also tend to side with Clinksdale’s position…which is a rarity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you win it doesn’t matter what your skin color is. I think the KU alum would welcome Gary Coleman or Verne Troyer if they could get back to a BCS Bowl Game. Like most alumni the KU folks will pay up for a WINNER. The South schools will ALWAYS have an advantage over the North, better weather, facilities, chicks, food and alumni who will give you a good job if you don’t make it to Sunday ball. No BIG TIME coach is gonna come to KU and the only way it’s a stepping stone job is if you WIN-WIN-WIN. Lew Perkins is is a NO-WIN-WIN-WIN situation. They should have rehabbed Mangino and given him another couple of years. It will be at least a decade before we see anything resembling the Carl and Marty show at Arrowhead. Hold onto those memories and feelings folks because The Thrill Is Gone. Pork Chops heart isn’t strong enough to handle the kind of action Tiger is getting and will continue to get.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Question – If the Chief’s don’t sell out will we get another game on tv?

    Yes. I believe that Fox (the competing network of the AFC) has the right then to broadcast a game in the noon slot. But there would not be an AFC game on NBC. At least I think that’s how it plays out.


  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL …. why are you still harping on that Ks football shit? WTF??

    It is now KANSAS MENS BASKETBALL SEASON …. AND WE ARE KICKING ASS, but, do you say a one good word? nope : ( …. EVEN AFTER FKN LOSER MU LOST TO oral roberts last night???
    LMAO !!!

    No good words for KU, all you do is focus on the negative, still blabbing about football BS, but …. sigh …. that is your way, classic negative BS.

  5. Anonymous says:

    2 comments on Chris & Cowboy regarding the Star publishing the wrong picture of Turner Gill:

    * Is Cowboy implying that Kietzman and Jack Harry are racist? Sure reads like it to me. I would like to hear what he is basing that on. The discussion between D Clink and KK would seem to indicate just the opposite.

    C&C were implying that The Star was putting as little effort into their research as their 810 counterparts.

    * Chris & Cowboy are outraged by the Star’s mistake? The same guys who a few months ago suggested that women shouldn’t be announcing sporting events on TV? So, racism is bad but sexism is OK?

    610 should be embarrassed by these clowns.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear KU fan,
    It’s still football season in the rest of America. Get over it. When mid January rolls around, then the rest of the world begins hoops talk in earnest.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think it kills clink as a liberal to sit there and listen to kk rant about race relations. KKs takes on Tiger have always been preposterous and its getting worse. Look for Clinks to be off the show here pretty soon. Greg, got any good KK-racism stories?

    Mr. O,
    KK is pretty transparent when it comes to his opinions on race. His best stories have been when he discusses how racism was prevalent in his home as a child. If you can get him to talk about that, you will understand a bit more about KK’s facade.


  8. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Verne Troyer could play Mangino in “Honey, I Shrunk the Coach.

    Hell, when Whitlock first came to The Star, I thought the picture by his column was Moms Mabley.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    KK is trying to deflect the fact that KSU went PC and hired an unqualified black coach in Prince, and it blew up in their face. Wefald even confirmed it was an affim action hire.

    Tony Dungy on NBC on Sunday, when criticizing NCAA for not hiring enough black coaches (which is true) used Bill Snyder as an example of white guys getting a shot. No mention of the Prince debacle. Totally dishonest.

    The problem with the issue is that no one will debate honestly about it.

    To me, it was irrelevant that Pittsburgh had a black coach win the superbowl. he’s just a good coach. And the joker at Tampa Bay is a bad coach. Both come in both colors.

    That said, Lew is not fool enough to hire Turner Gill. That’s why he’s the only one being officially mentioned. To get Tony Dungy off his back. Lew is a good and smart politician.

  10. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Positive is right, Kansas and our cities only top notch program is KU Basketball with the nations best coach, Bill Self, period. We have nothing else to offer…and its time our sports folks take a bigger and better look at jumping that wagon. The Chiefs and Royals,due mostly to owners that simply don’t care much, are doomed to finish near the bottom for years to come. Sure we might get lucky, haven’t in 30 years, and draft a John Elway or Payton, but that aside these two teams will continue to be below average at best.

    So KC needs to really get behind KU basketball if you want to be proud of something from this area…and boy what a program…..I know that is tough when you are an MU fan, but other than that, its all we have right now…in the way of a top notch anything. By the way KU you want a great coach, you will have to buy one for your football team, the program has no reputation that will get you what you want, sorry, so buy the guy, you have the money…pay him and you can get pretty much whatever you want.

  11. Anonymous says:

    rupert pupkin
    What Kietzman is touchy about is that he knows that race was the key factor in K-State getting rid of Prince, because (just as Clinksdale was saying about KU) the K-state big-money alums were more than a little uncomfortable with the skin color of their coach, especially when he didn’t have immediate, Snyder-like success (of course even Snyder didn’t have Snyder-like success immediately, but we don’t talk about that.) The big, secret payoff to Prince was part guilt and part a hope that no one from his side of the negotiating table would publicly call them on the racial tinge to the decision.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Let’s start with Arrowman. So let me make sure I have this right. He gave a way 4 tickets because he was frustrated but he plans to still go to the games. HUH???? Does he also plan to divorce his wife but still date her because that makes as much sense. He should be called Idiotman not Arrowman.

    Let’s stick with the marriage analogy. When I hear this stuff about the Chiefs being bad for ten years and now Arrowman wants to divorce them blah blah. It just makes no sense to me. Why are we judging the Chiefs based on what happened with the previous administration? Do we judge the new wife based on the old wife? Or do we give the new marriage a fresh start? Do we blame Obama for what we believe happened in the previous administration? So why after literally less then a year are we attacking Scott and Todd? It just seems illogical to me. They have ALREADY won more games then the previous season. We see upgrades on defense, QB, running back, and WR. We still have A LOT of work to do. But what do we want to do bring Gunther back for a third stint? Bring back Carl and Herman?

    So if Arrowman wants to judge the new administration after 9 months. Or he wants to blame them for what Carl did. Well as I said…he’s an idiot. Go ahead brother jump off the ship.

    And for those that want are going to write about how Junior has been running things. No not really. He had to convince his mom that he gave Carl a chance before kickin him to the curb. His first real decisions were Scott and Todd. It’s wayyyyyyyyyyy to early to decide if those were good or bad moves. But I’m hopeful.

    THANK YOU GREG I’ll be glad to take the title of the most optimistic Chiefs fan. I won’t bale after 9 months. Monte is Short alright.

    Mellinger’s article did not make it known when Arrowman decided to give up his Chiefs season tickets. It very well could have been during the Carl Peterson years.


  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s also to early to determine if the joker in Tampa is a bad coach. Hello…does anyone recall everyone saying how bad the Denver coach was? How he blew it the quarterback trade, Kyle sucked, he had no leadership or communication skills, issues with the WR, he was to tough on the players like what’s said about Todd, and that he lost the team before the season ever started? They wanted him fired before the first actual game. Especially after they lost the preseason game to Chicago. Fans and sports announcers are just to quick to judge and react. Why is it that no one remembers the lesson from first grade about the tortoise and the hare?

    Glazer “We have nothing else to offer”. It depends on how hard you look and how big of a sports fan you are. The Knights won a championship a few years ago. I saw the Stars in their season opener and they won by almost 50 points. Based on the crowd of 700-900 and the lack of coverage they need marketing help.

    Craig you of all people I think would understand that secondary comics can be as funny as top tier comics. By the same token you can have just as good of time with a secondary sports as a top tier sports.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Greg-It sounds like the article was missing a key component to the story. Obviously to give a true and CURRENT picture of Arrowman’s dissatisfaction it would of been helpful to know when his comments were made and when his actions occurred. But thanks for the info. Obviously i’m not reading the Star enough like the rest of KC.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The most fun I ever had was at Comets and Attack game. Well except for that fight with Fuzzy the Attack Cat LOL

  16. Anonymous says:

    the birdman
    First, there are numerous examples of great head coaches coming from lower tiered leagues (Kelly obviously; Tressel from Youngstown State), but the most glaring, idiotic thing that came out of Petro’s mouth was that he kept calling Mel Tjeerdsma a DI-AA coach…um, last I checked NW Missouri State is in Division II. AND, the only reason Tjeerdsma is not getting consideration is his age. He is the most successful D-II of all time. Pretty sure if he can continue to win in Nowhere/Maryville Missouri, he can win in Lawrence.

    Petro showed some ignorance there and I am finding him more and more pretentious and condescending as time goes on.

    Also, racism does exist and it most likely IS a factor in the KU coaching search. Should it be? Absolutely not. But to assume it is not a factor is just ridiculously absurd. Another example of KK going out of his way to make sure everyone knows that he doesnt’ see things in black and white, but in doing so, shows he probably does more than those that acknowledge racism is alive and well in this country (by all races).

  17. Anonymous says:

    Right on, Rick! Your Chiefs take was SO on the money! This thing can’t be fixed in less than a year’s time and anybody who thought otherwise isn’t very smart.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Clinkscale mans up and decides to call Keitzman on his BS for once and I wasn’t listening? Aww man! Why was I not listening? Oh wait, that’s right…I just remembered…because I can’t stand to listen to Keitzman.

    Imagine having to go to work with him every day and having to sit there while he drones on and on. Nauseating.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Paul. Working with K.K. and Petro would be grounds for suicide.

  20. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Rick you make some nice points, true secondary pro teams and even comics can be alot of fun. I agree, but when it comes to national pride, its always the big time baseball,football or college team in basketball or football that matters…covers of magazines, ESPN,HBO, etc…and the most fun, when we travel, and we are asked “where you from?” The next level of questions usually has to do with your hometown football team….Rick as I pointed out awhile back, if you look at or know your past it does tell you the future most of the time, 60 years of Chiefs/Royals two world series, two super bowls and they were decades ago…the winners were with two other owners who were rich(compared to other owners at the time,Kauffman and Hunt) and cared deeply about winning. Glass and Clark don’t care much, just keep my club worth a billion for credit ratings on my loans on other deals, thats the truth. The fact Clark doesn’t live here does matter, his life and social world aren’t in KC, so he cares but not enough and more important he and Glass are NOT RICH compared to other owners today…so with all that in mind, guys, barring a great deal of luck, these two teams will be poor for years to come…again, the Chiefs might at some point improve due to draft, get lucky and make the playoffs, but super bowl, very, very unlikely its been what 40 years, and thats why…ownership he turned it over to Carl, who was not sharp enough early on…Marty was and maybe Danny Thum but not Carl, he cost us two super bowls, with bad decisions firing Nick Lowery for Elliot in 95 and benching Rich Gannon for Elvis in 97 and thats that….sorry Rick.

  21. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    P.S. I didn’t even address the Royals, with no money to spend and no interest from Glass they will continue to be in search of that glorious .500 season….they will always stink.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Craig your theory might hold water in baseball. But you miss a key ingredient with football. Revenue sharing. So everyone in “general” have the same piece of the pie. So you don’t have a Steinbrenner that can dominate. Though obviously Jerry Jones can and does spend more on facilities and the such. But look at the records of the richest in football. Jones? Dan Synder? So money obviously doesn’t equal success in the NFL. that being said many owners would like to have a system more like baseball.

    Again let’s use the comedy club model as analogy. If you and another owner were both given equal amount of revenue to start or maintain a club what would be some keys to success? Location, past experience, who KNOWS the restaurant and comedy business better, who has connections, customer service, etc. Quite frankly I would put my money on you as you have many of those skills.

    The same applies to football. We are dealing with an unproven owner. But everything I’ve heard indicates he seeks the counsel of others. And we have a GM and coach who are relatively new to their positions. My argument is simple. It is just to early to make many rational judgments. At the end of the season I’ll write what they did right and what mistakes they made.

    But unlike you I don’t see all the doom and gloom for our Chiefs. I see a chance for a super bowl.

    As far as other comments. Their was only one Ewing and you are sadly accurate about this. To win a world series it will have to be a year when everything goes right.

    I also agree that Carl made mistakes in regards to Gannon and Nick.

    I don’t buy the whole Clark doesn’t live in KC argument. I worked for a company that the owner lived in Oklahoma and the company was based in Oklahoma. Trust me he cared about the dollars he was making in KC just as much as the dollars in Oklahoma. They were all dollars.
    Where was Lamar living when we won that Super Bowl? Dallas. So it has no bearing. Mark Cuban lives in Dallas. And is greatly involved in the day to day operation of the Mavericks. How many titles have they won? How long have the Mavericks been around? In 30 years they haven’t won the title but yet they have cash and a owner that lives in town.

    It’s an interesting argument Craig. But it doesn’t hold up under facts. And since I’ve already won one bet from you I think you’d be leery to bet against me again. Ha ha

    I also believe Clark wants to win.

  23. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Rick well thought out, but you left out one of my main arguments, the past tells us much of the future, 60 years two teams two world championship appearances and one win each, and a long, long time since any meaningful post seasons…but all that said, understand I deeply want a winner, we all do, but I am being a realist…it hurts, but I have less pain now that I have accepted our poor positions on both teams…and in fact with the Chiefs look forward to seeing them and usually betting the other team, it takes away the pain…

  24. Anonymous says:

    I concur that if we are talking about individuals then as one of my mentor’s says “The greatest indicator of future behavior is past behavior.” So sadly some of the same mistakes I made 10-15 years ago I still make today.

    But……we are talking about an organization. And if the owner or head man changes then most likely mistakes won’t be repeated. While Clark may be like Lamar. He’s not Lamar. Scott seems to be a little like Carl in that their is a degree of arrogance. But other then that he doesn’t seem like Carl. I see no comparisons between Todd and Herman. So to me the likely hood of repeating the same mistakes is remote. Different people different ideas.

    Your argument would apply to Glass and the Royals. It would also apply to the LA Clippers and their leadership from Elgin Baylor. But I don’t think it applies to the Chiefs. Enjoy your take and meaningful discussion without attacking personalities. thanks.

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