Tony: Almost Nobody is calling One Park Place Home for the Holidays

All over Kansas City people with very little cash to spare are putting up holiday lights in order to at least attempt to attain some semblance of holiday cheer.

Contrastingly, heading toward downtown and looking up at One Park Place it’s kind of depressing to see that the building has pretty much gone dark.

Of course, whenever reps from the this project are questioned about their lack of tenants they offer up phony, misleading and overly optimistic answers about the place. But just a tiny bit of personal observation will lead any observer to the conclusion that there’s just NOBODY living there judging by a quick look at the lights glowing after dark (or lack thereof) in the building.

The lack of success isn’t just a testament to the crappy economy, it’s also a great look at the hopes and dreams of developers gone dark in this cowtown.

Reece & Nichols now handles this hot mess. They’re probably the most qualified to try and sell condos to the mostly dark building because they’re pushing empty luxury places all over town.

But last night when I looked up as ONLY ONE light on among the entire South face of the building, I couldn’t help but notice that it looks almost like a bit of local, high-priced blight. Originally, there was a plan to put in additional luxury housing and a gated community around Penn Valley Park. This was seen as a good thing because for the past 20 years the local news had only profiled the place as a venue for dangerous, anonymous and random homosexual hookups. Still, I can’t help but think that there was at least more acton going on back in those days – albeit life threatening and illegal. Whereas now the place is simply nothing more than a dead zone as this attempt at Kansas City re-branding looks like a giant vacancy overlooking this town.

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5 Responses to Tony: Almost Nobody is calling One Park Place Home for the Holidays

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perfect spot for the Gitmo detainees! Feds could move the 911 trials from NYC to KC. Accused, accusers, defenders, litigants, media pool, jury and jurists could all live, work and play in one building. After the trials the spot would have the necessary “IT” factor to demand high prices.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They did a good job remodeling it but nothing when it comes to selling it. I think Tony is being unfair and a lot of their failure to get new tenants begins and ends with the economy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    midtown miscreant
    on the upside, it would be a great place to live, what with the lack of neighbors.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kim Jwa Jin
    Expensive condos are not selling during the worst rescission since the great depression. Wow, that’s so insightful captain obvious. Now actually go find some news and give a voice to the truly under reported in our great city. All you did was give more PR to a project that will eventually all sell out once the economy picks up. Have you seen this place? Been inside? Taken in the views? Who wouldn’t want to live there if you had the money. It’s feakin amazing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see some of the previous commenters were not-so-subtle shills for Reece & Nichols or the KC real estate crowd in general. Yes, the place is gorgeous. But how can you live a downtown lifestyle from this location? Nothing is within (safe) walking distance. If anyone is going to drop $1.5 million on a luxury condo, they’re going to look at the new modern building just off the Plaza. There, at least, you can stumble home from a night at the Capital Grille. This place is going to stay 80% empty, and it will auction off sooner or later. No one will ever pay these prices, no matter what amenities are there.

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