Big Hat, How Many Cattle? Plaza Jazz Club Roasts David Basse

One of the Cowtown’s strangest sendups has been pre-Halloween haunting jazz jukers at Jardine’s…

A cut out cardboard head of venerable crooner David Basse has been stationed at Jardine’s back bar, above the stairs to the bathrooms below. Complete with sinister glare, Sam Spade fedora, toothpick poking out of his mouth, and a pair of Carnation-bearing vases.

The name of Jardine’s Game?

Something about big hat, no cattle, says Jardine’s owner Beena

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4 Responses to Big Hat, How Many Cattle? Plaza Jazz Club Roasts David Basse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mike Bowlin
    Maybe all the stories I’ve heard about Basse being a douchebag are true. Did Basse have any comment on this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The douchebag is Hearne for writing this dated drivel. Basse’s a guy trying to make a living and raise a family playing jazz. I’d trade him for 5 blog publishers anyday. Unlike most of them, Basse has talent.

    If this is where KC Confidential is headed, there’s some great bathroom wall graffiti down at the Star you can serialize. Of coure, it’s about Hearne. And it’s drivel, too.

  3. rachat de credit says:

    Conseils tres interessants. A quand la suite?

  4. James.H says:

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