Move Over Donald Trump: Ali Movie Could Net Glazer Serious Jack

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There was an article in a Licensing trade rag about a year ago that mentioned that the Ali organization was already cutting new deals for proprietary merch to be sold after his passing. ABC/ESPN already has an “exclusive” multi dvd set in the can. Craig may pick up some shackle but there are gonna be some really big boys feasting at that trough with big ad budgets and worldwide distribution in place. Also in the can is an updated version of the movie When We Were Kings.

    Ali, bomaye! Ali, bomaye!, Ali bomaye!

    If you don’t know that you’re not a REAL boxing fan.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Good. I am a big fan of the Glazers. We need more Glazer types, and less Jewell Ball types envisioning our city. The Glazers get things done, and although their family has the same problems all families do, their problems are public.
    But the Glazers basic message is.. “I am not embarrassed… I am not quitting… I know what the hell is going on in this town… I love this town…I will win.. I am not giving up… Kiss my ass!”
    Stan and Craig would give us more notoriety nationally if they were Mayor and Chamber of Commerce President respectively.
    But NOOOOOOOOO… We want $17 Fish and Chips. We want Dog Parks. We want to work at Coroprate Woods…We want no public transit… We want to scare people away from Westport…
    This is Kansas Freaking City Dammit.
    The Glazers get it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jack Hanrahan
    Craig, good for you! You deserve a good win. Have been and will always be a huge fan and supporter of you, your bro and your father….

    I so wanted Stan to make it to the Mayor’s office..he came very close.

    Maybe you should give it a try yourself….
    I see prosperity returning to KC with a Glazer in office….

    Best, Jack Hanrahan

  4. Anonymous says:

    rob lane
    Hearne I now see why you stay on top of Glazer, its unreal how that guy is involved in almost everything out there. Its also interesting to me to read all the comments from people on both sides of the fence on him and his family. I have met them, don’t know them. I will say this, for the past several decades the Glazers and mostly Craig, have been the most written about people in Kansas City, good and not so good. Thats what makes horse races.

  5. Anonymous says:

    my uncle was a surgeon in louisville who was part
    of the original investment group to back ali.
    He’s now retired and owns over 100 hours of
    interviews recorded by ali and footage shot by the investment group to hold. Those were the
    final interviews ali gave and included one he did
    after the olympic torch ceremony.
    No, kc doesnt need these guys to run the city.
    We have enough people with their fingers in the
    pie right now running kc into the ground.

  6. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Cool Rainbow man, glad you can see that, most people can, but don’t want too….we would all be in much better shape…and not so smartman, I am in business with CKX they and they alone own the rights to everything Ali, they paid 50 million to his wife and family for them five years back, they also own Elvis estate group and American Idol…thats who I work with..glad you are on top it

  7. Anonymous says:

    Craig: Any chance you’ll be able to offer the video with an Ali autograph? If you do run for mayor please legalize prostitution and set the license fee and tax money money aside for infrastructure improvement. Should generate enough cash in two years to get everything up to code.

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