Keeping it Real: Former Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius Still Has the Blues

You can take the governor out of the state of Kansas but you can’t take blues out of the former guv…

Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius was Johnny on the spot Saturday at Knuckleheads in the East Bottoms. Alongside hubby
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4 Responses to Keeping it Real: Former Kansas Gov Kathleen Sebelius Still Has the Blues

  1. Anonymous says:

    The ultimate bureaucratic tool probably flew back to KC at the taxpayers expense. Isn’t she just a pre-botoxed version of Nancy Pelosi?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ya know the death panel
    Just gave me the news
    They can’t afford to keep me alive
    So I’m singing the health care blues

    Hey hey Ms. Sebelius
    Can you give me a hand?
    I can’t afford insurance
    Cause I play the blues with a band

    I know you seen me playin’
    I watched you jiggle your ass
    I’m just a hard workin’ ghetto boy
    I ain’t no David Glass

    Hey hey Ms. Sebelius
    You can do lots of things
    If they ain’t gonna pay for my bypass
    Can I at least get a new set of strings?

    We just got a bookin’
    On Roger Nabor’s cruise
    I’m gonna have to walk the plank
    Cause I got the health care blues

    I’ve drank a lot of whiskey
    Smoked some weed and snorted coke
    But unlike the US government
    I ain’t nowhere near bein’ broke

    Hey hey Ms. Sebelius
    I know you talkin’ with THE MAN
    Cantcha figure out a way
    To get me on your plan

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sebelius comes back to the KC area, visits her favorite hangout, and instead of people being impressed at here down-to-earth manner, she gets attacked by tin-foil hat wearing Tea Bagger who ironically and hilariously calls himself “smartman” (ha!) for having the temerity to actually fly home like every other politician. The horror!

    I say, good for her. If she helps Obama get healthcare for EVERY AMERICAN, she can party wherever and whenever she wants.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Funny, the former governor of Kansas has to come to Missouri to get her groove on. Funnier still is that the number one tourist attraction in Kansas is a furnitiure store named after another state. If I were in her high heels I would have stayed in DC over the weekend to meet with the “teabaggers” who were protesting on the mall.

    Kathleen Sebelius makes Sarah Palin look like Margaret Thatcher and she’ll be damaged more by BHO than Christine Todd Whitman was by GWB. She gave safe harbor to a baby butcher and she’s in bed with the trial lawyers which is why tort reform won’t be part of the health care package.

    She was the second choice to Tom Daschle. That’s like getting picked after a cripple kid for dodgeball.

    She is the ultimate tool. And were it not for the fact that Kansas is next to Missouri, Kansas would be Wyoming.

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