Hearne on the Street: Dave Coulier Keeps Count at Mutual Musicians Foundation

Count “Full House” funny guy Dave Coulier among those celebrating Count Basie’s birthday this past weekend…

“He went down to the Mutual Musicians Foundation after his sold out show here and played the harmonica in one their jams,” says Stanford & Sons main man Craig Glazer. “He hung out at Kelly’s in Westport first and you know his other favorite place here was Jardine’s and he was going to go there and try to play. Remember, you and I took him there that one time.”

Uh, yeah – I remember all too well. I passed on giving Coulier a lift back to his hotel in KCK and then face planted down the Plaza jazz joints steep staircase. Piano man Mark Lowrey likes nothing better than to point out the exact spot where I splattered.

The reason Coulier passed on Jardine’s and opted for the MMF? three words, Glazer says: 6 am booze.

“That and the whole Count Basie birthday thing,” Glazer says. “And the fact that they served liquor all night – he liked that. He thought it was amazing. I mean,you can’t even do that in Los Angeles.”

After a late night bust in 2006 – after operating under the city’s radar with no liquor license – the MMF snagged a wildly unusual 6 a.m. license in 2007 courtesy of Mo. Rep. Mike Tallboy.

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20 Responses to Hearne on the Street: Dave Coulier Keeps Count at Mutual Musicians Foundation

  1. Anonymous says:

    Comedy Fan
    Sold out show? How many tickets did you give away to get it to the ‘sold out’ level, both online and throughout the Legends?? You had a great place in Westport, even a decent place in OP, and now that you have a place at the Legends, it stinks up the joint. Tacky place (other than the movie theater seats scattered around), terrrrible overpriced food, overpriced drinks and tickets and horrid opening acts. Your poor headliners! We will never ever go back, free tickets or not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Remeber that time you hung out with Dave Coulier? Fuck Hearn, you’re so cool! Any stories you want to tell us about with John Stamos in them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    comedy fan you mean that tacky comedy club ranked in the top three in the nation with seating and bookings, you mean the horrible line up that included Lewis Black,Tommy Chong,Ralphie May,Jon Reep,Jim Jeffries,Caroline Raye,Jimmy Walker, Michacel Winslow..all those crappy names and many more..you mean the theatre that cost more than 3 million to build,that one…look we do give away tix on radio to shows, and it sounds like you may have won some and not gotten in due to sell out, it is first come first serve if that happened and obviously paid tix come first, we would be happy to get you tix for another show…we never know how many radio will show up, so it rarely, but sometimes does not have the seats for them….again we are sorry for that..just call and explain and we will help you out…and oh yeah of the three clubs in KC as of Nov. lst we are the only one left…hmmmm…the Improv closes and says they are moving and reopening…not sure….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    Glazer makes a good point comedy fan, they are a well known, respected theatre. I even hear about Stanford and sons on the Tonight Show. Maybe you just had a bad night there, it must be tough to be good every night.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Craig just want to point out that he said the “opening acts were horrid”. the stated “poor headliners”. So I didn’t read it that he was slamming the headliners.

    Its been a few years and not even sure if he still tours. But if Anthony Clark comes to town please let me know. He was GREAT. Also it would be cool if you could get Frank Nicotero he is a great guy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Comedy Fan
    Uh no we didn’t ‘win’ free tickets. We also got in to see the show just fine, although your bait and switch (‘giveaway “VIP” tickets, which are actually GA, but you can PAY to upgrade to better seats, supposedly to the VIP seats you were promised over the phone) was a bit much. You can’t defend the overpriced drinks, the terrrrible food and the tacky atmosphere. The movie theater seats were nice, but that was the best part. We have seen comedy shows all over the US, many times, and the last one we saw at your place was the last one we will see at your place for the reasons stated. The headliner was good, but I imagine he would have been better had the crowd been warmed up.

    ALSO THE IMPROV AT ZONA ROSA APPEARS TO STILL BE OPEN. Can’t take the competition so you have to spread lies? You could work for the KC Star with your fact checking research there, Craig.

    I WISH your club was better and we went many times when you were in OP and Westport. You’ve really went downhill. And many of your headliners are ‘retreads’ and have the same jokes and ‘bits’ every time. Michael Winslow? So over.

    And learn to comprehend a bit; I ‘implied’ that you gave away a TON of tickets and the show wasn’t even close to sold out last time I was there. GAVE AWAY. Your girls couldn’t even hand out all the tickets there!

    Swallow your pride and take some critique without getting your panties in a bunch; you can give it but not take it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Comedy fan. While it sounds like some of your criticism is fair. I do want to point out that after Craig defended his club he did apologize and offer to make things right. Is it possible that you just had a one time only poor experience and if you gave it another chance it might be different?

    Someone else will have to provide this answer. I have NO IDEA what the business model is for a comedy club. But when comedy fan mentions overpriced food and drinks I have to wonder if a comedy club is like a movie theater. most people don’t realize that movie theaters make very little money off the movie ticket. Most of that goes to Hollywood. What they make money on is the concessions. Thats why soda is $3.50 and above and popcorn is a ton $$$$$.

    I wonder if comedy clubs are the same? Where tickets money pays for the acts and everything else pays for club staff, rent, etc. Just wondering?

  8. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Rick, point well taken…you are right, most of comedy clubs income these days is from drinks, a bit from food and tix…but like a movie theatre most of the ticket money pays the comic. Clearly when you have bigger names like Dave Coulier, Winslow, Chong etc…the cost goes up for tix and so on..like everything else these days…the ‘comedy fan’ who ever that is…clearly is just not going to be pleased no matter what…as I stated and it is not a lie as this guy thought the Improv closes end of October and ‘plans’ to reopen in the future somewhere else in North KC, perhaps Zona Rosa. I have nothing against them, we share many of the same acts and don’t really compete as we are far enough away from each other…in an odd way having them open adds energy to comedy in KC…so I wish them well, however as of Nov lst this year Stanford and Sons is the only comedy venue in KC, thats a fact…sorry comedy fan guy.
    Hey some poeple don’t like Danzel Washington or think Jim Jeffries is funny, different strokes for everyone…”You can’t please everyone” we serve fun food, nachos,fries,pizza,chicken fingers, apps…so if this guy thinks this is suppose to be Plaza III sorry, its theatre food..like Rick kinda said…not meant to be more than that…as far as drink prices well comedy dude…guess you don’t get out much…when you see a live show drinks are higher than at Kellys….it pays the bills and most travled folk know that…heres a little secret if you are in Vegas or a really big city like maybe LA, their prices are higher than ours..just a little gem for you to think about…I’m sure our Bud Light sucks too and is tacky, like the club…oh well….”the dogs bark and the caravan moves on”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the info Craig. Also interesting to know that comedy clubs create sort of a synergy. I always wondered why a Wal-Greens and then a CVS would build right across the street from each other. But they said the same thing. It created a synergy of business and interest. Good Luck in these challenging times Craig.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The Mass is ended let us go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Comedy Fan
    1) I’m a woman.
    2) I understand the concept of ‘comedy club’ food. And I also understand that ANY food should be served fresh and hot and not just reheated under a lamp, which it appeared to be. And since you are ‘captive’, it’s impossible to hunt down an overworked server to remedy the situation.
    3) Like I said, I loved your place in Westport and even the one in OP. I however must figure that most all of your shows are ‘flat’ and ‘desperate’ like the one we saw, since you cannot pinpoint it. Also, you can’t deny the fact that you can’t GIVE tickets away to fill up most nights. You can’t and don’t dispute that. Much like you can’t dispute the fact that your employees tried to ‘upgrade’ my free so called VIP tickets….let me now mention that our tickets weren’t even looked at and we were put in a so called higher paying section, as were others….by Craig Glazer himself.
    4) As stated, I’ve seen comedy clubs all across the country, and my last visit to Stanford’s ranks only above one other, out of dozens and dozens of visits across the US.

  12. Anonymous says:

    But Comedy Fan, I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but he’s offered to make it right correct? He’s said he is sorry and he’s offered you comp tickets, right? What at this point would you like him to do? You had a bad experience. Some of that he has offered explanations some excuses. But he has said he is sorry and says he’ll help you out. What do you want? Also by any chance do you know someone named JOJO?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Comedy Fan
    ewwww JoJo? No thanks!

    But I do believe I’m just as free to respond as to why my points were valid, instead of being accused of being a disgruntled ‘free’ ticket holder who was turned away. Some of the issues I mentioned weren’t even addressed, and rather important ones at that….because there is no excuse.

    I didn’t post to get free tickets, or anything. But my opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s, as are my rebuttals.

    I don’t think Craig Glazer is stupid. I do believe he knows what I’m saying; whether he chooses to do anything about it remains to be seen. I can see through his response just fine. 😉

  14. Anonymous says:

    ewwww JoJo? No thanks!

    lmao : )


  15. Anonymous says:

    ok. now i’m with you and see your point. Sorry for my lack of understanding

  16. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    In conclusion comedy fan lady, just call me at the club and we will get you some great seats to a show that you want to see ok…if you didn’t like your food I am sorry….yes its just fun food, if it wasn’t hot for you I am sorry…it normally is….like Rick said, sometimes its just not our night….but be a little bit fair, give us some credit, there is a good reason why we get so much attention in this market from the media on radio,tv and in print…cause usually people like our shows and comics, but you are right I am sure there are others like you who were not pleased on a given night or show….but again to be fair thousands of folks have been to Legends, and most come back, not all but most…they like it, we provide great comedy on most occasions and as you know have discovered many of todays top stars in this industry….hey Micky Mantle struck out many times, but still made the Hall of Fame…enough on this

  17. Anonymous says:

    Comedy Fan
    If you like, ask Hearne for my email as posted in this and the other replies, and if all goes well, I will be more than glad to post again with kudos. I’m more than fair. But I don’t want every Tom Dick and Harry calling you to take advantage of your kind offer.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ahh………I love happy endings.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Goodnight John Boy

  20. Anonymous says:

    Good night Mary Ellen and u looked great in P.Boy

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