OTC: Is Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson In Doghouse Or Just A Dog?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If she is an ugly girl. And I know she is ugly. Why bother complaining she is ugly or listening to others tell me she is ugly. Especially when I believe their is a chance (even if its slim) that she may turn out to be an ugly duckling that turns into a swan. I want to be fair. To slam the president(who I didn’t vote for) so early in his tenure. Or a team that has a completely new regime after four games…I know it makes great conversation. But it doesn’t seem very fair.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The paranoia of NFL teams astounds me. You know what? Closing the blinds on windows isn’t going to translate to more wins or fewer losses.
    Quality scouting and good draft picks may help.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wrong again hall…noone is “forced to buy” the
    chiefs. Noone is forced to pay those parking
    and ticket prices. And noone is forced to watch
    the games (although ratings are good) or listen
    to the game. We’re not forced to do anything.
    There’s no gun to anyones head to be a part of
    clarks “kc catastrophe”.
    So turn off the games. they are atrocious.
    And lets put the heat on clark to put some money
    into this team and get it on track.
    I like haley. I think he’s got the rightattitude
    but without talent he’s just another losing coach.
    If clark wons’t spend money it won’tmake any
    difference what they do…its going to be a
    long long season. Clark has shut off the money
    and it’s time to let clark know its unacceptable.
    Until noone shows up. Until noone pays the
    parking. Until noone buys his crap. Until noone
    fills his suites…we need to tell this silver
    spoon p.o.s. that his product is crap.
    You can all scream and yell and complain..it makes no difference. the complaints are just the
    same old repeats we heard last year.
    Clark won’t spend the money. Glass won’t spend
    the money so we’re stuck with shit.

  4. Anonymous says:

    secondly …the problem with the people in this
    town is they are always looking back.
    all the good players are gone. It’s 2009. Lets
    not look back on the crap that was done.
    We know where the problem is. And we know who can solve that problem. And we know what it will
    take but Clark and his kc catastrophe is hitting
    rock bottom.
    Only good part is that there’s only one way to
    go from here…and that is UP>

  5. Anonymous says:

    This all has an Orwellian Animal Farm feel to it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    jojo, please stop being a dumbass…Clark Hunt went out and hired the best GM in football. Clark Hunt paid his starting QB $63 million dollars. Does that sound like Clark Hunt isn’t spending money??? Get your head out of your ASS and stop hating. The Chiefs are presently FUCKED UP because of Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards. PERIOD!

    It’s not real hard to figure out, folks….when you have shitty drafts year after year after year, pay your overrated RB a fat contract and trade away the best defensive end in the league THIS is what you get. It’s almost like Carl was TRYING to fuck this team up- the fucking prick should’ve been fired the day after Dick Vermeil retired, if not sooner.

  7. Anonymous says:

    many many experts called the recent Chiefs dradft very good.

    I dont read the idiot you referred to, but the probelm with this team, is NO FUN ZONE.

  8. Anonymous says:

    oops…it posted by mistake early.

    the problem with this team is the leaders are idiots, nothing but cuntry club douchebags.

    It is ALWAYS amusing to listen to idiots, like haley boy and peeonme type of morons, talk all this BS about accountablility but when the big talking douches themselves are fking up, AND shown to be nothing loser beeatches, WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY NOW??

    oh .. I see…. the accouintability BS talk sounds good, as long as it is about others…..but they dont want to look in the mirror… FK THEM!!! MTHRFKRS!!!

    fk them …fk the chefs…fk it all..

    I am so jealous of Minn right now,,,they are having fun ,,,and we are FKD!!!

    : (


    fk me?? …

    fk me hlark cunt?? …

    NO!!!! FK YOU hlark cunt!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy having Grunhard back on 810. I like that he isn’t drinking the kool-aid anymore. We can get his honest opinions.

    I hate the quarter by quarter analysis by Haley. Why don’t we break it up in eighths and then every 2 games we can start over? It makes no difference and makes him sound stupid. You are 0-4 and most likely going to be 0-5 not 0-4 and 0-1. Please stop this now because it is ridiculous. I almost expect him to take off his shoes like Mr. Rogers and explain what 1/4 of a season is.”Now boys and girls….”

  10. Anonymous says:

    610 and The Star: If I remember right, Entercom made a deal with 610 a while go so they were exclusive to 610? Maybe that ran out and now Star staffers are aligning themselves?

    We can talk about how bad things are, and how paranoid Scott Todd is about security, and trampling on all the ex-Chiefs, and not spending money, or how much Hunt/Glass took the city for money, but in the end, it’s not going to make a difference because they get their money from the NFL TV contract, and everything else is operating capital, plus they are still around $10M under the cap. We’re talking about a private company that will do whatever they want to…the only way they will hear you is with your dollars.

    I also believe that things will only change when the fan is personally affected, and for most fans, that won’t happen until we have a local blackout. Most fans don’t go to Arrowhead, can’t afford it…but they gather around the TV set at home or at their local bar and watch, especially with HD now making the home experience so great.

    Many fans have selective amnesia, or don’t remember the 1988 season with Frank Gansz, or the early games with Marty when the games weren’t on TV. I would point to the last two home games this year against the Bills and Browns, and see where we are. I see the other home games as sell outs (Dallas, San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Denver) but the others, not so much. Once we re-experience the lack of your favorite team (as much as we bitch, we still are Chiefs fans) on your Sunday PM TV, then you can really go after them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Todd Haley should be in politics. This 0-0 stuff sounds like something John Edwards would say. Here’s your statement Todd:

    We’re 0-4. What we’ve learned about this team is that we’ve got a long way to go if we ‘re going to compete in this league. Today I don’t have the answers on how we’re going to do that. We haven’t met the expectations that have been set by this organization. We’re disappointed. We know the fans are disappointed. The fans deserve better. We will continue to work hard each and every week. We know that there will be tough decisions that need to be made and all options are on the table. I’m here to make this team a winner. I’m committed to that. The organization is committed to that. The players are committed to that. It’s your job and perogative as media and fans to judge us day in and day out. We accept that. You’ve got air time to fill and columns to write. We’ve got a team to run. You continue to do your job and we’ll do ours. Any questions?

  12. Anonymous says:

    HEY DUMBASSES…63 million dollars over how many
    years…and he’s still got $30million dollars
    under the cap to spend if he wants.
    The 63 million dollars is probably for 4 or 5
    years…so he’s not spending any more than any
    other team for a starting qb. The questions is
    if thisis the best group they can put together
    then these guys need to move on.
    Clark should have taken the extra money ($30 million dollars) and went out and bought or
    traded for better players. The talent is
    terrible and 30 millions could buy you
    probably 3 or 4 good straters.
    It was this way last year…clark won’t spend the money other teams spend on players because
    he wants to make money and could care about
    winning a super bowl.
    He slammed the county taxpayers for $500 million
    dollars then refuses to invest in a team and
    bring in better players.
    A friend of mine drove one of thek chiefs new
    acquistitions this week to a party. Every one
    of the players hates haley. They just aren’t
    talking. But next year and the year after that
    when you’re trying to bring in free agents to
    play here they won’t want to play for him.
    Its going to be a huge problems.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Grunhard’s comments are nauseating. He has an axe to grind….it’s painfully obvious.

    Maybe this bit of news will help make poor little Timmy’s feelings all better:


  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Hey Paul, it’s easy to blame Carl for all of the teams problems. But that excuse ended the second Ego-li and Baby were hired.

    Now everything that is wrong with the team is on them. Including the last draft that was VERY Peterson-like.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  16. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Johnson is trying to make this team, so far he hasn’t, I think he is slower, and just not happy here, a trade would be to his benefit, and now, before he is too old, this being his fifth season, he is not a gamer, no big plays, yes he has been yet another bust and will not get much better here, he’s a trade or a cut for next year…too bad…so is Bowe, I mean Lake Dawson, Matt is not even looking his way anymore, he is a bust and gone for next year…as I said before anyone and am right…this team has maybe five or six guys who will stick for two seasons, only Matt and the punter are locks, thats it, I think zero backs,recievers make it, none…they are all below average…The D, not much there either but a couple guys, thats all, wheres Jacksons name on tackles, sacks…hmmmmmm…not good, Scott had an F draft, but I believe in him and Todd, they cover on Dallas who is an average team.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ralph Wiggum
    Old Man,
    It’s easy to blame Peterson for this team’s problems because he created most of them. Blaming Pioli and Haley for the wreckage they’re trying to put back together is… Whitlockish.

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