Tony: Kansas City Cultural Logics And The Brutal Beat Down Of An Old White Man

There is a grand and mostly pointless debate in Kansas City over racial descriptions of suspects in local crime stories.

Racists want a full description on every purse snatching on a slow news day while guilt ridden white people worry that the news would be filled with descriptions of minorities. Of course, both sides are wrong and I’m right. My Contention: When the public can help find a suspect with a good description THEN it should be offered, if not, it’s really not too important.

And all of this preamble is simply to get us in the right mood when thinking about the most popular suburban interracial beat down in recent news headlines.

The photo featured in the post and a story from KMBC does an excellent job in demonstrating the savagery of an old school ass-whooping that a poor 83 year-old dude took in a Prairie Village Grocery store parking lot but it fails to mention how the public should regard such a callous act of violence. That’s what my dumbass is here for . . .

So let’s make it plain:

There’s a great deal of buzz and outrage concerning this story because it’s an African-American female suspect charged with serving this guy’s ass to him. The initial report describes her as a 35 to 40 year-old black female, approximately 5 feet, 6 inches tall, 150 pounds. And it’s clearly racist for the media to include this description.


Because the viewing public isn’t going to go out and find her.

There’s no sketch, no license plate details and no information OTHER than fostering fear among suburban white folks that African-American females can and will kick their ass at a moments notice. That’s a half-truth at best if the cinematic repertoire of Queen Latifah can be believed.

What’s more interesting to me is that it’s a young women kicking an older guy’s ass that’s unmerciful. For me, the gender disparity info holds more import given that I want to date a variety of younger women of all races and creeds – hopefully well into my decent old age. So it looks like I’ll have to invest in a Taser or a cattle prod in order to make sure I continue to have the upper hand in all of my intimate relationships.

So, while racial drama has come to Prairie Village once again, it’s obvious that suburbanites are missing the point on this one. Violence happens everywhere and the surprise of people to this attack only demonstrates their tacitly racist assumption that brutality should be confined to the urban core in an upwardly mobile society. Instead, this story really represents the scary consequences of the gender gap and the losing battle related to keeping women under control.

Tony Botello

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10 Responses to Tony: Kansas City Cultural Logics And The Brutal Beat Down Of An Old White Man

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kind of missed the point. Citizens will not arrest the criminal, but will call the police if they have an accurate description.
    Using your logic why describe the car or the sex of the criminal, size, weight?
    Playing the race card in this instance is idiotic. To you political correctness and being funny is more important than getting a brutal criminal off the street. Hope she stops by your house.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish this black baby factory welfare grabbing
    momma would kicked your spic ass then leave you
    in the parking lot of royal liquors so the
    rest of your spic unemployed wet back buddies
    who are getting free medical care would find
    you looking like you got in a fight with a
    mad woman.
    WTF are you talking about now tony?
    This man gets beat up in prairie village…and
    its probably attempted murder charge and you
    don’t want the pollice or kmbc to describe the
    worthless piece of sh*t who beat up a senior
    citizen. Maybe she has some scars or some
    welts on her knuckles or maybe someone who knows
    her can come forward and tell the police that
    this animal almost killed someone.
    Of course that would be racist. And everyone
    in the world should understand that violence
    happens everywhere and not be surprised when
    it does.
    Yet when I watch the racists on kctv report that
    90% of the crime happens within a 3 mile
    area…and that area happens to be 99% black/
    minority…and someone says we should
    let the animals kill each other and keep the
    police outof harms way and just let them
    destroy each other…I think that maybe thats
    a good idea.
    Because normal people hate crime period. Whether
    its black/white/brown/asian or whatever nationality. and we want to put the m-f in
    jail. We don’t care about their color. We don’t
    care where they came from. When we saw a white
    man kill a young innocent teenager I didn’t think about it being a white murderer…I said
    fry the m-f and save everyone the grief and
    money of having the trial.
    So tony…maybe if you and the rest of your
    people…maybe if the rest of the blacks in
    this nation…maybe if they cleaned up their own house…if they got back to professing family
    values…if they got back to raising their kids to know right and wrong…if they realized that no government program will change their lives…maybe if you all got off your asses and
    stop this violence kmbc and kctv would have nothing to report on.
    You are one stupid asshole

  3. Anonymous says:

    midtown miscreant
    There’s another side to that coin. The media sometimes avoids mentioning the suspects race for fear of coming off racist or offending a particular group. Case in point, the recent rapes in Waldo. The media avoided mentioning the suspects race , which is black. I think the second rape was a couple of weeks old before any media outlets noted the race of the suspect. A description of the rapist in the case was important and it was pertinant, and the media chose to avoid offending rather than informing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We already have Whitlock to “enlighten” us on race issues. Move along folks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    “Instead, this story really represents the scary consequences of the gender gap and the losing battle related to keeping women under control.”

    I can’t believe this is the punch line to this story. Really?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Time to stop confusing reporting the facts with racism. Even if a complete description can’t be given it still allows people to consider whether or not they saw a black woman of five-six one-fiddy in the PV at the time of the attack. Maybe THEY can complete the description for the coppers. Maybe it’s time to develop a Shanikwa alert system like the Amber alert so that we can all start looking for these animals at the time of the crime instead of at 6:00 in between weather and sports.

  7. Anonymous says:

    yes…they are animals…and they deserve to
    be put in cages…

  8. Anonymous says:

    midtown miscreant
    And unless you want to end up looking like the old guy in the photo, I’d suggest a restraining order against this angry Jo Jo character. Somebody get Jo Jo a diazepam or something.

  9. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Tony where is the big boobed chick? Send her to Jo Jo’s house, he needs help

  10. Anonymous says:

    matt nathanson fan
    Your blog is nice

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