OTC: Was Chiefs’ Loss To Ravens Encouraging Or Scary? And Just How Scary Is KK?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I put this down as a “must win” for the Scott/Todd show. The first half of the season is brutal and they need to get the wins where they can and this one is a big one.

    If they don’t win this week then they could be staring at 0-7 in the bye week. @ Washington is a possibility but harder if they have no wins by that time. Haley will probably have lost the team because they will see that all of the hard work and in your face attitude is not working.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Watching the Raiders’ performance Monday night against the Chargers doesn’t make me feel any better about the Chiefs’ chances this season. Sunday is going to be tough.

    KK’s whiff on the Matt Cassel start is huge! Sack-up KK and admit you were wrong. My how the mighty have fallen. Is it me or does KK mail it in except for maybe the 5:00 hour?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why won’t anybody in the media (other than 610) confront KK and his made-up sources? 610 is right–he does just throw crap out hoping something will stick. I’ll get my info elsewhere, thank you…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    I find it funny, whenever I am tuned in to 810, how KK always comes on the air at 2pm acting like he’s the first sports show of the day. Like Petro and St. John haven’t already covered everything in a much more informed and entertaining fashion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tom Brady showed how big his balls are on Monday night. If Matt Cassel doesn’t play like the $60/MM man on Sunday methinks the fans will turn on this guy quickly. For the record Adam Teicher from the Star, the ultimate Chiefs insider, was on 610 Friday around 3:30 and he predicted Cassel would start in Baltimore too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Huh?, fans have already turned on this con artist matt cassel. At best Cassel is a fkn pussy, with a glass leg, at worst he is a grifter. He made off with 14 million guaranteed.

    Brett Favre has started EVERY game for 15 years and this fkn pussy Cassel cant even start his 2nd season? He is a total fraud.

    Something stinks at Arrowhead. Hunt is being conned/scammed by posers who talk the BS talk, but DO NOT command respect of pro players. We need REAL football men, NOT posers, not con artist.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hunt, like glass, made their money selling shit.
    Hunt, despite all the reports that he was such
    a great businessman, was involved in many financial scams. If anyone read about the Hunt
    lawsuit in Dallas over the billions in inheritance you would understand the overall
    philosophy of these spoon fed con men.
    Lamar could give a shit about KC. He used this
    city to take out hundreds of millions of dollars and never gave acent back. Despite making huge amounts of money in this town not one red cent
    from the hunts actual money made it to any
    charity. You only need to look at the dallas
    social scene to see where all the money went. All the millions went to dallas and kc got
    stuck with a $500 million dollar bathroom
    renovation. The hunts took fulladvanatge of this towns naieve behavior and made off like bandits.
    Lamar’s image of a “great” man were way overplayed. He was a businessman who took billions because of his name. He was a crook. And he nevergave kc one dime back. He was all about taking our money and giving us the minimal product available.
    NOt spending all the cap money he had showed
    what an asshole clark is. When the county and
    taxpayers gave him his 500 million dollar bathroom renovation he still shit on this town. Knowing the team was in dire need of talent,
    he still cut the city’s balls by not spending adequate dollars to upgrade the talent. In court proceedings, clark spends $500,000 a year in landscaping/lawn work etc. at his personal residence. Quite a bit I ‘d say. Probelm is,
    just like his dad, he knows that making a profit is more importatn than repaying the taxpayers who fronted this guy. For all those right wing republicans, think about this. Taxpayers subsidize this billionaire bone head. So while you scream about giving some young kid a decent medical checkup after his parent lost their job, remeber that Clark’s getting millions of dollars that otherwise might be used for other essential
    items. So clark spend 30 million under the cap.
    Gives fans a worthless team that can’t compete.
    And taxpayers give these billionaires millions
    so they can continue to put a shitty product out
    there on the field. Also remember its not just the chiefs. they impact the local economy
    dramtically from the lowered revenues via
    sales taxes and incomes generated from everything from vendors at the stadiums to
    the stations who sell the tv time.
    The hunts ripped us off. Just liek the other
    billion dollar corporations that are lined up
    at governments feeding trough to siphon off
    our hard earned tax dollars.
    Glassis worst. He got a break this year. A down
    economy meant no vacations and people needdced
    a cheap entertainment ticket. Few concerts..almost no alternatives and come june
    and july when school was out he got a lucky
    break. Attendance was very high for this loser
    team. They sold tickets door to door. They
    lowered prices to $3. And he still put out an
    inferior product out and made big money.
    Thats his style. The wal mart philosophy is sell a lot of shit cheap…and put your competition
    out ofb usiness. And that philosophy continues.
    despite have the worst record for tghe last
    6 years this guy knows that he can make money.
    He too got government tax money subsidization.
    Even with a billion dollars the government
    gives him huge federal tax breaks that no other
    taxpayer can get. And the county gives him
    everything he wants or he threatens to leave.
    Maybe funkhouser was right. When our city is falling apart and we can’t pay for things , why
    give these billionaires tax money. He’s right.
    And them both lamar/clark/glass give us shit
    in return. Show me one thing that the hunts
    or glass have contributed to “personally” …not the teams contributions in this town while they
    suck up our dollars and tax money.
    I love the chiefs and royals. I support the
    teams. I went to 40 royals games. I will probalby
    go to 8 chiefs games. This is regardless of their
    records. But when do we tell the owners “enough
    is enough”…stop feeding us a shitty team.
    Give back to our city. Hunt: we’ve made you
    hundreds of millions of dollars..now give us
    back something. Where’s all that money? Its in
    the charities in dallas…not a dime here in kc.
    You owe us clark! You owe us david/dan!
    You’ve been selling us shit for too long!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Out of weed and back on speed, jojo?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good one Uncle Dick! jojo, the answer is very simple…everybody just has to stop going to the games. MLB and the NFL know what kind of fans are in KC. They’d probably love it if we had a revolt. I’d be willing to bet that Clark Hunt and David Glass are probably the least respected owners, by other owners, at their respective league meetings. Clark is nothing more than lucky sperm and David Glass convinced Ewing Kaufman that he would carry on the legacy. The leagues will force the teams to make changes before they allow them to move from KC. We, the fans, have all the power.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Will KC ware their Dallas Texans uniforms this weekend? I kind of like the old AFL jerseys. The old Chargers, Pats, Oilers and Bills jerseys look better then what they have now. Oakland and KC really never changed much. But, the Broncos and Jets look ugly.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Chris and Cowboy are really sad. Why can’t Entercom give us a viable option to Kietzman? Those two guys are so ridiculously insecure (justifiably, given the product they put out) that they spend more time worrying about the competition than on improving their own show. That’s a guaranteed recipe for failure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand ANY Chiefs criticism right now. I really don’t. They sucked the last 2 years. They dumped the GM and coach. They dumped the best tight end in football. They brought in a new QB who got hurt. I expected a rough year and only hope to see improvement AS THE SEASON PROGRESSES….which I can’t do after ONE freaking game. I like Haley’s fire and the way the Chiefs hung in there against the Ravens. That’s it.

    Kietzman’s show is succesful because he spews his WAY-OVER-THE-TOP thoughts (his exaggerations and hyperbole are utterly nauseating at times and have made me change the channel often), then we get to here Danny or Leabo or a more grounded guest like Harlan or Weber or Holthus or Chris Piper….etc.

    For me, THAT is the stregth of his show. It’s hearing nutball Kietzman almost pick fights with his sidekicks or guests. I assume most of it is KK making crap up, but it’s still entertaining at times to hear Danny or Harlan balance him out.

    If Kietzman’s show was just him, like Don Fortune was just Fortune, I would avoid his show like the plague or would risk drving my car off a bridge and to my death.

    Chris and Cowboy are very young, but show great potential. They have more sense of humor in 5 minutes of air-time than KK has in an entire week. But KK is experienced and has great business and marketing savvy, and like Bill Clinton, must track every poll to make sure his listeners get what they want. He almost always knows which topics we all want to hear about. Sometimes Chris and Cowboy go too long on something that’s not of much interest.

    And 810 smartly figured out how to start off each hour with 20 minutes without commercials, so if a good guest is on, it’s hard to want to swith over to 610. Of course, saying that, many times that 20 minutes starts off with 5 solid minutes of pimp KK telling you that he’s at THE BEST PIZZA PLACE EVER or telling you to drive over to Tickets 4 Less to enter to win some stupid give-away….like we all have nothing better to do every freaking day than to go to a KK remote.

    St. John is the most entertaining guy on 810. And, again, his show is greatly helped by his side-kicks and guests.

    Somehow Soren’s show rates high. It’s nice to hear his takes, but he’s very unfunny and has tendency to sound a little arrogant in his thoughts when callers disagree.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The word
    Word on the street is that C&C are gone at the end of football season if the ratings don’t inprove soon. Developing….

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jack Harry
    Petro’s shrill voice is just unbearable. I really have to turn it off and grab a cocktail when he starts shreeking,wich is often.
    What did jojo have to say? I don’t have the time.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    KK is No. 1 because he’s the best. Simple as that.

    810 scoops 610 once again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Rick as Old Man Kissel
    The best at lying.

  17. Anonymous says:

    In the know
    Word doesn’t know shit! C & C had one of the best books ever at 610 in their first book doing the afternoon show and closed the gap on KK. Look for them to close it even more for the next book. They may not appeal to everyone, but they are entertaining. I find myself listening to them more than 810 and enjoy their style. As to who scoops who, I could care less. Just give me accurate information.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Start with the premise that most all talent on talk radio is comprised of windbags who love the sound of their own voices (even if they profess denial). Radio, particularly, is a rough racket and it takes a strong ego to endure; some merely keep their ego in check better than others. So all of them want to be considered a genius or seer (see above: even if they profess denial). Just one aspect of human nature, magnified for all to see.

    I can understand KK blowing this one. He has to make a call (in his mind) on Cassell’s availability — this is the Issue of the Week in KC sports — so he talks to a source or two on the phone and goes with that. However, that’s not like being around the team, the training center and front office and hearing from a bunch of people — and, more importantly, looking them in the eye (it’s an interesting psychology of radio people that, since theirs is not a visual medium, they tend to discount face-to-face interaction; I know, I was there for 20 years — although, thankfully, never exclusively as a studio/remote host). With his myriad of responsibilities, and at this stage in his career, I can’t see KK busting ass 16-18 hours a day like he probably did coming up. That’s not to suggest that he’s not doing his job — which entails a lot more than 4 hours on the air — but that he needs to be more reliant on his people on the beat, and they need to be able to be forthrightly honest with him. I’m not sure that dynamic exists at 810.

    That noted, most of the 610 gang comes across as — as SM rightly noted — insecure. While as a programmer I could engage in guerilla radio with the best of them, I never took it public. When a talk show rails about the competition, that is merely the act of elevation by denigration. If you can’t make your product look good enough for it to stand on its own merit, then make the alternative look unacceptable (a standard political tactic. Smart media people don’t use it, but when you spread the talent pool out like today’s 24/7/52 information industry there are bound to be some semipro players among the major leaguers.

    With 610, they’re the new kids on the block, up against the Establishment 810 (which is hardly an old-timer, but it does include more familiar talent; hence, linking with Kevin Harlin, Jack Harry, Frank Boal et al). Not only are they new, but they’re relative kids; some promising (Wright), some not so (Hamblin). There’s a latent aura of immaturity in their broadcasts that, even when they’re doing things right, makes 610 more difficult to accept — especially for those over the age of 30 (who have a hard time swallowing Rome in the middle of the day when Petro is presenting a solid show opposite; 610 kills any momentum with Rome and is further evidence of its limited resources). I feel the need at 610 for a crack operations manager who can develop and assign talent more effectively, but I get the impression of a catch-as-catch-can station; I’ve worked for groups as big as Entercom that had little interest in stations which, due to their overhead, were not high profit-centers even if ratings leaders.

    Chris and the Cowboy laughing at KK may be good sport for them (if not the audience), but it’s nothing more than the mouse roaring at the lion. When it can present programming as compelling as 810’s, which has considerable merit despite its idiocyncracies — and idiots, if you will — then there will be sustaining competition.

  19. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    I agree with people that Kietzman is pretty much mailing it in these days and I’ve listened since the old 1510 days. Petro’s voice may annoy you but his knowledge and preparation for his job is undeniable. I think he could work at any station in the country for a lot more money if he chose to. A couple of my problems with 610: I’m convinced C&C take opposite sides of stories sometimes just to fill airtime even though they really don’t believe in the argument they are making so people will call in. My biggest complaint is 610 has no credibility with me because of the stance ALL of the on-air staff took during the stadium vote. I can’t prove it but I believe Entercom management dictated the staff to say on-air they were in favor of renovations instead of a new baseball stadium downtown. These guys have all traveled to other cities with new downtown stadiums and I don’t believe for a second they were all in favor of the renovation. They toed the company line (whose headquarters are in Philadelphia) to the detriment of KC.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    You all spend way too much time analyzing these local radio people.

  21. Anonymous says:

    lets shut down the royals. Get into the stadium
    and walk out. KK did it before. Show these
    con men that we’re sick of the shit they are
    Walk out of arrowhead. That would make national
    news and beyond. Embarras the asshole clark
    and let the taxpayers voice their displeasure
    with the way that they have conned the county.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Word

  23. Anonymous says:

    fkn-a ……. Teams in other cities listen and respond, even in small markets like Minnesota the ownerships puts a better product on the field. This shit in MY Kansas City has gotten OLD…. FKNING OLD …. COME ON YOU CHEAP FKN ASSHOLE OWNERS!!!

    you have the best fans anywhere, and you just keep fking us over … CUT THE SHIT!!!



  24. Anonymous says:

    Getting back to JoJo’s lenghty post on the Hunts. There’s a great book out called the Big Rich. It’s about the four biggest Texas oil families including the Hunts. Lamar’s dad was simply crazy. There is also an interesting tidbit from the book involving Lamar. When Jack Ruby was arrested after shooing Oswald, police found Lamar Hunt’s telephone number on him. Lamar always denied knowing Ruby, but it is weird stuff from a weird family.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Kietzman does a great job. Period. His monologues are always well prepared, EVERY DAY. He always has a well thought out monologue and knows how to throw out the $64,000 question.
    His job is safe.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I can’t stand too many of the
    guys on the radio. they are too into minor
    stuff (golf/bar b q/health etc) when they should
    focus on sports.
    But how many negative comments can one broadcaster make. Almost every thing negative about the royals has alread y been said.
    Now we get the redundancy of hearing how bad the
    chiefs are.
    Again people we’ve been taken. We fight among
    ourselves for the scraps that the government
    gives us when guys like glass and hunt get all
    the financial breaks. Giving glass ancd hunt
    millions (probably 30-40 million dollars a
    year total) in tax breaks, payouts, and hold
    backs on taxes in totally wrong when this
    nation is a trillion dollars in debt.
    Regardless of what party you belong to we’re
    all the stooges for guys like glass and
    hunt. Until the 99.5% of the american population
    who don’t get those breaks speak out and start
    demanding more the guys and corporations at the
    top will take our money and leave us with shit.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Brother Grimm
    or.. we could talk about how the recession is over ,,, or is it?

    or has it the MIAN EVENT just been delayed with artificial BS money? Funny how some banks ( not the ones WE the USA invested in ) are back bigger than ever ( Goldman )and now up to the same old BS, with no new controls added AT ALL.

    Our deficit is out of control, but “the men” were in the news yesterday saying it is all over,,,,,,unless it is has just been delayed. Keep your hands on your wallets folks.

  28. Anonymous says:

    tax marketing and operations coaching
    Walk out of arrowhead. That would make national
    news and beyond. Embarras the asshole clark
    and let the taxpayers voice their displeasure
    with the way that they have conned the county..

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