Hold the Phat Jokes: Will KU Coach Mark Mangino’s Choke Hold Seal His Doom?

There may be a snowball’s chance in Hades that KU football coach Mark Mangino will return next year

But if there is, Joe-College.com owner Larry Sinks and local sports-a-holic Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons comedy club don’t see it. Not even close, the two agree.

“Looks like he’s gone, oh yeah,” Sinks says. “He choked a player last week in practice – some linebacker named Arist Wright – that’s what I was told. I got it from a pretty reliable source and I’m pretty confident in my source.”

When Sinks isn’t coming up with kickass T-shirts like “Our Coach is Phat” and “Muck Fizzou” or defending himself against seven-figure lawsuits by KU athletics honcho Lew Perkins, he keeps a close ear to the ground in Lawrence on all things KU.

“Oh yeah, the KU football players come in all the time and the player’s parents come in all the time,” Sinks says. “All I know is that I was talking to some of the players and they were telling me they just don’t get along with Mangino – that he is a hot head and a lot of the players don’t like him anymore. And they have just had enough of his views.”

Glazer has another take on Mangino’s likely demise…

“The sad reality is this; KU, which has an incredible basketball program has never really had a great or even a good football program. They had a moment here and there – John Hadl and Gale Sayers – but that was a long time ago. True they had David Jaynes, but that was a lifetime ago.

“Under Mangino there was the false hope that a program was developing. The sad truth truth is KU fans were lead to believe KU was building a (football) program but it was based on that one season (2007) and the truth is it was a false read. Two years ago KU was a good team, not a great team – they really didn’t play anybody. Last year they were OK and now they’re terrible.

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25 Responses to Hold the Phat Jokes: Will KU Coach Mark Mangino’s Choke Hold Seal His Doom?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good report. Seriously this was breaking news as I found no other “news” organization that had reported what the real deal was going on. Just a vague complaint has been made.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    I can just see Mangino choking that kid and saying “I-told-you-I-wanted-that-last-drum-stick- you-no-good-little-piece-of-shit!”

  3. Anonymous says:

    He’s paid to win 3 games K-State, IA-ST., Mizzou. That should get KU into a bowl every year.
    These Football programs are tricky operations, pulling $90 for a ticket to watch 2nd Tier Football is going to be tough to maintain.
    Idyllic settings like Lawrence are usually not conducive to Top 20 football teams.

  4. Anonymous says:

    bob j
    great…now we’ve got 2 new experts in sports.
    Not enough that the present crew can’t get one
    thing right.
    Glazer: a sports reporter? Stick to comedy
    and the hotties at power and light.
    Larry Sinks: broke ass one man t shirt shop who couldn’t put 2 nickels together if he had a dime.
    Larry Sinks knows nothing/sh*t about sports.
    Lets get this straight. 2 clowns with no idea
    what they are doing telling us about their take
    on mangino’s fate. Come on hearne! Get your shit

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love this piece of shit sinks. “I don’t think my shirts were ever mean or cruel”.
    WTF sinks? Calling a man fat/phat isnt cruel.
    The poor man suffers from a screwed up thyroid.
    He can’t help his weight. He’s dying in front of
    our eyes as he looks really bad.
    And you say that’s not mean or cruel?
    That’s not denigrating to this human being?
    That is a compliment to mangino?
    No wonderyou’re a broke dick m-fabout to
    declare bankruptcy because you sold these disgusting t shirts that were not only
    hateful but terrible. You only made manginos
    problems worse. And you made dirty money off these disgusting t shirts. I hope KU takes every
    last penny you have and puts you on the street.
    Making money off others problems is about as low
    as you can go. Go f*ck yourself mr.sinks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Developing no young QB, RB or WR? Have you been watching? Opurum. McDougald.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the quotes are wrong, Mangino was choking his monkey ….. in the bathroom

    even though it is a good monkey…
    a veryVERY good lil monkey…. but …
    there are times when the monkey needs spanked …. errr … I mean choked.

    good monkey … good good monkey …. come here lil monkey ….. I have something for you.


    I will go out on a limb and predict…
    in tonights game in St Louie….


  8. Anonymous says:

    the above quote, by true, was actually posted by true, which is a anon mystery posting name used by a various fans of this site.

    Anon mystery name posts are the most honest, as long as you are not some asshole using an untrue name or acting like you are someone else …. dont do that.

    Dont waste hearne’s time with that shit, he should NOT have to come in to clarify things, it will only lead to regisitering, and that is no fun : (

    Keep up the good work hearne, I love this place.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hearne needs an editor like Mangino needs a new thyroid and Glazer needs to stop emailing worthless opinions to a worthless blog. The end.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Things started going to hell in a handbasket when we took corporal punishment out of school and got upset when Bobby Knight slapped some kid. It’s…TOUGH LOVE…DISCIPLINE…SHIT HAPPENS. Spend some time in the military and see what happens when you don’t fall in line or jeopardize your TEAM. Everybody talks about football being like a WAR and GOING TO BATTLE…sometimes a coach is gonna get a little carried away, caught up in the moment, cross the line. It’s not like he sodomized the kid or asked him to wipe his ass. God created facemasks so a coach could have something to grab on to when he needed to get your attention.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Things went south for KU when the stupid football team was talked down( knocked down a nothc ) after the Basketball/Football fights, and then Mangino started the Hiesman talk, and that got in Reelings head…and then they lost that game in Colorado ( which they won, but it was taken away ).

    I geuss the moral is, dont fix it, if it aint broken. Dont start talking Hiesman and get in your QBs head if all is going well.

    Oh well, it was fun watching KU do better in football the last couple of years.

    MY COACH IS PAT!!…err I mean PHAT!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Since these post are never spell checked or edited for quality…

    His name is John Hadl,

    not John Hadle.

  13. Anonymous says:

    holy shit hearne, you did scoop EVERYONE on this story, heck, even Whitlock is following your lead on this story ….. VERY NICE.

    I am not usually all over impressed by this scoop business, but you did GREAT….keep up the great work!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    copy paste from KC Star aka KC Rag

    Weight issues are root of Mangino’s problems
    The Kansas City Star


  15. Anonymous says:

    Orphan of the Road
    So other than having zero facts, you got a scoop.

    Way to go Clark Kent

  16. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    glazer ought to be in the lower section of this post rather than the top half. what credibility does he have on this matter?

    also, Mangino is, and always has been, an a-hole. He’s rude to KU, fans, media and his players. now, it can inspire them like in 2007, but it can also make them quit on him. Witness the defense in the 4th quarter this season.

  17. Anonymous says:

    They loved him last year, they hate him this year.

    He was fat last year, and still is fat.

    What happened? He’s lost games.

  18. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Guys, in a way you are right, I am not expert on KU football or Mark M. I simply stated the obvious. Clearly he is on the hot seat because the team is far from what they wanted it to be…and maybe his overall appearance and attitude don’t help….as far as what gives me the right to state an opinion on sports…sorry Ric…he hates when I give my resume, I have produced four sports movies, appeared on every sports radio/tv show KC has, many times on football and other sports topics, this due to my former relationship with the Chiefs,players and management…good and bad…so like most of us who comment, they are just our opinion based on watching and learning…thats all…some of us have been better than others and seeing whats comming next….some of us are simply on board with our team, good or bad….I try and be honest about what I see and know…about sports…so lets not get upset…I know many of you feel your opions are as good as mine and others, I don’t know this Sinks guy…but I can see how you feel…thats why we write on this blog, to get our feelings out and have some fun…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of “sports experts,” let us not forget that even sports talk titans such as Steven St. John can come from pretty darn humble beginnings. St. John was merely a sports-crazed college kid who phoned into talk radio shows and blathered away as MU Dog (or was it MU Dawg?). That is until Greg Hall hired him for peanuts to ride shotgun on 1510 AM’s 6 pm to sundown show in the daze before Jerry Green’s checkbook bought WHB and converted it from farm news to sports.

  20. Anonymous says:

    NOTE CRAIG-I had no complaints about your comments. As previously stated I was VERY IMPRESSED with the site and what i felt was breaking news and coverage. THIS IS where I read the news about what Coach Mangino was being investigated for. Prior to this no one was commenting.

    That being said. I think it looks poorly whenever Hearne wants to stick up or protect his writers by writing a rebuttal or pointing out credentials. Be it you, Greg, Jack, etc. It makes it appear that you have no back bone. Hearne is mama bear coming to protect her cubs. Can you imagine every time Whitlock said something someone disagreed with, the editor wrote a piece in support of Whitlock.

    Also I don’t believe Greg hired St. John I believe that was a station choice. And I was thinking he was there doing a wrestling show prior to Greg’s arrival. But i could be wrong. I would say Greg was very supportive of St. John and he saw things in him others didn’t.

    This comes from a guy that has made no movies but is involved in the creation of a reality show, has a book in the hall of fame, and is dating a girl from the TMZ TV show. Opps…..Craig you are a BAD influence.

    Seriously i thought your comments were great and in this case explaining your background of your opinion and passion about sports was acceptable. But that’s just my take for what its worth.

  21. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Ditto Rick, so you got a hottie girlfriend as well, tell us more? You can see Black Barbie on my facebook or go to Monique Hall, thats her, she’s smokin…

    I think we all can see if Mark was winning this would not be an issue right now…its about getting players to KU, and now that is gonna be tough for him so, yeah him plus negative media equals bye bye..it was a nice ride for him and lots of dough for really one great season and one decent one, that was all…still kinda sad we all hang on negatives…poor Zacke….

  22. Anonymous says:

    Concur. Especially the poor Zack part. Really got thrown into the background with all the other news.

    My girl’s cute. And Hollywood make up is very kind ha ha. Girl next door type.

    I saw a Monique Hall on Yahoo images. If that’s her she is very attractive, has a fresh face look, great smile, and awesome skin color and tone. We all have our preferences-big chest, rear, some guys are into legs. Me, one of the things I really pay attention to a girl’s skin. This gal has great skin. Red Head are hot to. Which I think go back to my days of seeing Batgirl with the wig. Ha ha

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