Kansas City Councilman Calls Out AEG for Violating Contract With City

About the Zac Brown concert that christened the new Independence Events Center last week…

Never should have happened, says KC Councilman John Sharp. Not at a competing venue, in a competing city, anyway. That’s because concert promoter AEG made a deal with Kansas City in the Wayne Cauthen/Kay Barnes era to book both the new Sprint Center and Kemper and to not directly compete against those venues.

“I just got through a meeting with AEG last week in which they talked about their noncompete clause that extended from the Sprint Center 250 miles in any direction,” Sharp says. “AEG is not supposed to be involved in booking competitive events within 250 miles of the Sprint Center.”

As for booking Brown’s show at the new center in Independence, “This wasn’t just a show, this was the grand opening concert, that’s serious,” says one entertainment insider. “That concert would have done at least 20 percent better at Sprint.”

Translation: by putting the show in Independence, Kansas City missed out on the ticket revenue, taxes and money that otherwise likely would have gone to the Power & Light District and other local businesses from concertgoers who would have gone downtown to see the concert at Sprint.

That said, the flip side of Brown not playing a Kansas City date: Sprint was hosting the National Catholic Youth Convention and Kemper an American Royal event that night. However, that isn’t to say in the world of concert booking that an alternate date might have been made available for Sprint had AEG not scheduled Brown for the IEC.

“They didn’t have to do the show” there, says one entertainment booker.

AEG did not return calls for this column.

Councilman Sharp’s take on AEG’s involvement in the Brown concert:

“This news is very disturbing,” he says. “Because my understanding is that violates their agreement with the city based on what they (just) told me. And obviously with them managing our major entertainment destination in Kansas City we’d like them to concentrate their booking efforts on the Sprint Center not on competing venues – particularly nearby competing venues.”

As for the likelihood that AEG’s concert arm in St. Louis – not it’s representatives here in Kansas City may have booked the Brown show for Independence, “That’s fine and dandy, but our agreement isn’t with an division of of AEG, it’s with the entire company,” Sharp says. “And they need to live up to their agreement.”

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5 Responses to Kansas City Councilman Calls Out AEG for Violating Contract With City

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the Zac Brown Band, but the Sprint Center and even Kemper are still way too big for this country newcomer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ANY TIME you deal with liewicke watch your
    wallet and your back…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    I still remember the Lew Wickie article in The Star. They made him out to be George Brett or something… When he moved the hell out of here eons ago… Anschutz.. You mean Wendell? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr Man
    Entertainment Genius that your are not….this was the grand opening concert at a competing venue and AEG chose to be a partner on the show even though they have a mgmt contract on 3 of our venues in this city that doesn’t seem to mean squat. Someone should be fired at Aeg and the city should stand up for themselves for a change. If Aeg breached the agreement to make 12k at that venue and force there hands which I’m certain they did, they need to be held accountable or pass on being a partner in a competing scenario.The city should make them pay a penalty!

    p.s. How much did AEG make off the Sprint this year? Why couldn’t Cordish pay its share of bonds for the area that includes Midland. THERE SHOULD BE AN INVESTIGATION FOR SURE! WHERE IS THE STAR AND FOX NEWS

  5. Anonymous says:

    For whatever reason, the gentleman who left a comment under the name “entertainment genius” has requested that I delete his comment. I now have.

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