OTC: Some Think Chiefs Can Win Now!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does Hamblin not know what Clark’s wife looks like? Let’s see surgically enhanced, blond hair, great smile, and great body. The Chiefs got that. Not my type. But we have that.

    My type? Emilie De Raven from the series Lost. Hot.

    Mark me down as an expert wanna be who thinks the Chiefs will do better then expected. Also upset of the week Cleveland beats Bret and the Vikings week one. Expect a few upsets in week 1.

  2. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Wow she is very nice looking, but hey Clark is a decent looking guy himself, in good shape and being worth l billion dollars(the chiefs alone are worth that) doesn’t hurt matters….he seems a pretty ok guy from what little we have heard from him….I think we get the answer on Clark more next season when he will be forced to buy some talent to go with his new GM and coach and quarterback and one lineman….I as many feel, think we had at best a below average draft…this I feel doomed the team for this season…I also feel that the GM and Todd did not realize just how awful this team was til they got here and worked with this bunch, they just have almost no NFL caliber talent….so we will have to buy it and draft it and trade for it next year….

    As far as this year, winning the West, well I could become president of the United States, but I wouldn’t bet on that either…this is a really bad team, 2 to 4 wins is what is likely and getting better in second half of year…to start I feel we are one of the two worst teams in the NFL…and so do most people who know the NFL…but there is always next year and Clark Hunt can step in and help us be a winner

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    By the way Rick, here are the ones I like to make some dough on this Sunday….boy that l3 points bothers me to give up on Chiefs, so I think we stay off that one…bet against Denver, they stink like us, take Atlanta over the Dolphins(Go Tony) and Chargers to cover over Raiders…as for Cleveland to upset Vikes, sorry Rick don’t see it…I like the Brett and crew to cover the 4 points there…but its the NFL..on any given day…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Deadspin.com thought on Todd Haley.

    “1. Great googly moogly, Todd Haley is an asshole. When you get to be my age, you become very good at that Gladwellian skill of thin-slicing people: recognizing, within just a few moments of seeing them, what kind of person you’re dealing with. It’s skill honed by attending weddings, cocktail parties, and any number of other events where you’re forced to interact with complete fuckheads. And Todd Haley is a complete fuckhead. Watch this video and tell me he isn’t the coach from “Dazed & Confused”. Listen to him say to Jamaal Charles, “You better take care of MY football.” What a fucking dick. It’s not your football there, fella. The league issued it to the team. It’s the team’s ball, and you can shove it up your ass. Jamaal Charles isn’t toting that rock just for you. Is that supposed to motivate him? Would Belichick, asshole that he is, ever pull that high school coach act? I’m no fan of player’s coaches. But there’s a clear line between a coach who won’t take any shit, and a coach who’s just a megalomaniacal jackass, and that’s Todd Haley. Ask yourself, would YOU want to play hard for this raging dickface? Fuck, would you even want to play for a guy named Todd? No, you would not. Todd is an asshole name. THAT’S A FACT.”

    “I’m sure there will be an open spot for Todd Haley in college football once he’s stabbed by his own men and fired three years from now. He’ll likely end up at Auburn, or some other SEC school that happily deifies self-aggrandizing cocksuckers. Todd Haley is one step away from being Marty Mornhinweg, cruising out of practice on his motorcycle like a complete idiot. The fact that Scott Pioli is in charge doesn’t mean that Haley won’t go the way of every ex-Belichick assistant turned head coach out there. Fans assume guys like Haley will be the next Belichick. Even worse, Haley himself probably believes it. He’s Saban with the Dolphins. I guarantee it.”

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tips Craig. Boy I know this is going to start the Rick is REALLY old posts. But I remember when the preseason was 6 games. So while we don’t do that any more I still think of the first two games of the season as totally unpredictable and not great odds as far as predicting.

    I think the Cleveland game will be a win for them as so far Minnesota just haven’t jelled and the logic that Brett can just step on the field and lead you to victory…well that is crazy. However with Peterson running…maybe.

    OMG that’s the most Old Man has ever wrote. Something/someone has taken over his body. Now we know where the spirit of Jo-Blow has gone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    In fact I’m so old I remember when the college all stars would play the super bowl champ in a pre season game.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Either that or i’m just a history buff.

  8. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Rick I remember all that too, even the all star game, which I don’t think the college guys ever won? Hey heres a great one after the first two super bowls, the losers of the AFl and NFL championship would play…Cowboys and someone? Wow what a bad idea, for the runner up…remember that….course I was five, but loved TV….ha

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yeah that one is before my time. Never even heard of it in all my reading. Interesting. Wonder if you had a ticket stub to one of those events how, if at all, much it would be worth. While it would be rare not sure if the demand would be there.

    That makes me think Craig. Have you over the years collected items from comics that would be of value? Besides the usual signed picture. Obviously a Christmas card from Sam Kinison would be worth more then say a signed picture.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Also I think you are correct. i don’t think the college guys ever won. this is even with the champs playing second and third stringers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    for once…I will try to follow gramps advice, “If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all”.

    so no comment.

    hey Clark, got any naked pix of you wife from her porn days??? …. do you wanna see some?

    ahhhhhhhhhh…cant help myself…..
    must be strong……….ahhhh

    ah fk!!!!..
    goooooooooodamn, SOMEONE OUTTA KICK HIS .. TROPHY WIFE MARRYING, SILVER SPOON EATIN, COUNTRY CLUB MEMBERSHIPIN, STUPID, FKN RICH BOY …. ASS!!! he aint got no business in the NFL,,, nuthin but a stupid fkn richboy.

    soory… couldnt help myself… sorry grampa.

  12. Anonymous says:

    btw –
    the book makers are calling the chefs ( big hats and all ) 13 point dogs …. and I wouldnt take those points if clark’s wife gave me a …… ah .. be nice .. OK, I wouldnt take those points.

    Ray is gonna kill our QBs…(s)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Craig, your chances of getting elected President are far better than the Chiefs winning the West and quite honestly I’d prefer you as President to Komrade Obama. But you would have to let jojo have Helen Thomas’ seat in the briefing room and have Hearne as your press secretary. And if you could pass legislation allowing retroactive abortions that’d be sweet.

    Rick, Great memory of the College All Stars playing the Superbowl Bowl Champs. I went to one of those games in ’70 or ’71. They should bring that back and have the College All Stars play the NFL team with the worst record. If the All Stars win each player and coach gets ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

    I see no way that the Chiefs win outright or cover this weekend. The line has moved down 1 to 1.5 points since they opened. Most betting services are giving the Ravens -14 as their free teaser pick this week. Will be interesting to see where it settles at game time.

    I’m giving Scott/Todd 8 games before I start getting worked up and dropping f-bombs. If they win 4 games this season I’m good with that. 6 games and I’ll send each of them a bottle of Cristal. That’s champagne jojo I didn’t mis-spell crystal-meth.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Missed you losers. I am so glad none of you
    losers got shot or thrown in jail while I was
    on vacation.
    Here’s my take on Haley and Pioli.
    Losers hate Haley. I was spending time with several people I do business with (who are very
    sucesful and will soon take over a large project
    on the kansas side) and we all agreed that
    this Haley guy is great. Not so much because
    of what his final record will be but for the
    fact is that this guy has balls and is making
    his players/employees be accountable/responsible
    for their actions.
    All 3 of us are business owners. We deal with
    deadbeat and worthless employees every day.
    The system is rigged against us. Once we hire
    these people we are forced to either make peace
    with them, to coddle them or fire them.
    Haley walked in and made each of his employees/players understand that it’s his way
    or the highway.Either they perform or they don’t
    get a paycheck from the hunts. As employers we
    can’t do that. The law keeps us from making our
    employees accountable. And when we fire 1 of them
    we have to keep paying them til they get another
    job. Any business owner/self employed person understands this feeling. Even glazier knows
    about this.
    So here comes haley and he takes this bunch of
    losers and tells them how to win. If they follow
    the plan and his orders as boss they get paid.
    If they don’t, he ships them out…possibly paying them because of a contractual obligation.
    We love haley. He does everything we want to do
    but because of the law we really can’t do.
    We admire this guy. We hope he wins a super bowl
    for this city. He’s got his stuff together but
    whether it will make this team great we don’t
    You losers, before the first snap, have done
    everything to knock this guy down. You have
    used every stupid analogy to try to prove your
    point. I wonder if any of you ever owned a business..had to motivate employees who were
    only after a paycheck…had to deal with
    employees who couldn’t give a shit about the
    company they worked for being successful or
    even being profitable. If you didn’t you probably
    wouldn’t understand why we think the world of
    this guy.
    I hope haley proves everyone of you wrong.
    Will he be successful? Time will tell. But it was
    about time someone took this bunch of playerswho
    found losing acceptable and made them believe that losing was unacceptable.
    Gary Pinkel was on the radio on whb. He brought
    up macklin and said after macklin’s first game
    Pinkel knew macklin would be a superstar.
    After one game..Pinkel was asked about Gabbert.
    He was asked if this guy would also be a superstar. His answer: gabbert would be as
    sucessful as he wanted to be and if he had the
    heart to be great he would be great.
    Haley can only instill the basics of winning
    in his team. If we had more guys like haley
    in our cities maybe we wouldn’t be in the
    situation we’re now in.
    Losers hate Haley. they like to go thru life
    giving a half hearted effort. the hate being
    held accountable for their work and their
    actions. They live life without passion or
    the 60 year old guy doing handstands in the
    canyon. Fuck yeah that guys a winner. I would
    be wiling to bet that guys successful in almost
    everything he does. Yet some of you guys who
    couldn’t jog around your sofa made fun of the
    It’s about time someone shook the chiefs up.
    Its about time someone shook the royals up.
    Its about time someone shook our worthless
    politicians of both parties up.
    Go chiefs.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If (opie) Clark Hunt was a manager at Quick
    Trip do you think that blondie would have
    anything to do with him.
    Her motto: “You can marry more in 5 minutes than
    you’ll see in 50 years” (probably more like 500

  17. Anonymous says:

    geeeez you are a fkn moron jojackoff, why are you ranting at no one? swiping at thin air, raving like a lunatic …… what the fk are you gonna say when your nothing idiot crashes and burns?

    This whole isssue is on Clark Hunt’s shoulders, he should do what it takes to win for his customers in KC, or lose us,,,I am about done already.

    This whole thing has grown boring anyway, who really gives a fk about pro sports teams, with thier over priced bozos, owned by spoiled billionaires who dont give a fk about the average fan. $159/ticket to see the Cowboys plays?? WTF??? who cares??.

    fk us fans??…HOW ABOUT FK THEM.

    jojackoff, you claim to be a business man, do you understand what it takes to keep customers happy???? ah, probably not, nevermind, the way you rant like a crazy old lady with a house full cats … you are nuts.

    KU mens basketball is the ONLY real sports around here. I have about had it with professional sports, there is no loyalty, so who cares?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Shit jojo a whole rant without one “noone cares”. What’s up with that? Kansas and Missouri are both employ at will states. You can fire an employee whenever you want, so long as that termination is not based on age, race, creed or sexual discrimination. What law is it that doesn’t allow you to make your employees accountable? Why do you pay people after you fire them? Severance pay is not required by law. Your employees were deadbeat and worthless when you hired them. Maybe you should do a better job in the hiring process. You say Haley has his “stuff” together but your not sure whether he will be successful. I’d rather have a guy that doesn’t have his stuff together that knows how to communicate with and motivate players to win. In the NFL, RESULTS MATTER, that’s all. Haley’s problem is he doesn’t have the respect of his players. He never the played the game. He’s a paper tiger. I hope he’s successful, but you gotta admit this is an experiment. If it works great, if not I hope Clark Hunt doesn’t follow in his fathers footsteps and keep him around for on the job training. The fans in this city have suffered enough. The Chiefs have lots of money to spend under the salary cap. There are lots of coaches far more capable and qualified that for the right price would come to KC. There is no better place to play than Arrowhead and no more loyal and supportive fan and business community for the NFL than Kansas City. It’s a coaches wet dream. I’d rather have a guy like Jerry Jones prowling the sideline and demanding effort, excellence and success from his organization then someone chugging mojitos and munching on foie gras in the owners box. Things have changed in the NFL and if you look at the organizations that have won Superbowls in the last 20 years they are all very different in culture and the way the team is operated then the Chiefs. Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over and expect different results. That’s what the Chiefs did under Carl Peterson. Let’s hope that Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt don’t operate the same way.

  19. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Ok I will consider a run at some public office in the next few years, hell my dad almost won mayor of KC,Mo, lets face it he would have done a much better job than these two ….. remember “don’t spend the money on downtown, fix mid-town and whats broken” I think time proved him right…oh well….maybe next time…I think we all agree the Chiefs are very bad and we are bored with wait til the future with both sports teams..too long, too much…go KU, go MU;;

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.

    Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.

    Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find…


  21. Anonymous says:

    She was also Ms Missouri before she was Ms Kansas.

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