Tony: Even the Independence Po-Po Don’t Read The Paper Anymore When Busting Prostitutes

I’ve come to yet another conclusion this evening regarding the fate of the dead tree media: Now that hookers are completely online, newspapers have been rendered obsolete in yet another profitable demographic.

Earlier this year Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster made a big show of going after Craigslist for its hooker ads. And this evening there are reports that the Independence po-po putsource its resources into scouring online content for hooker ads. The local NBC affiliate reports:

Between Thursday and Saturday, investigators contacted people posting online ads on popular websites like Craigslist and Backpage.They arrested 13 men for patronizing and 14 women for prostitution. Investigators say two of the women were 5 and 6 months pregnant.

That’s right, and it’s also the most important detail of this missive: Tragic and desperate women with babies on board are using the Internet to sell themselves, so it’s not like we’re talking high-end escort work and early adapters going online to commit sin . . . After all, we’re talking about Independence.

So, yet another group has given up on the the dead tree daily (The Star) and weekly (The Pitch) to put the word out for their flesh trade. Once again, the Internet is the fast and easy solution. This classified section migration isn’t exactly a big secret, but it’s the latest example of how people are looking to buy, sell or trade that aren’t reading the daily newspaper.

Tony Botello
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3 Responses to Tony: Even the Independence Po-Po Don’t Read The Paper Anymore When Busting Prostitutes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mike Bowlin
    Can’t make this shit up. It’d be funny if it weren’t true. Baby mama is probably not using the money for prenatal check ups or a stroller.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Pitch and Village Voice own Backpage.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pitch is New Times Media but now it’s all Village voice because the name sounds better. And they don’t get half the traffic that Craigslist does.

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