Kiss Family Reunion: Lewellens Saddle Up for Last Kiss

Once upon a time – last millennium – seventh grader Joe Lewellen went off the deep end – way off…

“I went and saw Kiss at Kemper Arena in 1977 and within a month after that I started a Kiss fan club,” Lewellen says. “I rasn a classified ad in Circus magazine and the checks and letters started rolling in.”

Next thing Lewellen knew, “I was the president of Kiss Underground, the kiss fan club worldwide. My mom came up with the name and Paul Stanley would call me all the time and give me the latest scoop. This was way before the Internet.”

That was then…

Next week Lewellen and younger brothers

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6 Responses to Kiss Family Reunion: Lewellens Saddle Up for Last Kiss

  1. Anonymous says:

    From someone that has seen KISS 20 times (and was at that 1982 concert at Municipal – with about 3,000 other fans…), I can say that ticket sales for this tour have been just fine. Not many expected KISS to undergo a major arena tour in the states again, but this tour has had great reviews,good ticket sales and it will do even better when it goes to Europe in 2010. I had hoped to see KISS again, but never figured it would be at the Sprint Center. The boys are doing just fine.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kiss isn’t just a band. It’s a brand and a business enterprise, that is run quite well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joe Lewellen
    I agree that Kiss is still putting on great show, “Larger than Life”. Thrilled the Sprint Center was chosen and many of the venues on this tour have sold out including two nights in Detroit and the Canada dates, but from a few blogs I have read ticket sales have been weak in some US cities like KC. 101 Fox having a special sale of upper level tickets for $10.10 with service fees running it to about $16 and change is good value for people wanting to go in this economy, but you have to admit be able to buy fifth row seats on Ticket Master this close to show is unheard of, they must have released the Kiss Online tickets held back for $300. The last tour the ticket sales were more solidified with Aerosmith co-headlining. The greener pastures of overseas will have much better attendance similar to when they finished out the Creatures of the Night Tour in South America. I believe the last show in makeup outdoors was the biggest ever at that time. There are quite a few large cities missing out with this shortened tour like Denver for example. I don

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whitey Herzog
    Hearne…you’re not driving are you?

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is a sucker (aka fool) born every minute.

    Fools, anyone who pays for this show to see these liars is a fool. KISS is an “oldies” act that should be relegated to state fairs, along with the other band who only have half of the original members.

    KISS is liars, they staged a “farewell” tour, and said goodbye, but that was just another marketing gimmick.

    Anyone who pays to see this show is a fool, and should be parted with his money, because Gene Simmons sure does need it more than you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the fools are the haters.
    The Aerosmith tour was the show i did NOT see because i simply hate that band.

    Joe, i also have a large KISS collection, but am looking at selling it.

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