OTC: Perkins Pancakes Mangino

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you understand that this is all about fun and games?? sports?.. games? … and fun? You seem way too serious.

    Has your jealous hatred for KU blinded you? You seem to be getting WAY too worked up about ths crap. “Men in suits” LOL. Are we talking about the war here? Are we talking about sending people to their deaths in a far away land?

    Lighten up, Mangino is gone, and you seem delighted about that, a man lost his job, rejoice, now let it go. Why do you deserve (require) the juicy details?? …“”the KU fans why, what, when, where and how much”” … that is not you ,,you are no fan of KU, let it go…it is over.

    You should be more concerned with dredging up some the next round of BS to rant about. BS about sports,, you know??? A topic about grown men getting paid WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to play games, what a joke.

    Sports is about games, not life and death, take a breath, lighten up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    The media’s obsession with this Tiger Woods story is f’n pathetic. You learn a little bit about each journalist who has gotten up on his or her high horse and made their speeches about the whole thing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, Anon. Take your own advice. What a wimpy rant. For “slimeball” Perkins, it is not fun and games … its millions of dollars. He obviously has no problem whatsoever looking straight into your eyes and telling a lie. Where it’s sport related or not, I have a problem with that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did Bukaty really ask Toretta if he ever sat on his “coach” cradling his Heisman? That’s a little concerning.

    GH: Mr. O, Thanks for the fix.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s tell the truth about KU and Mangino. He was let go because he is fat and KU’s fanbase – especially the influential ones – are snotty aesthetic snobs that can’t tolerate having a physically unpresentable head football coach representing them. The losses this season were the trigger. The bullet in the gun was the trumped-up abuse allegations. Try to use those ancillary excuses KU fans, but everyone knows the real story.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anon is right. I always find it interesting that the biggest critics of the media are guys that are not in it (Hall). Or guys like Whitlock that most print, radio or tv reporters hate.

  7. Anonymous says:

    perkins needs cash. And when people need cash they will do anything (legal or illegal) to get
    From the comments he said the guy is dellusional
    and is so full of shit he believes his own lies.
    The KU fundraising machine has slowed down dramatically. Perkins is the bag man for this
    and he needs to jump start the atm machine.
    Thats the reason mangino left/fired. With mangino running the program theres no enthusisasm for next year.
    Perkin lied about the season ticket sale for
    football..has lied about the mangino situation.
    We’ve seen this before. KU fans watch out..this
    guy is going to get the university in big trouble and I’m willing to bet that he’s already done some bad shit.
    as always MU 41 KU 39

  8. Anonymous says:

    Luther/PT-This thing is not really that complicated. Mangino wasn’t Lew’s guy from the get go. But he had to give him a chance. Then he went to a bowl game. And another. The fan base was excited and stadium full. Yes MM was a prick and was pissing a lot of people off, but he was winning. 2007 was his make or break year. 6-6 that year would have been the end. But they won. A lot. You might remember the Orange Bowl win Luther. But since then he has been an even worse guy and this years slide was enough to move on. He is a really good coach but obviously not a great person. And Lew would like to get a Bill Self type guy in there. The program is in good shape. Tha facilities are really good. It’s an attractive position. It’s nothing any more sinister than that. Lew Perkins is exactly the type of AD that you want. He may be an asshole but he’s getting things done at Kansas.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A+ for the Clubber Lang reference.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Greg, how do you think the media should have handled Lew’s “presentation” when he came outside to discuss the coaching change? Stamped their feet and held their breath until he agreed to answer any and all questions? If you really think that Perkins was ever going to substantively answer those questions you should probably investigate rehab because you’re drunk, high or both. Perkins has been dealing with media for decades and all he would have ever done is provide the same “no comment” comments over and over. I suppose you’d be happy with that because it wiould at least make it look like the media was trying to dig up the answers, but in the end the result would be the same. We won’t ever know the terms of the buyout unless they are leaked or unless they fall under some open records law that enables the public to request the terms.

    And you’re right about the games KU has scheduled for basketball, but your criticism isn’t reasonable. Those games are scheduled well in advance, some of them years before theyr’e actually played. They’re playing teams from the Pac-10, Big Ten and the SEC. UCLA has played in, what, three of the last four Final Fours? The “big names” on the KU schedule aren’t the problem, it’s the cupcakes and there are way too many of them. Try scheduling a decent “mid-major” school or even a lower-tier BCS conference game instead of Alcorn State, sure, but don’t bitch about Cal, Michigan and UCLA for chrissake.

    As for Hamblin’s rant, what do you mean you don’t unhderstand it? He wants to take whatever shots he can at WHB and he doesn’t care if they make sense or not. How can this not be obvious to you?

    Finally, Ptolemy, it’s fine that you despise KU as much as you do. Really, it is. We KU fans don’t care what you think. But at least put your loathing in terms that make sense. Don’t call KU fans a bunch of aesthetes who can’t accept Mangino because of his weight when every game is loaded with shirts referring to Mangino being “phat,” being able “to eat your coach” and having triumphed anorexia as well as handheld signs proudly displaying Mangino’s giant obese head. While there’s no doubt that many in the administration would have liked to see Mangino get his weight under some semblance of control (Perkins even suggested Mangino have gastric bypass), the KU fan base never went against him because of his weight. The only people who negatively commented regularly about his weight are members of the media (Whitlock especially) or fans of other schools, especially fans of K-State and Mizzou and, more often than not, after a Mangino-coached team beat them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    gavin: mangino needs to lose 250 pounds…
    as always: MU 41 KU 39…
    we’ve always believed mangino was a good coach..
    actually met him in las vegas waiting for a
    cab in 107 degree weather and he was wearing a
    winter coat. The guy needs to really get his
    weightunder control…he always was very nice
    to us …he was very friendly especially after
    we told him we went to mizzou…and those 3
    games at arrowhead have been absolutely the
    funnest games ever…even when mu lost the
    ku fans were great to us.
    So this b.s. about all this hatred…i never
    see. My best freinds and family all went to
    ku…but it sure is fun on game day.
    Now..we’re waiting for bill self to bring home
    a big trophy to lawrence…
    stop the b.s….its just a game and after its
    oever I still lovemy ku kids/nieces/nephews/
    cousins etc…..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Luther seems like another poster I know

  13. Anonymous says:

    Should we be surprised at Lew’s comments? His job right now is basically to be the ultimate car salesman.

    Perkins’ Job #1 is to sweep the Mangino mess under the carpet and make future coaching candidates think the KU job is fantastic.

    KU’s basketball DOES appear very soft. But I don’t know that it should be criticized much:

    – Playing Memphis (a good opponent on a neutral site) meant KU had to agree to play 3 other teams out of their control…but it guaranteed KU 3 home games.

    – KU’s trying to raise money, so they avoided any trips to expensive tournaments and chose to play more home games.

    – UCLA, Temple & Tennessee are very worthy road game opponents. Sucks for KU that UCLA is playing bad.

    – Michigan (with a very highly-thought-of coach) and California (pre-season top 15 team) looked to be very good games. Sucks for Kansas that they’re struggling a little.

    – Teams like Hofstra, Oakland, and Tennesse Tech were expected to contend for their respective conference championships.

    – The way the Big 12 is playing right now (how about Texas Tech’s win over Washington!), whatever strength-of-schedule problem KU may have will be corrected in Big 12 play.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Gavin said,

    “Greg, how do you think the media should have handled Lew

  15. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the media stamping their feet would have been appropriate but I do think the follow-up questions should have been more direct and less accepting of Lew

  16. Anonymous says:


    I agree. It would have been great to hear Perkins asked questions like you suggest. But Lew is a SMART guy. We know he’d say “I can’t comment” or other such no answers. He will say NOTHING that paints KU in a worse light. He’s got a HELL of a job to make future candidates think the KU job is top tier.

    Sucks for us fans who want to know the dirty truth, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, at least everyone agrees. Mangino and Perkins are assholes. Does anyone remember or care that Mangino was 23 wins and 41 loses in the conference?

  18. Anonymous says:

    LOL at Gavin. He says to Ptolemy, “We KU fans don’t care what you think” … then he spends 165 words responding to him.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Laughing at the hen house
    “Sucks for us fans who want to know the dirty truth, but it just ain

  20. Anonymous says:

    The details will come out. Only dead men keep secrets. Mangino will coach again. If the Hawks won the North this year we have no problems with weight or abuse of players. This whole ordeal has a manufactured feel to it. Good luck Coach Mangino. You got the shaft and that’s a fact.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Cliffy. I had no idea YOU cared so much as to spend the time counting my words. I realize that to you 165 words probably SOUNDS like a lot as your vocabulary is probably about 250-300 words overall, but I promise you, it really isn’t.

    And for the record, I don’t care what Ptolemy thinks. He can think what he wants. But I do care when he is factually incorrect and describes me in a way that is also factually incorrect. I understand that’s a tough nuance for you to grasp, but hang in there, l’il guy! You’ll get the hang of it someday.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Gee … I have a program on my computer that counts the words … don’t you?

  23. Anonymous says:

    freekin FACT
    “”If the Hawks won the North this year we have no problems with weight or abuse of players.””

    a smartman made that comment.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I do, Cliffy. I’m just flattered that you find me important enough to use it on something I wrote. I had no idea you cared about me that much.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Fatman in the bathtub
    The sad part is, I think it was Coach Mangino starting that Hiesman talk that was the ruin him. He tried to help his QB, and it backfired.

    After that talk, came the Colorado loss ( where we could not score the 3rd time, after the first 2 TDs were called back due to BS calls) then maybe Reesing got his head on sideways..and BAM…that was that.

    Coach Mangino tried a strategy, and it did not work. The Hiesman talk may have ruined his QBs thought process. I am not worthy to know for sure, but that is the way it played out, and we did not win again,,and now Coach Mangino is gone…too bad.

    do you think today Coach Mangino is singing?? .. he is RICH!!!

    is he singing…
    “Theres a fatman …. in the bathtub” ….a freekin rich fatman…

    if I was Coach Mangino, I would pack it up, move to the islands, and let native hotties rub oil all over my fat body, call me skinny and feed me fresh crab and lobster “then in 3 years I would come back,,,and kick ass.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Gav, you shouldnt waste your time flaming with a goodball who calls himslef cliffY… you are better than that bro.

    there is not even a good way to even say Cliff,,,cliffY,,clifford the stupid dog….dont waste your time. He flamed you, like he does everyone, so the converstion is about him, and now I am guilty of it, crap.

  27. Anonymous says:

    If it helps, Tommy, your mistake will prevent me from doing so in the future. You’re absolutely right.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Mangino could be his own freakin island, Puerto Lardass

  29. Anonymous says:

    “No man is an island” …… havent you heard?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Well, Greg, you may get your wish. The Kansas Press Association and the Lawrence Journal-World have filed an Open Records Act request for the terms of the buyout, the dismissal, the investigation, etc. I think they will be able to get the terms of the buyout, but I don’t feel as good about the investigation since so much of it relates to student records and has inherent privacy concerns.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Shouldnt people be more concerned that Kansas JUST eliminated the jobs of the inspectors/people who go around Kansas and inspect the Hotels and Motels for saftey and sanitation. These idiots did this to save a measley $300,000 per year ….. LOOK IT UP … THIS IS YOUR HEALTH AND SAFTEY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

    Why so concerned about Coach Mangino??? there are bigger issues out there.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is bigger than Mangino. Not even a Red Roof cockroach.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Not even a double-wide in Ottawa. Less anger in the double-wide and you can look at it and not barf.
    So where’s he going to end up, in the Big Sky Conference? Maybe he could be the mascot at Georgia Tech.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the stress was killing him. Now maybe he can concentrate on his health. I worry just looking at him.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone read Whitlock column about Tiger Woods? Horrible….

  36. Anonymous says:

    Come on bozos
    Can we have some more love for this debacle at Arrowhead? Can we hear from all the FKING MORONS WHO SAID “GIVE THEM TIME”…lets hear some more??

    We know you hate Mangino and KU, and you LOVE this haleybitch ….. LETS HEAR SOME MORE OF IT!!

    YEAH “just give haley time”,, he will do good, “just a lil more time” YEAH RIGHT!!, haleygirl is proof of the peter principal, he was promoted beyond his ability……WITHOUT HIS DADDY HE WOULD BE A CADDY on a no where golf course.

    yeah this is sports…BUT THIS IS NO FKN FUN…WHAT JOKE!!

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