OTC: Haley’s Comet Not So Bright After Raiders Loss

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29 Responses to OTC: Haley’s Comet Not So Bright After Raiders Loss

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Herm said the Chiefs “turnt” the ball over too much, too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where are those guys on the street that can win 2 games? We could use them right now!

    The play at the half was inexcusable! I broke my remote slamming it against the floor on that one.

    Chiefs defense folds in the 4th quarter as usual.

    Same old story just different GM,coaches and players.

  3. Anonymous says:


    Why the outrage and negativity and snarkiness?

    Am I the only one encouraged after 2 weeks into the Haley/Pioli/Cassel regime?

    Please folks, remember:

    – We suffered through 2 years of Gunther making boneheaded game decisions, Vermeil TOTALLY ignoring our defense, and years of Herm Edwards making endless mistakes with game management.

    I feel like Haley gets it. One can question whether Haley should have called a play before half-time (personally, I put ALL the blame on Cassel…..he MUST be smart enough to throw that ball away), but overall I’ve had virtually no problem with Haley’s game management.

    The biggest reason for yesterday’s loss was Cassel’s turnovers (one was very bad) and the fouls (some of which were very questionable).

    We’re not playoff bound….we knew that in July. Let’s sit back and look for signs of progress. With a near-complete roster and coaching over-haul, I think it’s a small step forward that we competed hard and nearly won our first 2 games.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Whitlocks’ column pwned Todd Baby. That lost was on him. Baby can scream at the players all he wants too. That doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    He rode a 3 game streak last year into this job. Now it’s showing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel,

    Only time will tell. It’s easy to be a fat fight-picking columnist and nit-pick at an NFL coaches decisions.

    And if the Chiefs can’t win at least 4 games this year, Whit-less Lock can opine all he wants.

    But whatcha all gonna whine and complain about if the Cheifs win 5 games? Or 6? Or what if they somehow win 7?

    Start crafting your apology letters, ’cause this team’s on the right track.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well said Nick. I, too am encouraged by our beloved Chiefs. I’m so sick of hearing this “two wins from players off the streets” quote. Was this an actual quote from Haley or was this part of the Whitlock/Waters inside source column? I cannot remember.

  7. Anonymous says:

    JaMarcus Russell may be the worst QB since Ryan Leaf. Jeff Garcia must have tanked his tryout with Oakland in training camp. Have faith, we’re only two games into the Haley/Pioli regime

  8. Anonymous says:


    It was the quote from the Whitlock column associated with Brian Waters when he went to see the Scott/Todd show unannounced. I agree JaMarcus Russell may be the worst quarterback since Ryan Leaf and if we can’t beat him who can we beat?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please, please, please…
    Spare us the ‘fans won’t show up’ whining. According to you guys in the media, the non-blackout streak was going to end in 2006…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Most in the media seem to agree that Haley 100% said that quote to Bryan Waters.

    It obviously triggered Whitlock’s hatred of the new regime. Whitlock likes Waters and God-forbid Todd Haley doesn’t agree to a meeting with our Pro Bowl offensive lineman just days after being hired.

    I don’t happen to believe Haley and Pioli are ego-maniac, smug A-holes. But even if they are, I could honestly care less if it means success on the field. From a distance, Bill Belichek comes across like a sack of dirt. I’ve never liked the guy for some reason. But after getting NOTHING out of likeabel and sociable coaches (Gunther, Vermiel and Edwards), I say bring on the all-business sons-a-bitches.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    JimmyD said,


  12. Anonymous says:

    OH BS
    blah blah blah ,,,only 2 weeks,, PLUS 4 preseason .. IT IS OVER, TIME ADMIT THE MISTAKE AND MOVE ON.


    Fire peeonme as GM , bring in Jimmy Johnson as coach and GM and lets get on with it.

    This is ALL on the owner’s Hunts head. He is letting down his fans, and soon we will be back to black outs at Arrowhead, then down to 10,000 fans again. Been there done that, WHY NOT FIX THIS MISTAKE NOW?? Quit saying all the crap about only 2 weeks.

    This so called football coach WILL NEVER have the respect of REAL players, they ALL KNOW he is a poser -screaming like a lil bitch-daddys boy who used daadys connections to get where is he is, and now the peter principal affects him. Him and peeonme may be good player personal finders, BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MOTIVATE WINNERS … SCREAMING LIKE THIS AT PEOPLE IN NOT EFFECTIVE!!!!!

    ok? nuff sed, Mr Hunt please fire them both, hire Jimmy Johnson to be coach and GM ( or Cowher will do also ) and lets move on.

  13. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Lets repeat what I said before the season two games into pre season…THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG PRESEASON WITH THIS TEAM, MEANING THE ENTIRE YEAR…AS I HAVE SAID ONLY FIVE OR SIX OF THESE GUYS WILL MAKE THE REAL TEAM, MATT,BOTH KICKERS,JACKSON, THE REST IS OPEN MAYBE TAMBA, LIKELY BRANDON FLOWERS, LIKELY BRANDON ALBERT AND MAYBE BOWE, THATS ABOUT IT…so this win meant little, almost nothing, I said we win two or three games, thats at best now….Healy will be a very good coach, Matt is and will be a top three qb in this league we are three years from being a Super Bowl contender, sorry…I SAID TAKE THE UNDER 6and one half remember…for the season….so calm down, this win,would have felt good, but we likely are 2 and l4 again….at best…we have THE LEAST TALENT IN MODERN FOOTBALL HISTORY,AND BOWE IS THE SECOND COMING OF LAKE DAWSON, I SAY HE IS A NICE LOOKING BUST…YOUR QB HAD TO THROW TO A GUY THATS BEEN THERE FIVE DAYS CAUSE BOWE CAN’T GET OPEN, EVER…BUT ONCE OR TWICE, AND YES I know he had the tochdown….so far he is not making the team

  14. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Sometimes you can just be too smart fot your own good. An onside kick in the first quarter? This from the same guy that has been preaching about being in good condition so you can finish the game strong. No need for a knock out punch when a solid defensive stand would have been better, instead, we gift wrap a possesion for the Raiders. How about starting the game mentally sound, Coach. This ain’t Winnetonka vs. Hickman Mills, this is the NFL, you can’t get away with that crap and last very long, just ask Gansz.

    And I agree, I don’t care what type of person Haley is or how he gets them to win, but his pseudo badass demenaor is wearing thin. This guy makes Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, look like warm and friendly old fishing buddies( I can just hear Adolph,”Joe, don’t pass the bait to Mao, he keeps eating it.”)

    If he’s such a great offensive genius and QB coach, why does Brody always, whether under pressure or not, throw off of his back foot?
    I’d break him of that shit quick. First, I’d slap him upside his dumbass head to get his attention, then take him down to Sportsclips, and have one of those little gals with big titties and too much make up give that pussy a man’s haircut. Next, give him a shopping cart full of footballs and everytime he threw from off his back foot, zap him with a cattle prod. Guaran-fuckin-tee he’ll get better or head on back to old Alabam’.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You can shake and bake the Raiders game any way you want. It was a step back from Week One in terms of progress. Matt Cassel is not worth $60/MM. Todd Haley is not a very good OC. There are no REAL leaders on the field. Len Dawson and Mitch Holthus are annoying, predictable and boring. Fat drunk fuck that he is I’d take Sebastian Janakowski on my team any day. If the fans keep showing up to watch this kind of shit football things aren’t going to get any better and maybe they should be checked for Stockholm Syndrome. According to Kanye West Clark Hunt does not like black people.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can’t have my kids watching your language on
    tv anymore. You have become a disgusting loud
    mouth. I don’t care if you win another game but
    your actions on the field are DISGRACEFUL!
    Forget not having clark spend the money to bring
    you talent.
    Forget that as a new coach and a new qb and team
    things will happen.
    But i can’t watch you use the f-word at least
    6 times on camera. Your actions are a disgrace.
    Great coaches never acted like this. Walsh/
    Landry/Johnson/KNolls/great coaches who won
    multiple super bowls never acted like this and
    used such language on the field in front of
    millions of viewers.
    SportsCenter pointed your language and your
    actions out. Harlan during the broadcast, every
    time a player came off the field said “now…
    haley will get in that players face” and then the camera shows you screaming using the
    f word continuously.
    I can understand that in your first year you
    might struggle to win 3 games…but show some
    class and stop using that language on tv for
    the cameras to catch.
    Stop the disgraceful actions…totally uncalled
    for. You are a head coach now…not an unknown
    assistant coach…I have to turn the games off
    if you continue.

  17. Anonymous says:

    OH BS
    dang it jojo, you goofball, I dont want to agree with you, but I do, and you can say it all again, for once. : )

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ray McKigney
    I guess in this era of protect the QB at any cost defensive players will have to be more aware of hitting the QB when he is down, whether touched or not. Seems like that is the referee’s only responsibility, and it is taken to extremes.
    It’s not like Gilberry or Tyler went to his head or gave him a piledriver. Len Dawson probably used to get hit harder than that in practice.

    I know it’s easy to fault the refs after a hard loss, but how many times after a flag was thrown did the ref pick it up and say that no foul was committed? Do they not know the rules? Maybe it’s time for full time officials. The league office needs weed out the worst.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Of course, KK opens his program by completely absolving Haley (and Savage) and putting the stupidity of the Chiefs’ failure at the end of the first half entirely on Cassel. True, a veteran QB would have chucked the ball safely away and preserved the clock for a field goal, but if Haley takes ownership for anything on this franchise, it has the be Cassel. That IS Haley’s guy, and he didn’t show the football IQ then — or many other times during the game — that what we presume a Haley-coached player should. If Cassel represents the “smart” football player Haley promises to produce — and, frankly, he’ll be a lot better off when he more effectively “coaches up” what he’s got than considering replacing 45 players off a 53-man roster — the Chiefs’ rebuilding process will be slow and unsteady.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I could find 22 guys off the street that could lose 100 games. The Dayton Moore approach. I could probably find at least one guy off the street to do a better job than old Lenny Dawson. And what’s up with KK and his hatred of the Broncos?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone seeing the garbage this tony guy is
    spewing on this site. Hall…get your own site
    where we don’t have to read this guys bullshit.
    Anyone agree? How about a great sport blog…
    kcsportsradio.com…anyone heard about it?

  22. Anonymous says:

    As painful as it is to watch the Chiefs what in the fuck is the deal with the Trace Adkins ads? My favorite line of bullshit is the ” it’s always been about the fans”. What in the hell does “from the fifty anything is possible”, mean? And seriously, “We are Kansas City” and “Get your game on”. This is some really weak dreck. Anybody know who is responsible for the ad campaign and how Trace Adkins got in the picture?

  23. Anonymous says:

    for the chiefs “its always been about the
    fan’s MONEY…and how we can con them..rip them
    off and steal their last penny”.
    Fuck clark hunt…this is what happens when you
    have absentee owners.

  24. Anonymous says:

    My thoughts on Game 2:

    I keep hearing about the botched play at the end of the first half and how that cost the Chiefs a FG. So what, they probably still would have lost in OT.

    On the flipside of Haley’s 22 men off the street comment…a headcoach off the street could probably win 2 games in this league as well.

    The loss to the Raiders was big, not because it made them 0-2 but because it probably made them 0-6 or 0-7 which means only 2 or 3 wins this season instead of the 5 or 6 that would at least indicate some progress was being made.

    And finally, can we declare a moratorium on including the term ‘$60 million’ in EVERY mention of Matt Cassell? For one thing, it’s not ALL guaranteed and for another more important reason, it isn’t OUR money so who gives a crap? Just let the guy play and wait to bitch about what a bust he was if he gets cut loose 2 or 3 years from now BECAUSE of that same hefty contract.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Pellboy: It is our money. Whether it’s from tickets, or tv revenues from advertisers or sponsors, who pass those costs along to consumers it all trickles down to us. Not to mention the taxpayers of Jackson County.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Spoon
    how did Trace Adkins get in the picture?

    from what I understand, according to rumors started here, Trace ( btw- how gay is that name?… anyway .. ) Trace frequents the parking lot behind jardens, quite often, because he knows that all most of the ad bois go there, and this gave him the inside ( actually it was outside ) track on the ad.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Cuatro Cero
    Lots of comments on owners, coaches and players – very credible commentary.

    I think a critical cog in this deal is Trace Adkins. He needs to be taken to task on pumping the Chef’s, great googly moogly, while they spin right down the drain. Its as irresponsible as Vermiel making comments without watching a snap. Now thats an interview I think is worth getting.

    this dude lives in Nashville, so guess he’s a Titans fan. He should be blacked out and forced to watch these Chiefs until he re-cuts a more pragmatic commercial….I wonder what a pragmatic commercial for this franchise would look like?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Yes, ManDshagger, to a certain degree, it is “our” money but the Chiefs (and every NFL team) are held to a certain salary cap figure so that money is going to be spent anyway, whether it’s on Matt Cassell and Johnny Unitas. The point is, if the Chiefs were winning, nobody would even mention the guy’s salary and 2 games is just not enough of a sampling to determine whether Cassell is a bust or not. I’m not saying he will because I (who does at this point?)don’t know enough about the guy but if he plays up to his capabilities or to the potential that Hunt/Pioli thinks he has, his current contract would actually make him a very good value.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hey smartman..you doin’ a Sookie Stackhouse on me? Those Trace Adkins ads REALLY piss me off, followed by the new Hy-Vee ad where it looks like the whole city is gettin’ ready for the rapture while watchin’ the Chiefs. Move over Tracy Thomas, Ray Vinson and Otto Fleck. There’s a new douchebag in town.

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