Hovick: The Case of the Missing Bathrooms & Johnny Dare’s Birthday

It’s like this…

The Kansas City Historical Society visited the Midland by AMC and was pleased with the more than $16 million renovation. Architects from Helix were diligent to insure the integrity of the 1927 design of this beautiful landmark Kansas City ediface

In 1927 it took $4 million and one year to build the original Midland – one of the country’s first public assembly buildings with AC.

As manager, I enjoy schmoozing people as they check out the amazing detail talented artisans labored at to make this building so unique. I conduct quizzes to see if young people have any idea of the year, cost or length of time it took to bring this wonderful building into existance.

With more than 100,000 people through the doors since Last September’s grand reopening, I’ve learned to recognize certain looks: agaze of wonder at 1927 chandeliers from Czechoslovakia. The jaws drop and cameras come out to snap a piece of history of the detailed plaster ceiling.

The No. 1 question:

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4 Responses to Hovick: The Case of the Missing Bathrooms & Johnny Dare’s Birthday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you still rent the Midland for wedding receptions?

    The one reception I atttended there was spectacular, and it was held in only the lobby (the theater dooors were closed off). The multiple levels provided a great space for 300 people in party mode quite nicely.

    The Midland is truely a jewel of this area.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    You have to hand it to Johnny Dare and 98.9, every show they do is sold out. I have gotten a bit too old to go to his crazy Xmas and Halloween shows, but I did go to Rockfest and it was the biggest outdoor concert crowd I have seen in my life. It was like Arrowhead in the old days. A well behaved large crowd over 50,000 so in this tough economy you have to salute that type of drawing power.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    You make a good point Rob. I think what is most amazing about Dare and 98.9 and its marketing group headed up by programming director Bob Edwards, they don’t use any other radio stations to promote their events or even in house stations like The Buzz,6l0 sports,KUDL and many more…often no tv or print ads to speak of….to have such large and well behaved crowds as you point out, is quite rare in todays market.

    Alot of people aske me, cause I am on his show alot and have been for l5 years, “Is Dare still got those huge numbers of listeners” boy does he..they draw l00’s of thousands of listeners in the morning…he is number one in the morning not only here but across the midwest…you can hear Johnny and 98.9 with Moose and Paul later in the day, in five states, Kansas,Missouri,Nebraska,Oklahoma and Colorado all on 98.9 its that strong of a station….Hey Jonny and I have had our moments of lets say “not getting along” but his talent is unmatched in this or maybe any market….and his guest list is a whos who of the top movie stars, tv stars, music stars and comedy giants in the nation….Without any argument with Radio down, Dare stays up, he is still this cities number one media guy, no question.

  4. Anonymous says:

    98.9 get the scoop again….

    …the kitty litter scoop.

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