The Name Game: Vinino, You Got it, You Close it, You Still Got it? Hardly.

A funny thing went down early last August in Journalism Land

That after
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12 Responses to The Name Game: Vinino, You Got it, You Close it, You Still Got it? Hardly.

  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Hearne Downtown is a bust…yes on Saturday night and some fridays its busy, but for the most part is not even open during the week, it has what three restaurants,six bars, no clothing stores, no retail and Kemper, I mean Sprint areana…so thats our l.5 billion dollar downtown..and by the way none of the restaruants are doing even ok…none…no suprise…it goes with our zoo,l8th and vine, rivermarket…and so on….we put the money in the wrong place, shoulda been spent on mid town which IS OUR DOWNTOWN..The Plaza,Westport,Brookside, Waldo…morons, we have morons on our team…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fuckin Ay, Pastor Glazer. The meek might inherit the earth but we are gonna get stuck in the ass, Louisville Slugger, no lube or warning, with the tax bill. Haven’t see Kay-Kay-Kay Barnes or Tim Lie-Weekly runnin’ their pie-holes lately. While Asleep at the Wheel, (I mean the City Council and the pussywhipped Mayor), were fiddlin’; the Wizards moved down I-70 into a sweeheart deal. THE DOTTE IS HOTTE! As they say those that can do, those that can’t teach, those that can’t teach adjudicate and the rest legislate.

    I think there is a Joseph A. Bank clothing store in the P&L. They’re having a buy 1 get 2 free, (of equal or lesser value) suit sale this Mon-Tue-Wed. SWEEET!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really, Craig? Westport?

    I was at Westport on a recent Friday night. I was drinking at my favorite watering hole there, Buzzard Beach (only because of the 75 cent draws–gotta love that!). I was out on the deck all evening and you could still get plenty of primo parking spots in the lot between the Beach and your old place at 9pm.

    Westport is pretty much on a ventilator and is waiting for someone to pull the plug. I hope it doesn’t happen, but it will.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Craig Glazer with yet ANOTHER post about how downtown is a complete failure. If it was as obvious as he claims – it wouldn’t seem like he would have to spend this much time trying to convince everyone.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Tony: you didn’t happen to mean respirator, did you?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mick J
    ventilator respirator radiator isnt it all the same problem?

    These days these is duality in the informyology … always two opposite things being pushed/sold/pitched to Joey and Jill Public.

    One is, DONT DRINK AND DRIVE OR YOUR LIFE IS OVER, road blocks are a new life blood, the new main revenue thrust growth FOR EVERY little city in our metro.

    The second is Please please please everyone come out and buy drinks and party…. have a good ole drinkingdrunking time.

    It is like how every other commercial on TV is sending/pitching/selling a different view of drugs….

    1) One type of commercial is from big pharm saying if you cant go to sleep OR if you need to wake up, OR you fell like an unhappy bubble or you need to lose weight TAKE OUR DRUGS.

    The second commercial type is pitching/selling/advising DO NOT do drugs, especially DONT DO illegal drugs.

    Seems like mass schizophrenia/ psychodelia / BullShitabillia radiatoralpoly ventilationangitis ……. who knows …. who can figure it out?
    ah fk it, gimme a hit off of that ventilator … err radiator…. er ….ah hell I got the ventilator blues.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Keef R

    (M. Jagger/K. Richards/M. Taylor)

    When your spine is cracking and your hands, they shake,
    Heart is bursting and you butt’s gonna break.
    Your woman’s cussing, you can hear her scream,
    You feel like murder in the first degree.
    Ain’t nobody slowing down no way,
    Ev’rybody’s stepping on their accelerator,
    Don’t matter where you are,
    Ev’rybody’s gonna need a ventilator.
    When you’re trapped and circled with no second chances,
    Your code of living is your gun in hand.
    We can’t be browed by beating, we can’t be cowed by words,
    Messed by cheating, ain’t gonna ever learn.
    Ev’rybody walking ’round,
    Ev’rybody trying to step on their Creator.
    Don’t matter where you are, ev’rybody, ev’rybody gonna
    Need some kind of ventilator, some kind of ventilator.
    What you gonna do about it, what you gonna do?
    What you gonna do about it, what you gonna do?
    Gonna fight it, gonna fight it?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mick J you are funny! Blog more often! You should do stand up for Craig! You also make an excellent point about this messed up society!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got one more for you. Go to war when you are 18 and risk getting your head blown off but if we catch you at a party having a little Bud Light with your friends BOOM MIA(Minor in Possesion) 500 dollars in fines and court costs classes and probation and your license suspended! They have the money game going in all directions. This one is out of control. Fifty to seventy five percent of high schoolers in JOCO are dealing with this one and it’s coming right out of all the parents pockets!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Go down to P&L on a weekday. It is vacant. Then they put two Irish concepts right across the promenade from each other. But hey– one has $17 fish and chips served in a paper cone. The place is a contrived joke.
    A bunch of metal prefab buildings. Baltimore owned. What character.
    Westport/Plaza/Brookside/Waldo is KCMO’s soul.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Shows you how out of touch I am. I’ve been calling the place ViVinos for near 2 years. Hey, maybe that could be their name change.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Craig Glazer has been pretty consistent on his feelings about downtown. He also has some inside knowledge on the deal since he was courted by Cordish. It all comes back to poor planning and a lack of credible due diligence by the Mayor and city council. To say they breached their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers is an understatement.

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