Critter Killers: We Pay ‘Em, They Snuff ‘Em – Life Goes On – Sorta

Ah the joys of moving back into what passes for the city from the southern suburbs
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4 Responses to Critter Killers: We Pay ‘Em, They Snuff ‘Em – Life Goes On – Sorta

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mystery man
    I use to trap animals at the KC Zoo. Logic being that zoo officials didn’t want local or feral animals bringing in disease to their exotic and very expensive zoo creatures. I’m sure that’s still done. The average KC citizen would be surprised at all the wildlife they have right in there back yard. All the above and much more. By the way has anyone noticed all the wild turkeys I see on 435. And the animal that has killed more animals in zoos are feral dogs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear about the varments at your new home, even sorrier to hear your new home is in PV ; )

    Jack has snakes he sees whne he mows the grass? YIKES!!!!,,,, me hates snakes, almost as much as me hates PV cops.

    intersting story though, I have a lot of happy Bambi charactors in my back yard, but thankfully not ( that I have seens ) snakes, and the varments seem to stay out side, so it is all gooder….ererer; ).

  3. Anonymous says:

    slow day in blogger land?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Big article in the Northland Sun about Critter Catchers this week.

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