Logan’s Run: Ladyhawke

Walking in late to the indie rock tour sponsored by internet gossip celebrity Perez Hilton Wednesday at the Beaumont Club in Westport was the biggest favor I could have done myself.


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4 Responses to Logan’s Run: Ladyhawke

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh mandy, you came and you gave without taking, and i thank you ….. funny review, fairly brutal, but funny, tell me, did ms hawk ever smile, or did she wear that pouty face all night?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kellee Luhr
    I have a video from the Paris Hilton movie on my blog. To bad it got leeched onto the net for everyone to watch. She did not want it to be released as it was her ex Rick Salomon that leeched it.

  3. Glalgenag says:

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  4. Pizza says:

    Pizza was a dream come true.
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