OTC: Nebraska Is No Longer Nebraska, They Might Be MoKan

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Glass has done it. He’s got the city thinking
    again (as he has for 5 years) that this team has
    a future. Butler/Callaspo/teahen/Dejesus are
    about it as far as hitting. Zack is about it
    as far as pitching.
    Meche (a .500 pitcher) and Bannister are toast.
    But with this worhtless winning streak the Royals
    go into the offseason “thinking” that these are
    the players to move the team up.
    With 7 starters under .240 and a bullpen thats
    one of the worst, the worthless winning streak
    makes moore and hilman look good despsite one of
    the worst seasons in royals history.
    Until glass takes his responsibility seriously
    to rebuild this team and not just shuffle
    players we will have shit. It will take lots of
    money on his part to do it. It will also take the
    end of denial about his gm and manager. They are
    not going to take this team to a division
    This worthless winning streak only hides the real
    problems this team has. No everday players who can hit in key situations, a pitching coach and
    batting coach who are complete losers, a first and third base coach who have no baseball
    knowledge, a payrollfilled with underachievers,
    a cancer on the team in guillen, and the lack of
    a winning never lose attitude.
    But the entire fualt rests with glass. The county paid for his new stadium now he has to
    put more money into the team. His denial of his
    management teams ability will end at mid season
    next year when he cleans house.
    If only the rest of the team had the heart of

  2. Anonymous says:

    The only team long-term forecast you got right is Nebraska, and that’s only because they’ve repeatedly shown what they are — an OK defense and a piss-poor offense (Hooker without a vagina – awesome!) and as last week showed, a penchant for chokability. Missouri and Kansas? Come forward when you win a Big 12 Title. Until then, you are both nothing more than middle of the pack North teams. Iowa State and Colorado are still unknowns. Can Hawkins recruit a QB? Can the Cyclones retain a coach? Ksnsas State is a year away. MU and UK built their current squads recruiting against Ron Prince. That is changing, and if you’ve been monitoring the recruiting wires, you can see it materializing. Neither Mangino nor Pinkel will be at their current jobs three years from now. Their fan support is THAT tenuous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    Somehow winning the Big 12 North the last two years in a row makes Missouri a “middle of the pack North team”.

    Solid analysis…keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska is still gonna be able to recruit kids with good skills, who have more heart, discipline and a better work ethic than their more highly sought and coddled competition. They will go to NU to play ball but will take the free education in case Plan A, Sunday Ball, doesn’t work out. NU is out of recruiting Lawrence Phillips type players. Don’t count this program out.

    You’re absolutely right about the soft schedule bullshit. I don’t understand why D1 schools play Barnyard U and roll ’em 77 – 7. What does that prove? The only way the BCS could be more fucked up is if the federal government ran it.

    I think Zack Greinke deserves the Cy Young. If he doesn’t get it, it should be read as a coded message to David Glass. Dayton Moore was on 610 this morning running a line of bullshit that Bill Clinton would be proud of. The team is having a GREAT September and they won’t lose 100 games this year. That doesn’t have dick squat to do with 2010.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gee, Ptolemy. I didn’t think anybody could be more nonsensical than jojo.

  6. Anonymous says:

    cliffy…explain yourself..and why you differ
    with my account of the 2009 royals….

  7. Anonymous says:

    NEBRASKA: Better. And will be solid as long as Pelini’s coach. But in my opinion, he’ll never get them to Texas’ or Oklahoma’s level. Like Kansas, Missouri and maybe K-State, they’ll compete for the North and at least chance to win a Big 12 Title.

    MISSOURI: I think Pinkel will always keep the Tigers in the Big 12 North hunt, but I think he lacks something to take them to the next level. If he couldn’t so something big last year, then WHEN?! The home loss to Oklahoma State last year was inexcusable. As was losing to KU and getting blitzed by Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game. Will Pinkel ever have another team as talented as last year’s?

    KANSAS: As long as Mangino can stay healthy, (it’s hard to not worry about him), he’ll knock the door down and win the Big 12 North for sure. And he seems to be Snyder-like in his workman-like process, so I could easily imagine Mangino winning a Big 12 Title. Of course, if that happens, then a National Title isn’t inconceivable. And having Lew Perkins around helps a lot. I sense that Perkins will settle for nothing less than a Big 12 Championship in football, and he usually seems to make happen what he wants to happen.

    K-STATE: Snyder is absolutely incredible. An absolute freak. K-State fans should feel good to have him back. But he will out-run Father Time and I just can’t imagine K-State winning another Big 12 Title. But I CAN imagine K-State winning 8 or 9 games one year and competing strongly for the Big 12 North.

    COLORADO & IOWA STATE: I don’t fault the coaches too much. It’s just too freaking tough in the Big 12. And as long as Mangino, Pinkel and Snyder are in the North, I can’t see them cracking the top 3.

    ZACK GREINKE: It’s over folks. The Cy Young will be his.

  8. Anonymous says:

    KU beat Duke. Duke is in the ACC. The ACC is a BCS conference. Therefore, KU beat a BCS conference school in the noncon.

    Now, granted, Duke does not have a good football program, but the fact is they are a BCS school.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    The “Hitler” clip could have been re-dubbed as Tom Osborne after he lost the election for Congress-“I even hired Jeff Roe, how could I have lost?”

    “Hooker without…” Funny, reminds me of the difference between an Independence Ave. hooker and a bowling ball.
    If you had to, you could eat the bowling ball.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Utter hilariaty. I do watch the recruiting wires closely and Mizzou continues to destroy Kstate. It’s not even close. And trust me, MU wasn’t recruiting AGAINST Ron Prince for many recruits. In fact, he took some kids from the state of Missouri that MU wouldn’t even offer. Funny how Coach Old Balls retired just long enough for Chase Daniel, Jeremy Maclin, and Chase Coffman to finish their time at MU.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ray McKigney
    Bitter K-Stater is afraid that the Wildcats are no longer relevant in football. Bill Snyder was an absolute miracle worker turning that dead program into a consistent winner – but his last 2 seasons were 5-6 and 4-7. The landscape has changed since he retired, and there is no evidence that his return will also be the return of the Wildcats to their glory years.

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