Tony: The Star Delivers News Like Snail Mail

Here’s just a tiny bit of insight on why Hearne is better off in the blogosphere and why I’m thankful that he asked me to write for this site despite the fact that tall white dudes either like or despise me.

This morning on my TKC blog I broke a huge story about the dwindling General Fund Balance At City Hall.

Just now I learned that The Star’s Mike Mansur has a 4 week old document from the Finance Department to the City Council that he’s going to use in his story ON THE SAME SUBJECT that’s coming out tomorrow. Leaks at The Star are the best because they drive the corporate execs crazier than stories of Publisher Mark Zeiman’s drunk driving wife.

So, in retrospect Hearne is doing the right thing here on the Internets given that his former corporate news employer is stuck printing day old news gleaned from blogs.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe the Star is charging an additional $1.25 for the Thanksgiving Day paper — even adding it to subscribers bills! In an e mail Zieman told me the Star had subsidized the ad laden paper for years. Why not charge more for the ads? If there was more content and not just more ads I’d have a different opinion.

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