McTavish: Rob Thomas Simmers with Versatility at Sold-Out Midland

For all his modern rock cred, Rob Thomas is really a throwback to another era when singer-songwriters like Kenny Loggins and Neil Diamond in their prime-time heydays knew how to navigate the middle of the pop music road without sounding irrelevant, or worse, like idiots.

The inclusive Top-40 radio world that those versatile hit-makers once inhabited may now be little more than a
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3 Responses to McTavish: Rob Thomas Simmers with Versatility at Sold-Out Midland

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like Kenny Loggins. Not a Neil Diamond fan. Can’t lie. Never heard of this guy. Wish I had a chance to check him out. KC and the Sunshine band=the BOMB

  2. Anonymous says:

    KC has to repeatedly fall back on what are euphemistically called “established acts” (read as: performers years past their best material) to sell tickets. “The On-Leave frontman of Matchbox 20”? I know that must be in his press kit, but, on leave for what, 10 or 15 years now? Nothing against Rob Thomas, he’s a creative artist, but many, many acts still in their prime hit the KC area and would love some coverage – not to mention attendance. 2 AC/DC shows per year do not a vital entertainment environment make.

    Every town has their arenas and casinos to fill, and their free press tickets to hand out. Are you trying to move this city forward, or preach to the converted?

  3. Anonymous says:

    From your review Brian it sounds like Rob Thomas will be taking up residence in Branson in the next decade.

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