OTC: National Media Ask Chiefs, “What Happend To You?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People…… I told you about this in week 2.

    Nepotism DOES NOT make a winning had coach. haleygirl is nothing but the peter principal in action. He NEVER played football, and only has a job in football because daddy got him a job. It is facts, check them. What LJ said yesterday, is what I said in week 2. PLAYER CAN NOT REPECT HIM.

    peeonme is nothing but a cuntry club loser. He thinks cut day is fun??, he WILL NEVER command respect of his players.

    Dump these schmucks, hire Jimmy Johnson as coach/GM, he is a winner, A PROVEN WINNER.

    Why is it that I can see this so clearly, and the geniuses at Arrowhead can not? It is simple. Admit the mistake, and lets move on.

    Fire peeonme and haleygirl, hire Jimmy or Bill Cowher,,,and lets get on with it.

    UNLESSS…… the plan is to move this team back to Texas,,, is that the plan?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do I detect cracks in the Bullet Proof NFL Franchise? What happened to parity? All I see on the horizon are Shut-Outs, Blow-Outs, and Black-Outs. Huge chasm between Haves and Have Nots!

    Had to watch Pitt V. Minn. in sports bar with a crooked neck view. That is what an NFL game is suppose to look like.

    Clarkie is going to have to work his ass off to keep this thing in the black….$$$Billion franchise LOL!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Greg where is Soren Petro?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Both Cowher and Jimmy Johnson would laugh in Pioli’s face. KC is a bush league franchise, in a bush league town. Get used to it KC fans, your football teams sucks, your baseball team sucks. Find other teams to root for, otherwise get used to rooting for utter losers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are ignorant Eric, go to the corner, have a time out and let the adults talk.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is “black outs” politically correct?

    Clark Hunt doesn’t have the balls to whack Pioli and Haley. I can see Haley punching Matt Cassels ticket out of town though. It’s clear from their interaction on the sideline that they are not on the same page, much less the same book. Jojo, from a previous post, is right. Clark is well on his way to becoming one of the worst owners in the NFL. We are years away from seeing the Chiefs play competitive football consistently. Sad days 🙁

  7. Anonymous says:

    “FACTS”, here is a TRUE fact: Scott Pioli was a FOUR TIME NFL Exec Of The Year award recipient, probably because he was HALF the reason why the NE Patriots went to 4 SBs in this decade and won three of them. As Mitch Holthus CORRECTLY pointed out, it took 10 to 11 years for this franchise to get where it is right now. It’s clearly going to take a couple of years MINIMUM to get it fixed.

    IT DOESN’T MATTER if Haley played in the NFL or not- neither did Mike Tomlin. Or Bill Belichick. Or Dick Vermeil. Or Andy Reid. Bottom line FACT here is that Haley has almost NOTHING to work with here. Vince Fucking Lombardi wouldn’t fare much better with this band of scrubs. We can all thank Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards in large part for this current abortion of a football team.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was told last week by a WHB insider that Soren would be back on the air on Tuesday, Nov. 27th. If he’s not on his show tomorrow we can start the conspiracy theories. Top 5 being;
    1) KK had him traded to Wichita for a seamhead to be named later
    2) Nick Wright had him ground into a Scimeca’s sausage
    3) One too many Thickburgers for the Orangeman alum and he exploded
    4) Pete Enich put a hit on him to have Fridays all to himself
    5) Vegas, baby. He went and hasn

  9. Anonymous says:

    morons, loma@u, halegirl did not play football at ANY LEVEL.

    This team has NFL talent, and a good leader could bring out the winner in them. If a player makes it to this level, he can be a winner, IF he has the correct leadership.

    haleygirl is an emotional screaming little bitch girl, constantly on the rag.

    LJ spoke the truth, and most morons can not handle the truth. LJ shed the light on how much players really disrespect haleygirl and peeonme.

    fyi, peeonme was a player personal director, he has been promoted beyond his abilites. His arrogance towards players alieantes them from the team, and thne there is not eam, and then we have what we have.

    fire them both and lets move on.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the last word
    Instead of killing myself witht the Chiefs game I decided to review the posts of Off The Couch. I started at the beginning and ended when Greg recently hit his 200th blog. I mainly put emphasis on the posters. With that in mind the first annual HALL MONITOR AWARDS.

    Here are your top posters based on amount of posts not quality.
    6-Old Man Kissel
    7-Uncle Dick
    8-Dexter Morgan
    9-Craig G.
    10-Mo Crash

    Then bunched together are Paul, Hippity hop, Luther, Dimebag, and Jimmy D.

    Some notes-Both Rick and Old Man’s numbers are a little tainted as they often would just have brief posts. With Rick it would be agreeeing with someone by posting “concur”. Obviously with Old Man it was many “810 scoops 610 again”.

    Jojo obviously had the most words.

    You also have to take in consideration that some people posted under different names. The only person we took that in to account witrh was Jojo. He obviously posted as Steven and Tom J also. So I gave him credit for that.

    The actual leader for over 50% of the count was JS but then others caught and passed him.

    Hippity Hop got all of his very early in the game and hasn’t been heard of in awhile.

    Ptolemy was strong at the beginning and then disappeared for awhile and then finished strong.

    Up and comers are Mr Olathe and Nick. I look to see them the top 15 next time I do this.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “haleygirl is an emotional screaming little bitch girl, constantly on the rag”

    ….says the poster who calls someone “Haleygirl”. If that isn’t the ultimate in acting like a little bitch, I don’t know what is.

  12. Anonymous says:

    the last word
    The award winners:

    Lost my virginity award: MLH 2/25 at 4:25 was Greg’s first poster.

    One and done award: Kenny W Raytown.

    Random debuts: Craig Glazer March 24th predicts N. C. to win NCAA
    Rick April 29th talking Soren and Nick
    Jojo May 19th about George Brett
    Uncle Dick June 12th making jokes about Hearen and Jason Whitlock.

    Some of the non issues of O.T.C.-All Big 12 hair, Long lines to the restroom, Will Franklin release, Coco Crispi’s name, Jon Wefald reverse discrimination, Raul Ibanez and steriods

    Worse predicts awards part 1-K.K. says Anderson gone. Jo Po predicts the Royals will be in the playoffs. Cowboy and Cory say Tony G is going to stay. K.K. and the whole non construction site story.

    Maybe award?-April 19th Soren says 18 months from now we will be talking about the firing of Haley.

    Up with stupid award-Fake guy Fieri fools Royals

    Making and breaking news: Holly Starr and B Jackson interviews.

    Top stories-Gonzalez trade, Henry brothers, Waters angry, Cassel and Vrabek join Chiefs, Neal Jones canned, and the feuds see part 3.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ross translated-
    Dar De DAR …duurrrr ,,,,,duuuh.

  14. Anonymous says:

    first word
    “the last word”,
    you need to get a life, you are a waste of air and cyberspace.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Paul, from what I’ve seen so far it looks like Ego-li road Bellchick’s coattails for those 4 SB at NE until some poor shmuck gave him a GM job.

    And as for Hailey, he should give a third of his pay to Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner. Larry and Kurt carried that hack into his job.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  16. Anonymous says:

    the last word
    Top feuds-Chris and Cowboy vs Jack Harry. Harry and Whitlock. Brett rants against almost everyone in TV and radio. Jojo vs Rick.

    Netherlands award-Nick Wright not wanting to talk about Whitlock and Harry feud.

    The do as I say not as I do award-June 4th Tim Grunhard says Waters needs to get over it and just play football. Grunhard later complains about how the Chiefs are treating him and other ex players.

    More non stories-Trey in the Cardinals dug out. Whitlock stealing stories.

    I’m with stupid award-July 5th K.K. Says “I’ll bet you any amount you want that the Chiefs pass for more yards this season without Tony Gonzalez.” Joe Thiesman “I think the Chiefs could win 10 games this season.” Aug 8th Scoops says Nick Wright out of a job.

    More opps awards-July 7th Jopo predicts Royals winning streak in July. Greg doesn’t believe Trey is a lock to return. Aug 21st Greg writes “Due to Brett’s age this will not turn out well for the Vikings.” Aug 30th Seek Help says Chiefs will be 0-6.

    Roll on the floor with laughter award-July 16th Greg gives out grades and gives Jojo perfect attendance. FREAKIN HILARIOUS. On July 29th Mandshagger “Mark Mangino cannot coach his ass off” “Have you seen his ass?

    Classic award-Aug 30th Dr. Phil tries to explain Jojo.

    Record award-Aug 28th which has 76 posts including the Dr. Phil post and the first Rick vs Jojo feud

    Las Vegas award-Rick bets Craig that the Chiefs will win 3 games. Comedy tickets on the line.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This Chiefs season may be the most entertaining and interesting than any other in this town. Just consider the story lines:

    Chiefs in their first year of a new owner and new GM and new head coach all in the span of a single year.

    The new head coach is inexperienced and has a volatile personality. That is about as potent a volatility combination to go along with Larry Johnson as is a pissing match (literal, not figurative) between KK and Carl Peterson.

    Finally, the parallels that can be drawn between this Chiefs team and Bill Snyder’s Kansas State team are irridescent in their clarity. Both teams are, relatively speaking, lacking in talent. One side has an established and successful coach with a minimalist personality but a reputation for immense amounts of control. The other side has an inexperienced and outwardly volatile personality that is seemingly headed for a train wreck with the “personalities” on the team. The results between the two teams are about as comparable as Scott Pioli and Carl Peterson.


  18. Anonymous says:

    the last word
    He did what award ?-Chan fired.

    Best fight-KU teams.

    I’m a friend of first word award-Jon Gruden says raiders are his sleeper team.

    Feud 2-Rick vs Jojo Sept 24th. Ends Sept 28th when Jojo asks for a truce.

    Awards period ended on Sept 29th with Pinkel is a putz blog.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Haley was the offensive coordinator in one Super Bowl.
    LJ hasn’t been near a Super Bowl.
    LJ’s dad keeps his job not because of his ability, but because, unlike any other D-I football program in the country, Penn State assistant coaches earn University tenure.
    FACT. Look it up.

  20. Anonymous says:

    thanks for watching all my posts. I appreciate people actually reading something besides cartoons
    and I am obviously making a huge impact on the
    readers of these posts.
    However…fact remains that clark must go. This worthless owner is now crowding out dan snyder as the worst in the nfl although dan is making
    a hell of a lot more money than clark.
    We are cooked. And this city and its worhtless
    government leaders need to walkin and give some
    good shit to glass and hunt. They are welfare
    recipients in the highest degree and are feeding
    at the public trough while the nation languishes
    in a recession.
    Its time someone with some balls grabbed pretty
    boy clark and explained that he better get a
    better grip on this team and spend the money he
    is alloocated. If not…cut off his source of money. Make this worthless shithead lose money.
    Theres nothing wrong with the leaders ands fans
    stopping paying for this worthless adventure.
    Lets walk out of arrowhead during a nationally
    televised game and let the nation know what the
    hunts have left uswith. An aging, worthless
    product,,,aging worthless players…a coach and
    gm who never should have bee nin place.
    But most importatnly let the nation know that
    all these mlb adn nfl owners are sucking their
    cities and states dry with tax breaks, tax
    incentives, anti trust laws and are the rich
    getting richer while taxpayers pay for their
    toys. Lets do it …we have nothing to lose.

  21. Anonymous says:

    heard on jim rome
    OJ’s son to LJ: My dad can kill your dad.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Award that should of been given. All wet award-Mermaid.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Paul, with all due respect I have to agree with the Old Man. The Hoodie gets his Superbowl rings without Pioli. That equation doesn’t work in the inverse. I’ll take Vince Lombardi and let him pick up 22 guys off the street and whip the Chiefs ass. Lombardi had the ability to motivate and inspire, make guys wanna take a bullet for him. He knew how to get guys to flex their biggest muscle, the heart. Todd Haley will NEVER acquire the ability to do that.It’s a rare talent that can’t be bought or taught. Either you got it or you don’t.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Whitlock had a great point today. Haley might not be fired after this season but, he’s on the hot seat f0r 2010. If he continues to be Todd Baby, he gone after next year.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’ve defended Haley and Pioli all season, but I can’t defend them yesterday. I’ve been saying all year that we shouldn’t get angry with the Chiefs because it’s all new and Edwards/Peterson left Haley/Pioli with a heap of garbage.

    But I’m scared now. Why do we look THIS bad? Why can’t Cassel throw a catchable deep ball? Why can’t our offensive GURU of a coach make better play calls? Why didn’t our GURU of a GM get offensive lineman to protect our expensive “franchise” QB?

    It’s frustrating as hell.

    Last night I cheered liked hell for the Yankees…..only ’cause I want to know what it feels like to root for a winner.

    PS: I’m done with LJ. Johnson later got in a Tweet spat with a harrassing fan and Tweeted: “Udont stop my checks. Tweet Away. Still richer than you…” The dude’s an ass. If the Chiefs dump him tomorrow, that’d be awesome.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Who needs a DeLorean? Arrowhead is a time machine: I swear it was 1987 and I saw Frank Gansz patrolling the sidelines.

    Clark Hunt has to live in town to care.

    Did you all ever think that maybe Soren has a family situation or a personal or medical situation? I’m not saying he does or doesn’t, but he’ll be back when he’s back.

  28. Anonymous says:

    did YOU ever stop to think he might be taking a national gig?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sure, I’ve known Soren for years. I remember him at 1510 back in the day when Nick Vasos ran the board, and we all ate Crumblies from Clems….ah, memories.

    I remember when he went to Vegas and did the National Gig. That’s a possibility, too. I don’t think it’s likely because I think he’s comfortable here, he’s got his family, etc. Anything is possible.

    My comment wasn’t mean to be mean spirited, it was more “he’s out for a while, he’ll be back, don’t worry too much about what we can’t control”

  30. Anonymous says:

    thanks for all the referencs…I really need that.
    69,000 fans went to see the worst team in the
    nfl (or one of the worst). 69,000 fans braved
    the cold,wind,rain, to watch their home team.
    Based on comparisons to other markets…that
    would be like 400,000 fans at a bears game…
    or 500,000 fans at a patriots game.
    So this town has to be the #1 nfl fan base
    in the entire nation when compared to market
    So now clark cuts the payroll…saves 30 million
    dollars…send his hitman carl to fuck the
    county out of 425 million dollars in taxpayer
    money…puts the worst product out in public
    and then leaves town with his guaranteed
    Its time for all of us who invest money in these
    businesses (royal and cheifs) to bust glass
    and hunts balls big time. Pioli and haley can only do so much with the payroll and talent
    they have.
    I’ve opened companies with no employees and can
    tell you that its the toughest job in the world.
    If you don’t have money to bring in talent and
    workers you might as well not open your doors.
    If you have $100 million dollars for talent you need someone who can quickly analyze the talent
    you have and hire good people for each position.
    but just like in business…building a company
    like a football team does take time.
    So tell me how this piece of shit clark hunt…
    who has ripped off taxpayers for billions…can’t find the money in his inheritance to give pioli and haley so they can
    get some good players.
    These current players are not the best that we
    can put on the field. And many on the defense are not equppedd for the 3-4 defense and the
    long transition it takes from previous schemes.
    Someone needs to jump on clark and glass about the piss poor talent they are putting out and the lack of investment being made in players
    on both teams.
    They are welfare cocksuckers. Bleeding jackson
    county and 69,000 fans for their hard earned
    For many fans…the money they spend on the
    cheifs is all their entertainment disposable
    dollars for the entire year. Howcan clark the
    piece of shit continue to cheap shot this team
    and take his wheelbarrels of cash to dallas
    while the fans get fucked another year.
    Clark hunt…you piece of shit.
    KC fans…you are the best.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Vegas. LJ’s just a couple of drinks, a sassy wench, and a spit away from becoming OJ’s neighbor. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”- more than just a slogan, a wish. Haley’s holed up in a bunker at Arrowhead, watching film and making Gunther look stable. No wonder Sproles had a good game, he flashed back to his KSU days and thought they were playing West Texas State for Homecoming.

  32. Anonymous says:

    old man kissel do you suck all the cocks at 810 or just the ones the whore wont do in P V commons you r a f ing loser some faggott k state fan for sure licking the k mans balls at every turn sure chad is sick and needs some too so f u ole man kisell loser biacth come get some irishman here i’ll f u up 610 kills that shit for brains idiot station up your ass loser f u and go 610 f old man kissel hope you die old fucking bitch

  33. Anonymous says:

    OTC: National Media Ask Chiefs,

  34. Anonymous says:

    Adam Teicher’s most telling comment on 610 this morning was that among the Chiefs’ biggest problems is a lack of organizational patience. Of course, seeing the hue and cry from alleged fans during this first — and hardly last — rebuilding season makes it understandable.

    The problem, as I’ve repeatedly noted, is that the Chiefs are not going to be able to replace the bulk of a 53-man roster in a season or two with quality personnel. The more players they move, the more they will acquire are other teams’ rejects — which seem no better than their own cast-offs. It gives the illusion of upgrading, placating I guess the howling masses, but doesn’t improve the overall talent level. Until Haley and his staff are committed to developing the players they have into respectable, or even functional, NFL products, no substantial progress will be made.

    As for Haley “never played the game,” therefore cannot gain players’ respect, that’s nothing but hogwash. No coach is respected by players, even if an NFL Hall of Famer, if the team doesn’t succeed. Any coach can gain respect by winning. How many NFL games did Lombardi play? Or Vermeil? Or Jimmy Johnson? Or Bellichek? Or Tomlin? Haley’s been an NFL assistant, and a successful one, for enough years that his not having been a player is not an issue for his team (LJ excluded, but then LJ is a chronic complainer and overall punk). What will be the issue is sustained failure.

  35. Anonymous says:

    If Haley was a guy who takes the medicine he dispenses, he would fire himself. Every effing player who performs anywhere close to the performance level that he has coached would have been cut long ago. This guy is a fuggin psycho. He is way too immature and unstable to be leading this team. If this hiring is characteristic of Pioli’s decision-making, the future is dark indeed.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    “old man kissel do you suck all the cocks at 810 or just the ones the whore wont do in P V commons you r a f ing loser some faggott k state fan for sure licking the k mans balls at every turn sure chad is sick and needs some too so f u ole man kisell loser biacth come get some irishman here i

  37. Anonymous says:

    Award that should have been given-Obsessed with mermaid award-rick.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Last word do you really sit around and count blogs and pay attention to who blogs that closely? That’s creepy. You scare me.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    The two biggest decisions Pioli has made were BAD decisions.

    Bad decision #1- Hiring Todd Haley

    Bad decision #2- Signing Matt Cassel to a $64 Million extension before he ever took a snap in a Chiefs uniform

    Potential bad decision #3- Trading Tony Gonzalez (depending on who we draft with that 2nd round pick)

    The best thing Pioli can do for Cassel, besides getting him an O-line and some WRs, is to draft a college QB in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th round, somebody who has talent and a real shot to battle him in training camp next July. Not only will it add competition and light a fire under Cassell’s lameduck ass, it will give us a back-up plan when/if Cassell fails, which I believe he is destined to do.

    We all just have to endure another abomination of a season as Chiefs fans. Hopefully Pioli will be embarrassed enough to be extra busy in free agency…and for once, maybe we’ll get to see a successful draft top to bottom, instead of one hit and six misses.

    “And with the 4th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select…”

  40. Anonymous says:

    JoHawk has it right. If Haley were to hold himself to the same weird standards he seems to be screaming about on the sidelines, he’d have cut himself weeks ago.

    And I don’t think that the issue is that Haley never played in the league. Everyone is right in that a lot of coaches never played in the league. But Haley never played AT ALL. Never mind the NFL, he never played in the Arena League, the CFL, the XFL, the World League, the XFL, that weird indoor league that has a team in Topeka, college or high school. The last time Haley strapped on pads, it was to catch his menses and keep his golf shorts from getting soiled. It’s gotta be tough, if not impossible, to get any respect with that kind of background.

    And everyone who says we need to be patient and that it’s gonna take time to rebuild from this mess is right. But when you have the second lowest salary structure in the league, that says that ownership doesn’t give shit about winning. I’m all for being patient if the team can show me they’re at least trying, but starting Bobby Wade and signing Amani Toomer after he gets cut are not evidence of trying to do anything.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I guess the Chiefs could have gone after Braylon Edwards, but isn’t one LJ on a team enough (or too much)?

    How much talent moved before the trade deadline last week? Other than Will Witherspoon, there weren’t many quality players dealt. The NFL isn’t MLB; in-season trading of starters isn’t nearly so frequent, probably because NFL clubs are built around systems and new players aren’t easily plugged in.

    The Chiefs brought in a lot of WRs because, other than Bowe, they lacked a proven one. If Engram, Toomer, Wade or any of the others stuck, it would merely be good fortune — and without substantial cost — because in the long run none are likely to be around two years from now when better draft choices or free agents can be acquired.

    Sometimes I wonder how many people in KC actually know how an NFL franchise is rebuilt, including the denizens on talk radio. Carl Peterson provided a great example of how not to do it. I remember the transition of the Cowboys when Jerry Jones bought the club and, while mistakes were made (like how he shabbily he treated Tom Landry, a high-class pro who I had the privilege to work with), it didn’t take very long to build a winner. After a 1-15 start under Jimmy Johnson in 1989, accompanied by gnashing of teeth similar to that I’m seeing in KC, the Cowboys won a Super Bowl in 1992 with a completely retooled roster. The Chiefs will experience growing pains — and watching them this season is especially painful — but whether Pioli and Haley are on the right track cannot be properly assessed halfway through the first season. Flailing at Pioli and Haley at this point is simply senseless, especially when there’s no way either is going to be dumped for at least two years merely on the won-loss record. If no progress is evident in 2010, then it’s time for grumbling.

    Turning around a talent-poor roster in a season or two rarely happens in the NFL. That’s just the way it is, and Chiefs fans best get used to it — unless they choose to be miserable.

  42. Anonymous says:

    one thing is for sure…after reading these posts
    that the chiefs and royals are in danger of losing an entire generation of fans.
    Before in the 80’s when the chiefs sucked they
    lost a ton of fans. And it took a winning record
    to get it back.
    If you look around arrowhead you don’t see the
    younger fans. They are not there. I can only
    assume that they are not interested in football
    because they have other activities to take up
    their time (texting/blogging/facebook etc.)…
    but hunt can’t afford to lose them this time.
    Hunt loves money more than he loves his cheating
    wife. He loves money more than he loves his
    $750,000 a year home landscape crew in dallas.
    This year they’ve been sved by some great
    opponents who’s fans fill the stands. Next year
    will not be the same.
    The real losers are the fans who put out their
    hard earned dollars to watch tyhis shit and
    the taxpayers who will end up having to pay the
    tab for this 500 million dollar restroom
    As for glass..i’m tired of this worthless
    peddler of chinest shit.
    Maybe one day we’ll all wake up and finally
    realize who has ruined this nation and who has
    taken us all for a 10 trillion dollar ride down
    a one way street.

  43. Anonymous says:

    rob lane
    Well I guess this is the kiss off for the chiefs, all you folks are summing up the statements of each other from the start of the season. Good job.

    Glazer did say sell your home and take the under of 6 1/2 wins before the season. That was correct, I did not know he picked NC early last year to win it, that was good, but many of us felt that way. Glazer you will win that comedy bet with Rick, sorry Rick. Glazer my hat is off to you for the USATODAY review of your movie Champions Foreve Ali, good one, 3 1/2 stars, show it to the chief players, maybe that will fire them up, otherwise, I say they win maybe one more.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Word-First of all, I am honered to be mentioned w these other esteemed posters…except jojo. I really don’t understand him. 2nd, its a ver sad state of affairs that the KC sports scene has hit rock bottom as2 of the worst franchises OF ALL TIME! And btw, not turning around any time soon. The royals have lost more than a generation of fans. The Chiefs-working on it. Does anybody see anything changing any time in the next few yrs?

  45. Anonymous says:

    John Buckshot
    Gavin, that’s a funky fresh (duplicate) XFL reference. Also, I see you aren’t honoring the work hour proposal. Nice try, though.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Just enjoy yanking your chain Mermaid. Its soooooo easy. But if I was obsessed wouldn’t it be better to be obsessed with you then say Craig Glazer….oh wait you got that one huh?

  47. Anonymous says:

    last time cheifs won a game without larry
    johnson…october 2004.
    He’ll be the scapegoat with his tweeter comments
    but he’s expressing the thoughts of most of the
    team. The team does not like this haley.
    He’s too far removed from the team and needs some more time as an assistant to really understand what it takes to coach a nfl team.
    I do like haley…like his attitude about his
    players but he’s way off on how to handle these
    people. thye are used to being coddled and
    pampered and they don’t take kindly to being
    belittled on the field.
    Mr. Olathe…stick to that backwards hillbilly
    crap you put out. You’re showing your ignorance
    and if you don’t like my posts why do you
    copy them in yours. GFY.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Soren take a national job? we can only wish. Paul you are 100% right. Fans overreact to a win and a loss. It’s just crazy. I guess some folks thought we were going to the Super Bowl this year. Duh. And now they are upset. Here’s what I want to know? Will Larry go all Latrell Sprewell on Haley. Nooooo. Haley’s a guy. This is just going to take time folks. Chill. Roman wasn’t built in a day. Don’t be so reactionary.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick-Clems is the other loose meat place I was thinking about. Speaking of loose meat. Mermaid if The Last Word scares you, you better stay inside on the 31st lots of goblins and such out. And people say Haley is a little girl. Owww scared by a post….oh my.

    Mocrash I agree with you also. Patience. Also is the way Dallas treated Landry much like the current Chiefs are treating former players?

    Again this thought that Clark has to live in town for the Chiefs to win is just silly.

    Dexter its to early to tell if they were bad decisions.

    Rob-We still got a lot of season to go. So I’m not out of it yet. Heck we haven’t even hit the half way mark.

    Craig Glazer-I’m not sure we all read the same review. Two things I recall about the Today review was they were disappointed that some features had been taken out. Also from previous blogs I got the impression this was Ali’s last interview that we known of prior to the Parkinson to hit. But the review stated he already had it. The round table with all the boxers does sound like a hall of fame once in a lifetime moment.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hey Word here is my prediction for next year. Over heard at Cardinals training. “Hey Mark, should I put it in my right buttocks or left?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Jojo-backwards hillbilly crap? WTF? Not sure when I quoted you. I drink a lot but I’m not sure there’s enough Coors Light in Colorado to get me drunk enough to quote your dumbass ramblings.

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