Some Times You Feel Like a Nut: Taco-less Salads & BLTs Minus the B

Think edible oxymorons…

As sacrileges go, it doesn’t get much better than stripping the town’s top BLT – the Peanut’s, of course – of its most essential ingredient, the bacon. That said, somehow, someway, somebody decided a year or so ago (according to my server at the Peanut Downtown) to add that option to the menu.

“Here, this will give you something to write about,” Knuckleheads owner Frank Hicks says.”They have a BLT without bacon and they have a taco salad without meat. How can it be a taco salad without taco meat? And how can they have a BLT without the bacon?”

No biggie, says server Jessie Chalfant. The menu additions – including that of an egg – came in response to customer requests.

“I get a lot of requests for extra bacon with egg,” she says. “It’s really good; it’s delicious.”

Still the single straight down the line Peanut BLT rules.

“The Triple is second,” Chalfant says. “But I recommend the single with egg – I don’t need seven pieces of bacon, but that’s just me.”

Wow, the Peanut Triple is a seven stripper…

“Yeah, you get four extra pieces of bacon,” she says. “Every once in a while people order the triple with extra bacon even, that’s 10 pieces of bacon. I like to say, bacon’s like meat candy.”

And who exactly is it that cries out for meatless taco salads?

“Just vegetarians or whatever,” Chalfant says.
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5 Responses to Some Times You Feel Like a Nut: Taco-less Salads & BLTs Minus the B

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whats next? an egg salad sandwich without the egg and without the bread, served with a bourbon and water, hold the bourbon? ; ).

  2. Anonymous says:

    All you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven’t broken any rules.” …. Jack Nicholson as Bobby Dupea in Five Easy Pieces

  3. Anonymous says:

    uuummmmmmakin bacon.

    The pork council wants to reassure everyone that swine flu has NOTHING to do with bacon or pork,

    BUT makin bacon with a person infected with H1N1 (not to be confused with R2D2) could, so lets be careful out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good one dimebag. I love that scene.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hearne: What is up with the McD’s on the Plaza? The Scar sez it’s turning into a noodle joint….True?

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