OTC: SI Guy Says Chiefs To Get Embarrassed Next 5 Weeks

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18 Responses to OTC: SI Guy Says Chiefs To Get Embarrassed Next 5 Weeks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t say either Bradley or Bowe is superior to the other. Bradley has good speed and hands, but doesn’t block worth jack, takes plays off and doesn’t appear very creative at becoming target when the play breaks down. Bowe may not be as fast and is only a mediocre blocker, but gets better separation and finds ways to get open.

    Wade was a quality pick-up for the Chiefs, coming off a pair of 50-catch seasons with a quality club. At 28 with regular PT, he may be coming into his prime — and may be a contributor similar to Rison and Kennison. Without a reliable TE, Wade could become the safety valve Cassel needs. Of course, Petro — while making a valid case against the Chiefs’ TE unit — used the presence of Wade as an example of how bad the team was wideout, which really wasn’t fair to Wade. There are worse starting slot receivers in the NFL than Wade, and there are worse wideouts than Bowe and Bradley. However, without an offensive line to give Cassel the confidence to check off targets neither the QB nor receivers are going to look very good (and none have, excluding Wade).

    Before the Chiefs can even begin to assess Cassel’s long-term value, the OL needs to improve — either developing rapidly, as they hope Alberts will do, or by expensive acquisition of a proven veteran LT still in his prime.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just want to remind folks. It’s been only two games. Please step off the ledge.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope Mark Collins is right and I hope it’s the Cowboys they pull it together for. The Jerry Jones meltdown will be priceless.

    I still think they can beat the Raiders in Oakland and split with the Chargers and Broncos. If they win a total of four games, no matter how ugly those wins might be that’s four wins and that’s progress.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    The Chiefs are so bad Jeff George told Haley “fuck you.”

    Brock Middlebrook was in town. Probably start on Sunday.

  5. Anonymous says:

    EXACTLY, Rick….the negativity in this town after TWO FUCKING GAMES is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. Anonymous says:

    step off the ledge? or back away from it? actually it is too late, im falling ,,,, melting …. Im melting, and it is all Hlark Cunt’s fault.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ray McKigney
    Who expected any success from this team? The new management should have addressed this team’s most glaring weaknesses – the O and D lines, where it all begins. They replaced the right side of the O line with Goff (done) and a guy given to them by daddy-in-law. The D line, which set a record for futility last season, changed to a 3-4 and added Tyson Jackson (not a difference maker). Until these problems are addressed, this team is going nowhere. Blackouts are coming by mid season – save your money for more important things.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why is it everybody analyzing football automatically extrapolates last week’s performance into the rest of the season? That’s especially ludicrous in college, but with injuries, development of players in new systems, etc. it’s just dumb to assume this Chiefs team will play exactly like they did against Oakland the rest of the season. Give them some time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Paul, losing two straight in football is equal to losing ten straight in baseball or six straight in basketball. If they lose against the Eagles this Sunday then it

  10. Anonymous says:

    What’s over? I mean its not like we thought they were going to the Super Bowl? Did you Old Man? If they lose 6 straight its not over for me. My goal is simple. Its the one that i have stated. They will be better then last year. So NO after two games its not over. They still can win 3 games. When they lose 14 games….then its over.

    Maas and Collins are 610. 610 rules

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hunt is a p.o.s. He’s taken the county for a long expensive ride. He conned the government into this bathroom renovation while he holds
    back 30 million dollars that could have been used
    to buy or trade players to upgrade this team.
    I do feel bad for Haley. He’s not been given the financial resources to put a competitive team on the field. Hunt and Pioli knew this was
    going to be a throwaway year so they’ve held
    back spending money.
    To those season ticket holders who shelled out
    hard money in a recession I say “suckers!”
    These flim flam owners (hunt and glass) could
    give a fuck about the teams as long as they are
    making money. As long as suckers pay their hard
    earned dollars to sit in seats to watch an
    inferior team, then the owners will be laughing
    all the way to the bank.
    Absentee owners never have to face the fans.
    They can sit at home and watch the games on
    tv hundreds of miles away.
    I’d pay $1000 to have hunt come into section 124
    amd see what his “customers” think of him. He would need heavy security to get out of there.
    As much as we want to place blame on haley and the team, its Hunts inability to spend the money for a quality team that has killed this franchise.
    Haley is stuck with players he can scrounge from other team’s cuts. He has to work with players other teams cast off.
    I wish i could spit in hunts face. This silver
    spooned spoiled piece of shit prick needs a
    good ass kicking in the parking lot of arrowhead.
    His dad used to walk the arrowhead lot before
    games. I can only dream of dropping clark and his
    bad toupee right in front of 2000 pissed off
    Clark…you have killed this team.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey hall…when posnanski gets a big job at
    sports illustrated you beat the magazine down
    and shit on it as a sport media.
    NOw you’re qouting them on how well the cheifs
    will do this year.
    Hall get off this site. We’ll get investors to
    fund your own site. Rick will sell his marveol
    comic book collection. Old man will sell his
    old playboys that he hides under his bed at his
    moms house. Smart man will auction off his
    2003 baseball card collection on craigs list.
    And uncle dick will bid $30 to do frank boal.
    Together they should raise about $234.23.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Not into dudes, but I’d give 5K to see Lauren Halifax’s sausage grinder.

    Better save your money, jojo. You’ll need it for bail when the cops arrest you after you mistake some fourteen year old kid in the parking lot for Clark and punch him.

    Save some for your hospital bills, too.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Everybody, go and Google “Tourette’s Guy”…..that’s jojo. LOL

  15. Anonymous says:

    Everyone here who put together a Super Bowl-winning team raise their hand. Yeah, thought so. Now shut the bleep up and let Pioli do his job. You morons are so used to whining about Carl Peterson that you obviously didn’t notice that someone with three Lombardis is now in charge. The Patriots weren’t turned around after 2 games or even 2 seasons, so be patient. Look at some porn or something, I don’t care. Just calm down.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “Stink eyes” from the defense? That’s a laugh.
    They let Flacco punk them for 500, the JaMarcus Russell punk them for 70 for the game-winner. They are as much a problem as the offense is…

  17. Anonymous says:

    jojo…I’m gonna work off the premise that you are on that thin line that separates genius from insanity. I’d pay $25.00 a year for a subscription to an OTC-Greg Hall website. I’m in camp with smartman. The Chiefs win 4 games. I’m good with that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Mcguire
    Chadiha doesn’t work for SI anymore. He works for ESPN. He has for a few years. BTW, have you seen this guy in person. What a hunk! He can cover my beat anytime!

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