Tony’s Tasty Top Five Under Exposed Kansas City Stories

Today’s Big MAST Fight leaves so many local items with far too little attention, Therefore I thought I’d take just a moment to report blog some of the most important Kansas City stories that aren’t getting enough exposure as of late.

1. Kansas City can’t wait to get into the Hotel Business. Under the radar, the quest to build a 1,000 room Downtown Kansas City Convention Hotel is the latest, greatest scheme from Council types who don’t have anything else to show from their tenure. Never mind that St. Louis tried the same scheme years ago and it recently failed.

2. The KCPD is murdering crime reporting. More than any other public institution in the metro the KCPD is working to bring informative content online that people actually want to read. It’s a novel concept but Chief Corwin’s blog has already made a great many mainstream media stories inconsequential by offering information directly to the public and today’s KCPD Twitter account inauguration offers locals a chance to consume police content in bite-sized chunks and on the run with their mobile.

3. Just like a Johnson County Cougar, Sprint is on the lookout for a rich partner. Unfortunately, any new mate would mean losing even more jobs at the beleaguered suburban campus which doesn’t bode well for the local economy or, ironically, JoCo MILFs.

4. Former Chiefs Great Ed Podolak Earns A Bit of Forgiveness. Just because Kansas City has recently been a rather uncharitable place for public figures doesn’t mean that other parts of the nation are equally inexorable when it comes to overlooking past misdeeds. In fact, Former Chiefs Great Ed Podolak has been named honorary captain for this weekend’s college game between Iowa (his alma mater) and Arizona. I’m sure it’s a welcomed honor for the Football legend considering that the last time
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    But good to know that Podolak is doing well.

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    Why is tony posting on this site? Doesn’t he have his own worthless blog where he can post boring stories next to pictures of skanks?

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