Carol Duboc at the Folly: From Wilt to John Mayer to Hubert Laws

Was a time when Carol Duboc was on the cutting edge party plan…

Hanging with Wilt Chamberlain, writing songs for the Fine Young Cannibals, cowgirl-ing it in music vids with The Rock. Did I mention that she’s flying jazz laegend Hubert Laws in December 12th for a wine tasting at the Folly.

Oh yeah, and a concert.

“Hubert is a three-time Grammy nominee and he’s also played on a number of Grammy-winning albums including Walking in Space, a Quincy Jones album,” Duboc says. “I met Hubert in 2001 when I was producing an album and I wanted a flute and he’s played on every one of my albums since – he’s amazing.”

Duboc – and some of KC’s finest, including Danny Embrey guitar, Joe Cartwright piano, Bob Bowman bass and Tim Cambron drums – will perform songs from Duboc’s new Burt Bacharach CD and beyond.

“And Hubert’s going to be doing some of his own songs – he’ll be doing three or four instrumentals – as well as a lot of the Burt Bacharach stuff. I don’t know if you know this, but Burt Bacharach was born here in Kansas City, Mo. And studying up on him I found out we had more in common than just being from Kansas City. We both wrote songs for Patti LaBelle in the ’90s and we both wrote for Stephanie Mills and then we both wrote for Tom Jones.”

Any backstories on the new album?

“I don’t have any anecdotes about Hubert because he’s a pretty straight up guy and he’s married and all that stuff,” Duboc says. “But when I was in LA recording Hubert’s part for the album I played ping-pong with the Backstreet Boys and then John Mayer popped out of one of the studios. And I met a really good mix engineer – he was recording Jim Carrey’s daughter’s album.”
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