Will Sandstone Survive? Definitely. Venue to Return for 2010

Turns out going green brought in the green at Capital Federal Park @ Sandstone

“Actually this year went pretty good,” says main man Chris Fritz. “We were very aware of the economy and what’s going on, so we played it pretty close to the vest and all of our shows were successful. And we were still able to do our green initiatives and keep our prices down. So it was a good year. We didn’t make huge money, but we made enough to make it into the next year.”

Therein lies the good news for concertgoers who were worried about Sandstone’s future. With Starlight Theatre, the Crossroads, Beaumont Back Yard and what’s (barely) left of the City Market, there are five substantial size outdoor venues operating and competing in the local marketplace.

“We renewed our deal for next year with the county and with our sponsor Capital Federal,” Fritz says. “So we’re pretty excited about 2010. It’s just a matter now of getting the right events. We’ll probably do another 12 to 15 events there next year – the Great American Barbecue Festival is coming back again – and we’ll have seven or eight radio festivals, like Mix 93.3 FM’s Red, White & Boom, The Buzz’s Beach Ball and KPRS’ Summer Jam.

The highlight of the 2009 season?

“Oh, the Killers, Kid Rock and Blink 182,” Fritz says. “Those were three awesome shows we had that were packed – great shows, great production. And you know, the fans were pleased. And O.A.R. gave us great appreciation for all our green initiatives, which was very heartening.”

Wildest thing to go down in 2009?

“I don’t know that there’s anything that appears to be wild anymore,” Fritz muses. “I think it’s just a tradition here, people plan to have a wild time and cut loose. I mean, there weren’t any riots or people being crazy or out of control.”

Which brings us to the subject of planned changes for the year ahead…

“Well, we’re trying to do do more beautification,” Fritz says. “To make it feel like an even more natural environment. But we’re not tearing anything down.”

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5 Responses to Will Sandstone Survive? Definitely. Venue to Return for 2010

  1. Anonymous says:

    Forgive me I can’t recall the name. But their was a soul food festival concert that was held in a park. It’s a national tour. Locally I know their was an issue as a fence fell down on some folks. But Sandstone should try to get this event. Also someone should be bold and try to revive Taste of Kansas City event.

  2. Anonymous says:

    MESSAGE FOR HEARNE: Unlike Greg I have no e-mail contact for you. I know when you were in the Star you would write on occasion about wrestling and specifically Harley Race. I thought you’d want to know that his wife BJ died. Don’t have a lot of details but she was in the hospital for a week with pneumonia. Maybe swine flu, but again have no facts at this time. She was a great gal and a huge support for him. Very funny lady. If I recall correctly this was his second wife.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh, wow! Just talked to Harley a few weeks ago about a big retro wrestlin g show he had coming up. Got sick and busy and never wrote about it, but he never mentioned anything about BJ. Maybe it was sudden. I’ll call him tomo and report back.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Small update on Race situation. Memorial service Monday in Eldon for BJ. Funeral service Tuesday 1PM Mount Moriah Terrace Park in Kansas City. Graveside service 2PM same location. All the update info I have. But yes I do get the impression it was unexpected and sudden.

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