McTavish: Lots of Spanish, Not Enough Stage Time for Ronstadt at Midland

Let me say upfront that I don’t know Spanish and I’m not really a mariachi music fan. So why was I at Linda Ronstadt’s Spanish language concert featuring the traditional music of Mexico with Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano on Thursday at the Midland by AMC?

Because I am a Linda Ronstadt fan from way back
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3 Responses to McTavish: Lots of Spanish, Not Enough Stage Time for Ronstadt at Midland

  1. Anonymous says:

    You should teach Tony about writing a concert review or maybe you should start to include all of the socio-economic-politically-incorrect-psychobabble-bullshit-let my people go-crap that Tony does. Headline should be Fat Washed Up Old Star Croons For Beaner Baby Boiler. NO MAS! Una cara usted tiene como puerco Linda. No papellas en el bano. 1 burrito, 2 burrito, 3 burrito, 4…5 burrito, 6 burrito, 7 burrito .MORE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hennifer Lopez
    My names is Hennifer Lopez, and I LOVE EATING TACOS AND BURRITOS!!!

  3. bobj says:

    Where is Linda Ronstadt??
    Used to be a very dedicated vocalists who sang to please the audience. Now an overweight, bad talented version of the nutcase she used to be when running around on roller skates wearing a girl-scout outfit all the while filandering with with Govenor (first time) Jerry Brown, another prime-time nut case. (Did I spell filandering correctly????)

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