Wall Street Journal Roots Out Local Plumber for Happiness Schmooze

Don’t worry, be happy…

Seems the Wall Street Journal – like any number of people in this crappy economy – is in search of something positive to pass along. The local recipient of that search: would you believe, Roger the Plumber?

That’s right, Roger. Forget about Joe the Fake Plumber. This is serious journalism, not pure propaganda and these folks do their homework.

“Here’s the story,” Roger says. “I got a email last Monday and someone at the Wall Street Journal wanted to have a talk with me.”

The plot thickens…

“So she asks me some questions about me and says, I’m writing an artical about a survey Gallup did,” Roger says. “They asked people around the country how happy they were and they found out that business owners are the happiest people. So she went on a quest to find business owners that have gone through some challenges – I’m sure that won’t be hard – but they’re (still) happy.”

The type of challenges Roger has faced over the past two years?

“The challenge I’ve had is I’m in the emergency business,” Roger says. “If someone wakes up and their drain is clogged or they don’t have any hot water or they have water dripping through the ceiling – that business is still good because we’re fast and well-equipped.

“But then there’s the other business we did a lot of and that’s upgrading. people didn’t like their faucet or they have a crappy flushing toilet or they might want to add a bathroom to the basement. These are all optional things and they’re putting that kind of thing off. Even people who haven’tlost their job or taken a cut in pay. I think they’re worried about the future and the media hype. I mean, some of them can afford to do (something) and they’re not. And that has affected our business.”

So heRoger’ss happy because why exactly?

“It doesn’t take away from me as a business owner,” Roger says. “I’ve done some things to cutmy overhead – cut back on some advertising – and our Christmas party was at (my) home instead of at a restaurant. But even with those adjustments, it doesn’t take away that I’m still in charge and that’s the real joy. You know, I’ve got great customers, great employees and a great family. I’m not like a worker who puts bumpers on Pontiacs and suddenly they don’t make Pontiacs anymore, and through no fault of my own I don’t have a job.

“So as business owners, I think that’s why we’re happy. There’s not a lot of uncertainty in what we do. We’re going to do whatever it takes to make things work.”

ETA on the WSJ story: “I think the story will be out Wednesday or Thursday,” Roger says.

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9 Responses to Wall Street Journal Roots Out Local Plumber for Happiness Schmooze

  1. Anonymous says:

    …and sometimes I go to a website called kcconfidential and read articles by some guy named “Hearne the fake reporter”. 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Funny, he doesn’t mention losing business to the DIY crowd on upgrades.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The big trend in home repair is technicians slipping you their personal numbers for future service at about half the price.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is probably just a coincidence that Roger advertises on this site.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re right, the Wall Street Journal tracked him down after seeing his ad here. It does pay to advertise!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This guys a rip off! One of his “plumbers” came to our house and wanted $400 to fix a toilet.
    I got on the internet and found out that everyone in johnson county knows this guys is
    a conman. His prices are much higher than anyone in the city. He’s charging twice the price
    for his services. After fainting from hearing the
    price, the “plumber” told me the guys son told
    his father that everyone knew they were high
    and that they should lower prices.
    Here’s how to do it. Call 3 plumbers to come
    to your house. Explain you won’t pay a trip charge. If their price is lowest…they do the
    job. Have them come within 10 minutes of each
    other. These “plumbers” are so hard up for work
    that they’ll do anything for money.
    roger the dodger is the most outrageously priced
    in the city. They do 5 minutes worth of work,
    b.s. for 30 minutes then grab your wallet for
    big bucks.
    I can put an ad on craigslist…get one of
    rogers ex employees to come out for 1/3 the
    price roger charges.
    Be careful with roger. He’s way overpriced!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Loren Lorance
    I LOVE Roger! I used one of those unlicensed plumbers from Craig’s list. Everything got messed up. They would not come back and make it right. I finally gave up and called Roger the Plumber and he came right away and fix ever thing right AND at the right price.

    Don’t be fooled when looking for cheap, you get what you pay for! Roger was very fair and did excellent work. I will call no one else again.

  8. Anonymous says:

    david anderson
    Roger the Robber! He’s taken advantage of every
    elderly person in the city. My mom used him and
    he charged her over 400 dollars to open a drain.
    When we saw this we called him and he never returned the call. We tried to talk to Corky?
    because he told her it would be $95. When they
    left they ripped off our 83 year old mom. What kind of man would do that? Don’t call them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Local Plumbers In Minneapolis Relieve Those In Distress
    […] Wall Street Journal Roots Out Local Plumber for Happiness Schmooze … […]

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