Hearne on the Street: Ida Maria Bails on Perez Hilton, Ladyhawke to Play Free

There’s good news and bad news where gossip dude

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5 Responses to Hearne on the Street: Ida Maria Bails on Perez Hilton, Ladyhawke to Play Free

  1. Anonymous says:

    are the drinks are free too? beings this is a sampler ( think tupper ware ) package for the gossip goof’s products, he should pay us to show up to audition his wares, eh?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is no more an example of Hilton’s wares than the Rolling Stone were of Bob Esrey and Sprint’s a handful of years back when he geeked out on tour with Mick and the gang. Ladyhawke is a top notch, up and coming artist and the club will still be incurring considerable expense to put this event on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I remember whne KC based Sprint promoted the Stonestour and could not even bring the Rolling Stones to Kansas City, again ( they must hate KC or something, cuz last tour they went to weechita,, and skipped us ,,, again ) .. dang it, but I did collect some cool Sprint/Stones pin through the tongue shirts( in honor of Sprint’s “hear a pin drop” ).

    soo .. I guess what you are saying hearne is “there is no free lunch”, eerrr “no free drinks”, yeah I heard that in economics, but it never hurts to ask, eh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey, if you snag me there I might buy you one. How’s that?

  5. Anonymous says:

    why thank you very much … how about … Better yet, I will buy YOU whatever you are drinking just for being an awesome host to an awesome blog, no kidding. Keep up the great work hearne: ) this place is great and getting better, …. got to admit its better, getting better all the time…

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