Will Mangino Make Flight to Austin? Source Says, No

This this in from a source close to significant supporters of KU athletics, specifically its football program…

Embattled KU head football coach Mark Mangino may not make the trip to Austin for this weekend’s game against Texas.

“I’ve been told there’s a strong possibility that he might not be making the trip,” says the source. “I mean, he’s not like a Bobby Knight that can go around choking players. He doesn’t have the win/loss record or championships Knight had to make people look the other way.”

The rationale for the potential bombshell:

“In light of the meetings Perkins has been having with current and former players and the investigation, it’s looking less and less likely that

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12 Responses to Will Mangino Make Flight to Austin? Source Says, No

  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer

  2. Anonymous says:

    gary pinkel
    who cares! KU has become a cesspool of shit.
    Fights between teams..payoffs for bowl games..
    an athletic director who is the epitome of
    al capone…big lies and cheating…if this is
    the end result of a winning basketball team
    then ku, its fans and students should now clean
    house of all the shitheads.
    Noone can tell me that perkins was not aware of
    this travesty. that noone had told him of this
    prior to this meeting.
    MU went thru this and cleaned house. Its time
    for KU to do the same…clean out all the
    disgusting, vermin, lying, backstabbing,
    piece of shit who runs that athletic department.
    At MU we found that this type of crap can’t go
    on. The people at the top ended it. We cleaned
    out the riff raff. Of course, when you deal with
    young kids there will always be problems.
    But until KU decides that their image as an
    educational institution is more important than
    basketball wins will this shit ever end.
    KU is now at the edge. Clean house jayhawks.
    You are making the crap at MU over the years
    look like childs play.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kellis Robinett
    It’s tough to see Coach attacked like this. He has given us so very much.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think an infamous poster is posting under other names. Also I believe Coach given us so much I believe he ate very much. In fact I saw the cover of People magazine with missing children and I believe some were ate by Coach. From a self proclaimed fat guy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Craig, Don’t you also want to say “Wow, this Chiefs team isn’t the worse in the league.” “Wow, Rick is right they are better then last years team.” We’ve matched last years record and have 7 games to go. Even without Bowe I’m still confident I won’t be buying any comedy club tickets. But…i could be wrong.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Meat On The Hoof! Jason hit it out of the park this morning.
    If this was Pellini,Gundy,Stoops, Pinkel….he gets some anger rehab maybe finds religion..whatever.

    Moral: You can be fat and win or lose…..but you can’t be Big and Fat…Lose and be prick on top of it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Both being former Star employees, will you please comment on the shitty state of The Star sports section. On a day when there were at least three stories bigger than the Greinke Cy Young, The Star does a Greinke wrap-around and has Joe Po

  8. Anonymous says:

    Some liposuction and xanax should do the trick for Coach Mangino. Seems there is still a story that no one has uncovered. This can’t just be about roughin’ up some little twit and bein’ fat.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    and FYI: I’m quite disappointed that our Cy Young pitcher is not anywhere on KCC. Guess he wouldn’t give Greg an interview, so he’s been ignored? I mean, what perfect gossip for a ‘rag’ like this….Cy Young and a few days later marrying a beauty pageant winner/Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! I know you can’t compete with JoePo but still……..ignoring the story makes you look ignorant.

  11. Anonymous says:

    hearne… i totally get that the punchline of the mangino story is simply one of being overweight. but, the story can’t always be about someone’s size and overall appearance. hell, this story isn’t even really about his weight, this story is about whether or not he’s gonna travel with the team as of yet! so, why the photo? i get that people think that because others look different, it is easier to pass judgement upon them for their mere outter appearance, or unique differences to whatever society quotes as “normal”. but, the photo that you used to illustrate this story is wrong, and unimaginative for a person who is imaginative with the written word.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gideon Stargrave
    To the person calling themselves gary Pinkel, Stop hating because your team sucks. MU isn’t even in the same hemisphere as KU when it comes to basketball. Most MU fans I know are just quietly pissed that just when there football team got good KU’s football team got good as well. The one chance MU had to shine alone was busted up by a fat guy and Todd “freakin” Reesing. Rofl, and as far as KU making the stuff MU players have done over the years look like childs play, thats laughable.

    Anyway it’s obvious writers like Hearne and jason fatlock and all the other hacks that piled on Mangino this week were wrong about him getting the axe quickly. Sure he’s gonna get fired eventually but the Kansas City media whores acted like a bunch of zombies who smelled blood this week. I know why fatlock said the things he said. It’s obvious he didn’t make some of the sports teams he tried out for when he was younger. He was probly picked on because of his weight so it’s his mission in life to be the biggest hater of others successes. I mean this bloated supposed “writer” couldn’t even make it at ESPN. The only reason a guy like Jason Whitlock writes columns in this city is because his columns would be trumped by high school kids in any other city.

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