Tony: The Westside Doesn’t Need The Tour of Missouri or Mike Hendricks To Sell Mexican Food

It’s amazing how much Mike Hendricks doesn’t know about Kansas City.

In today’s hot mess of a Hendricks column the journalist at 2/3rd salary makes a bold and completely misinformed claim.

Hendricks strangely touts burrito and tamale sales as an indicator of Tour of Missouri success

It’s a Westside connection so stupid and backward I’m at a loss as to how The Star prints that kind of garbage and then dares to call itself a community news source.

I always like to remind folks that Hendricks is a Johnson County resident whereas I live within walking distance of the establishments the Star columnist claims benefited from the rather boring bike race.

Here’s what he doesn’t know and didn’t bother to investigate: Los Alamos regularly sells out of their weekend burrito and tamale offerings. Furthermore, the bodega down that street on Summit also runs of tamales on weekends at around noon without the benefit of incoming hordes of cyclists. A walk even further down the street to Ortega’s will reveal similar weekend burrito runs along with a typical Sunday Menudo sellout.

I could connect the lazy reporting of Hendricks with overall distrust of economic indicators around the globe in the midst of the current recession. But I really think the guy just doesn’t have a good understanding of any subject matter outside the comfy confines of The Golden Ghetto.

Whether there’s a highly taxpayer subsidized bike race running through the Westside or not, this part of town is a beacon to all of Kansas City in search of authentic Mexican fare. And at the risk of being labeled a “burrito expert” I must challenge the contention that a cycling race led to a run on Mexican food which is not only a dramatic misrepresentation of the economic impact of the Tour of Missouri but also yet another sign that Hendricks is completely unfamiliar with life in a community on which he reports.
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15 Responses to Tony: The Westside Doesn’t Need The Tour of Missouri or Mike Hendricks To Sell Mexican Food

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why did I even think that Tony’s drivel would be of a higher standard on this website? The continued vendetta of Hendricks is getting tired. It makes the few things that you have been right about regarding him look cheaper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jack Ryan
    wow, yeah, this is dumb, as dumb as the insider local ego gets

  3. Anonymous says:

    So here is the million dollar question. Besides the familiar well known restaurants on the Blvd Where can a cracker like me get a good burrito around the Summit and SW Blvd intersection?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rick as Old Man Kissel
    Hearne and Tony are one in the same

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mike Hendricks is an idiot? No shit! The bike race is not boring. Whether you like cycling or not watching someone propel themselves on a bike at 30 mph plus on flat terrain surrounded by other cyclists, inches away, is pretty fucking incredible. Coming downhill at 50 mph is even more ballsy. Doing it for two hours and change makes you a freak of nature. Even if you dope there is no more physically demanding athletic event than the Tour de France. You don’t see any chicks fightin’ for equality there do ya? You don’t see Shaq or TO goin’ I can do that. Despite the fact that I’m a cycling homer I agree that under current conditions the state can’t afford the $1.5/MM. I think the state should continue to provide the other support, security, traffic coppers, etc. If each avid cyclist in the state would contribute ten or twenty bucks you could easily raise the dough If all the fat fucks in Missouri would ride a bicycle fifty miles a week the health care savings alone would pay for the race.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Where can a cracker like me get a good burrito around the Summit and SW Blvd intersection?”

    La Fonda.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jack D. Ripper
    You said “Here

  8. Anonymous says:

    if u can’t tell we love Mike

  9. Anonymous says:

    NO we’re just tired of Tony’s recycled schtick

  10. Anonymous says:

    It just amazes me that the site wants to be considered a news organization but its more of a gossip/opinion site. Which nothing wrong with that. Its just if you are a cat don’t try to convince people you are a dog.

  11. Anonymous says:

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  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny how a few anonymous drama queens get so bent out of shape of the mere expression of an opinion.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Please, Jojo, stay on topic.

    A bad blog article about a Star writer becomes a rant for everything you hate? Give us a break.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jo-Blow why don’t you start your own blog where you can post your thoughts on a variety of subjects? This would be a great outlet for you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    what rony. tonys mom wins some humanitarian award for bringing people together, while her son is a dirt bag who can never say anything good about anyone.
    good job, tkc

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