Tony: Boulevard Brewing Company Keeps Track Of Drunken Cheapskates

The first time I looked at my bill at a Mexican restaurant on Southwest Boulevard and noticed there was an extra charge for additional tortilla chips, I almost killed someone.

There are some things that should not only be free but also completely unencumbered: Tortilla chips at Mexican restaurants, lap dances from stripper girlfriends and free flowing beer on a brewery tour to name a few. They represent more than just the price of goods and services and are really a sign of hospitality in this cold, digital era.

So, word that Boulevard Brewing Company is now starting to scale back the beer it offers to visitors with a token/chip system is rather depressing.

I think that even a causal observer might conclude that the token/chip program at KC’s favorite beer producer’s place just might signal the end of freebies as we know them during the upcoming global capitalism free fall . . .

Here are just a few details:

I noticed the bad blvd. news from a tweet authored by one of Kansas City’s up and coming foodies.

Joe Hoffman is the blogger behind Chimpotle and he has a rather informative Twitter account that’s offers a nice glimpse of the offerings at his blog & the foodie powerhouse “Hot Blog On A Stick.”

He recently explained that the “chips in question are kind of like poker chips. You turn in a chip to get a sample of beer rather than getting all the samples you want.”

Call it keeping track of drinkers, I call it downright stingy. I had previously heard that the Boulevard Brewing company tours are rather awesome but the addition of a point system to keep a good time in check is a bit of a bummer. I had always imagined a tour of this brewery as sort of an extravaganza that would be such an adventure in quality beer drinking that not even women were required.

Now it looks like I waited just a tad too long to indulge this fantasy in much the same way I never had time to find willing female participants for a three-way during college. Both life-changing events would have required huge quantities of liquor and hosts who weren’t keeping close track of my progress, now I fear this current age of miserliness might forever thwart my hopes and dreams.

Tony Botello

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8 Responses to Tony: Boulevard Brewing Company Keeps Track Of Drunken Cheapskates

  1. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    free beer is not a right. it’s a priviledge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For someone who took the LSAT’s you fail to consider the legal implications of free beer. Tortilla chips would be free if it wasn’t for cheap bastards that order one taco, drink water, and expect the river of chips and sauce to never run dry.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tony, this was the most useful post you have ever contributed to KC Confidential. I too am sorely disappointed to have not made it to the tour prior to this system being implemented.

  4. Anonymous says:

    John Skupny
    For someone who has not taken the time to go visit this Kansas City institution you are quite judgemental. In fact, your observation was very trite, selfish and did not factor in that responsible hospitality is a very big issue in the beverage industry. Think abouut this, how about I walk into your office at 4:00pm this afternoon, hang around for an hour or so, tour the fax and copy machine area, you your bathroom and than ask you for some free advice..? You should be thankful that the philanthropic Boulevard gang even lets you see what is going on!

  5. Anonymous says:

    very trite and selfish, that sounds like tony all over. that’s why I like the silly bastard.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I just love your information. I tell all my girlfriends, in the 25-34 age demographic, to come here and read your information, it is so helpful to us. We all hope, and pray to God above, that you never stop writing here, you are the greatest.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jack Harry
    It all comes down to insurance and legal issues.
    When people drink too much and leave there drunk…they are legally responsable.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Good– I can’t stand cheapskates. You know the ones that carry a plastic bag around at a merchandise show. The ones that live for free pizza in the office. The ones that always order water at a restaurant. I am sure that the boys at BLVD grew sick of nimrods slamming free beer and telling them it is not as good as Busch Light.

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