NEW JACK CITY: Jack’s BEST-BETS with All the Stuffings!

This holiday week will have thousands of Kansas Citians heading for their favorite MegaPlexes.

To help you get the biggest bang for your entertainment buck, here are my Jack Goes To The Movies–Best Bets at the Box Office!

Looking for LAFFS with your Turkey? Here are MY Comedy Picks:

Director Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animated FANTASTIC MR. FOX whose idyllic home life goes to hell in a handbag when he slips back to his old ways as a sneaky chicken thief.

The adult comedy stars the voice-talents of George Clooney as Mr. while Meryl Streep is the Mrs.

Also along for the ride Jason Schwartzman, Willem DaFoe, Owen Wilson—and Bill Murray as Badger.

My other Fun-Picks include OLD DOGS with John Travolta, Robin Williams, Kelly Preston, Matt Dillon and Seth Green….IF you thought WILD HOGS was a hoot…

Also the quirky
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