WaterFire 2009: Smoke on the Water or Bonfire of the Vanities?

Say this about Saturday’s WaterFire misadventure at Brush Creek…

It was a recession buster. Thousands of Cowtowners flocked to or near the Plaza to sniff burning wood and listen to, what in my humble opinion, passes for New Age Muzak while watching a small cadre of fire-toting types do their thing.

Translation: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

Given my skepticism re the hipness quotient of WaterFire, one organizer suggested I bring my twin 12 year-old daughters to the smoke out to revel in their childish delight.

The good news; I took him up. The bad; ditto.

Daughter Liza’s initial take on the the subdued spectacle of burning pylons, PA-blared music and the odd pyro-wielding fire tosser:

“This is boring. Because all they’re doing is is having fire and this guy juggling.”

And the music?

“I don’t like the music,” she says. “”I don’t like this kind of music. I

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4 Responses to WaterFire 2009: Smoke on the Water or Bonfire of the Vanities?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I took my family as well — I always wondered what might happen if someone tossed a lit match into Brush Creek.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want some more smores too….

  3. Anonymous says:

    It would depend what the goal is? Thousands of knuckleheads go down there, wait in freezing cold, to see them switch on Christmas lights. WHOOPPEE!! How is this different? If the goal is to make money based on your report they did. As P.T. said their is a sucker born every minute.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you hit it on the nose. we went down last year. after the fires were lit we kept waiting for something to happen, and finally realized that everything that was going to happen, had already happened. my wife was in the Plaza III line when the torching went down, so she missed the whole show. we were deciding whether to leave or stay a bit longer when the music started and made the decision for us. BOOOOO!

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