Hearne: Is the Star Trying Too Hard?

Look, I get it…

I write something critical about The Kansas City Star and somebody pops up in comments with the time-tested axiom that I’m harboring a grudge after getting caught up last year in one of the newspaper’s many layoffs.

Hey, that’s legit…

Who doesn’t play that sort of second-guessing game? In sports, at work, in business, in one’s personal life. We all do it.

Know what? It ain’t me, babe.

I’ve been keeping a critical eye on the Star long before we parted company. Amicably, I might add. Back when I was a stock and commodities broker; when I ran the Pitch – heck – all during the time I worked at the paper when it was appropriate. Anyone who’s been keeping anything approaching an eye on me over the years can vouch for that.

You think the reporters who spent weeks designing a streetcar system for Kansas City liked my columns

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8 Responses to Hearne: Is the Star Trying Too Hard?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Brother Grimm
    fkn-a hearne, FKN -A !!!

    I agree with you, I may be biased, for some reason. Why?, heck I dont know. I have never met you, I have never been a reporter, I have never worked for the Star….I am just a dude who has lived in KC my entire life, and I call it like I see it…and I geuss you do too. I like that,,,so I am bias towards the truth.

    Of course the truth hurts, and it hurts worse when a person, or organaization, gets to insulated from critics, and then someone, out of the blue, comes along and says something sensible…THEN…… OOPS!!!
    THEY ARE LIKE….HEY!!!…WE ARE IN CHARGRE,,, how dare you say things like that.

    how about ….fk them, People should say what they want, as long as it is true, and they believe it will help the world be a better place. But the truth hurts, and some people are pussys.

    THIS IS STILL AMERICA, kind of, and as long as we are allowed to speak the truth without having our albino legs cut off for voodoo witch doctors, I hope you continue to keep on keeping on.

    I am delighted a person like hearne is here to call it like he sees it…KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK HEARNE…YOU DA MAN!!

    and, yes the star is trying too hard. For instance, That fkn drunk driver percentage stat is horse shit. It is just a way for them to say “we will us continue to crush the constitutional rights of anyone we want, in the name of public safety” ……. anyone can carve up percentage stats to suit their own purposes…. and that is fkn horse shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting how you concluded with “Bottomline.” Was that intentional?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Star is a reflection of the general malaise in Kansas City. Nobody cares what the Star thinks or says. There are no strong leaders or voices at the paper. It’s a joke and will soon, but not soon enough make it’s way to three days a week and finally to a resting place online. The decline goes back to Art Brisbane who felt it was the papers job to shape and influence news not just report the facts. Commie lib, pseudo intellectuals with social agendas are killing papers all across the country. If the Star wants readers back a good first headline would be Mayor is a Pussy Whipped Douchebag.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rupert Pupkin
    The Star has always overhyped its Sunday front-page stories because they’re usually done well in advance, and the gaggle of top editors has plenty of time to add their special brand of brilliance to them…they can plan and tinker and ruminate and “create a package” while they try to figure out whether Zieman likes a story or not.

  5. Anonymous says:

    midtown miscreant
    I actually picked up a sunday star this week, first one in close to a year. I’m paper training a puppy…….I’m serious. I looked through the sale circulars, glanced at the front page. The only good thing I can say is that the paper still does a decent job of soaking up piss.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the log
    damn midtown that soaking up piss line caught me by surprise.LMAO

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    With the economy and state of the print newspaper business being a factor of the Star’s demise— Here are the Top 10 things that did not help their cause….

    1. The big blue mausoleum glass thing where broken windows cost the Star 15 Grand. Not 15th and Grand. Dollars.

    2. R.C. Lokeman(n)

    3. Yael, The Raytown Genious.

    4. Barbara Shelley.

    5. Endorsing people for races that they have no clue about… See Mark Funkhouser, and Rick Rehorn.

    6. C.W. Gutswell’s bird columns.

    7. Letting Flanagan go.

    8. Letting Hearne Christopher go.

    9. Keeping Joyce Smith.

    10. Deciding that if Clay Chastain was drafted into the Marines, and received the Congressional Medal of Honor after taking eight bullets, and single handedly removing Saddam Hussein, then freed Afghanistan from the Taliban, and set up a rail system that transports water into Rwanda to quench the poor, would NEVER get a positive story in The Star.

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