‘My First Time’: Critics Run for Cover, Tap Dance Thru Reviews of Sex Show at Unicorn

Look, sex sells, right?

Now let me add before I begin, we’ve got a far more thoughtful review of “My First Time” – a mish-mash, local sendup of a Web site where everyday folks weigh in, recounting their first sexual experience.

I haven’t visited the site, but on Sunday I caught the play at the Unicorn Theatre near 39th and Main. And I gotta tell you, it sucks. Not in some harmful way, it’s just boring and a waste of time and money, frankly.

Or as one of two theater critics I tried to send into battle to review the “My First Time” described it, “dreary.”

That’s right, two exceptional theater critics declined to diss it – publically that is – go figure.

For my money, somebody needs to warn what’s left of the masses, even at this late date, so I’ll take the hit.

Even the Pitch, for all its self-aggrandizing veneer of hipness, couldn’t muster the you-know-what to bash this play like it needs to be bashed. Wanna know why?

Because theater critics – and I’m pointing mostly at the Star and Pitch now since they make pretty much a full time game of reviewing local theater – have relationships. They speak with the same theater owners, the same actors and same playwrights, year in and year out. And everybody is human in this game. The critics know they’ll be back dealing with those same players a week or five later. So it takes guts to rip on someone knowing that while they’re talented and will be displaying that talent shortly perhaps, the current effort isn’t very good. Or is really bad.

As is the case with My First Time.

So the critics pussyfoot about (in the case of the Pitch) and damn it with faint praise by writing,

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3 Responses to ‘My First Time’: Critics Run for Cover, Tap Dance Thru Reviews of Sex Show at Unicorn

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m involved with this show so maybe I’m biased. I don’t think it sucks. It isn’t the best, but it doesn’t suck. The cast is good and Cynthia did what she could with the script. You must not have read the Pitch closely because Alan is pretty mean in it. Trussell is nicer because he’s more professional and respects theatre artists.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read The Pitch and he definitely dissed it. But then watered his criticism down. Mean? No way, unless you have the thinnest of skin – which a lot of people do. So being nicer, instead of franker is respectful? Do you think when a show comes out on Broadway that gets hammered by the critics, they should be more respectful, “nicer.” Critics are supposed to review and report to the general public on their behalf. Not water down what they say to be “nicer” to the subjects they are covering. That’s not the way the game is played in the big leagues.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I saw it, and was disappointed. There was no dramatic arc–the two best stories were read quite early. I just returned from Broadway, having seen Love/Loss&WhatIWore, which is a 5 music stand recitation of 37 stories, like Vagina Monologues. I want real drama, not just reading of stories. I will say that I came away wishing my own history and early life had been as upbeat as the stories shared by Loretta Pope. But since they weren’t, the play was just kind of icky.

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