OTC: Is The Chiefs’ O-Line Holy Crap?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Their are conflicting reports on the linemen from Miami. On 810 this morning they had a scout and he said the Miami guys were tough hard nose guys that were in the Bill Parcells mode. He did say they lacked athletic ability but they were strong blue collar workers. Hey, I got an idea. Let’s actually see them on the field before we dismiss them. You think?

    Twibell is an idiot on all matters.

    “The Chiefs aren’t ready to compete,” Depends on how you define compete. Compete for a Super Bowl-no. A playoff spot-no. But to be competitive in the majority of their games and win more then last year-I say YES.

    Herm is as worthless on ESPN as he was as a coach.

    KK should get out of the business if its to personal for him to comment on sports people. I am a HUGE Greg Hall fan but I have no problem telling him when I disagree or think he’s mistaken.

    Speaking of which. KK and Herm driving through Mission Hills together. Bad Greg Bag Greg.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Twibell sucks…St.John rules

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is The Chiefs

  4. Anonymous says:

    So Sadsays-Do you think the Chiefs could do some of the same things with Tyler that Philly can do with Vick? Though obviously Vick has a stronger arm, Tyler can move.

  5. Anonymous says:

    rick, YES, that would be fun, and that is what we need. I have not had fun with this team since Vermeil left. I know he never made th playoffs but those 4000 yard Trent Green seasons were at least fun. I spotted Sherm’s BS early, his boring ball was the worst debacle of all time. He ruined the team by letting go players like Jeard and Dante ….etc etc etc, and tell me this, how the hell do all our ex coaches wind up on TV?
    Do we need a reminder of what that guy did?

    YES rick they could, even if we lose, lets have some fun. All this accountability crap reminds me of the nuns/sisters ready to smack everyone with a ruler.

    I just wanna have a little fun before I die.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s interesting as I heard the same thing on the radio about the Royals this morning. The baseball guy was talking about how it was bad enough the Royals are losing but they also lack the fun of going to the game. He mentioned a couple of teams that are also losing but they are still fun to watch. Obviously i want a winning team. But if I had a choice between an exciting but losing team or a boring 3 yards and dust team then I’m voting exciting. I still remember the Chargers with Fouts, Charlie Joiner, and Winslow.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Let’s make sure we spread the blame around to everyone connected with this team for the last 3-5 years. Herm was terrible but so was Carl and even ownership(Lamar and Clark). How far under the cap were we last year and so far this year? For all the money the Hunt family is pouring into the stadium they are taking it back by being so far under the cap. I know that it is a strategy for an uncapped year coming up but also but the lack of spending on good free agents that could help make this team better went out the window 3 years ago. The Jerad Allen decision was a salary dump to me also.

    The Chiefs are now much like the Royals. Lots of pieces that don’t fit together and not enough talent to really compete.

    Sad you are right to say that this team could be dismal this year and also that Haley may be the worst decision of all the decisions made by the Chiefs. The delaying of getting rid of Herm really made Haley one of the few options left along with all the coaches on this staff.

    It will be an interesting year and maybe the Scott/Todd show will surpise us. I doubt it but we can always hope.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Greg, Herm KK Mission Hills – That’s great!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan

  10. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Mission Hills…I heard they meet at a spa in Fairway to get their eyebrows waxed.

    Ol’ Herm looks like a cross beween Mike Tyson and that little dude from Alien. Scariest Herman since Munster.

  11. Anonymous says:

    [i]Have there been any reports I missed of Herm and KK driving through Mission Hills?[/i]

    Greg, best line since you got here to KC Confidential…kudos, bro.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “”if Matt Cassel goes down.

  13. Anonymous says:

    sad, cuz he peed on me

    HALEY AND PEEONME (or peoli,,) (,,,really he pees all all everybody) ARE IDIOTS WITH ALL THIER ACOOUNTABILTY BULLSHIT!!

    That crap may work with nuns, slapping hands with rulers in boarding school, BUT WHEN HAS THAT BS EVER WORKED IN THE NFL??, it is a game,, come on.


    It is NOT rocket science.



    Call Jimmy, make him coach and GM.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Herm was wearing a Chiefs Jersey with a 6 and KK was wearing a 9.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I HATE NEPOTSIM because it breeds the “peter principal” and leads failure.

    This haley kid is a product of nepotism. The only thing he EVER done was be the son of his DADDY.

    He never played football.
    He was NEVER a head coach at ANY level
    , before Peeonme hired him.


    Wanna go all conspiracy crazy for a moment??

    Maybe this some type of Madoff inspired conjob scheme where Haleyboy gets a piece of nowexQB Cassels’s monster contract? Did they agree to split the guaranteed money?

    haleyboy will NEVER command respect from his players. He is nothing but a big talking douchebag. haley boy barking BS orders and demanding accountability only makes players laugh at him.


    The VERY short story Todd “nepotism” Haley.

    copied from wiki( contrary to popular myth, it is as good a source as any if there are footnotes. If any of this is wrong, state the correction.)

    “”Todd Haley was born on February 28, 1967 in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] He is the on of Dick Haley, currently a Player Personnel analyst for the Miami Dolphins, formerly Director of Player Personnel for the Pittsburgh Steelers (1971

  16. Anonymous says:

    The only reason haleyboy got a job in football was…..he was was “”hired by the New York Jets in 1995 and served as an assistant in the scouting department for two seasons. At the time, Haley

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is The Chiefs

  18. Anonymous says:

    Does he have glass legs?

    If this less than devastating hit injuries him, and the O line can not protect him(or anyone) it appears we may get to know a young man named Matt Gutierrez, I almost feel sorry for him, but he looked good.


  19. Anonymous says:

    true kansas city bred a$$holes. This town is filled with negative/low life losers who find it
    easy to attack this team and its management before the real season begins.
    Those who have jumped on the cheifs already..
    tell me what you’ve done in your life.
    Tell me your occupation …and tell me when
    you got a new job if you were torn down verbally
    before you even started that new job.
    We all know this team had problems. Unfortunately we also know they had no talent
    to build with. Other successful teams like the
    dolphins had talent …its just that it wasn’t
    used and managed and put together right.
    You losers need to look in the mirror. What have
    you done in your life. Did you ever get a job
    even though you may have not been the most
    qaualified to get it.
    You losers can show you anger with the team by
    not going out and pay money for tickets/parkcing
    etc. Stay at home. We don’t want you at arrowhead because you are losers.
    I own 4 season tickets. I have supported this team for good years and bad years. So please
    take control of yourself and if you don]
    t want to be a part of the chiefs stay at home
    at play your video games and hero guitars.
    Before the first snap you have already proved
    yourself negative losers. Now go bafck to the
    cave you came from. We don’t need you and
    your anonymous negative rants even before
    the season starts…
    I actually like haley. He came here when this team had no idea how to win. It will take time
    but I feel that it will work out…we will get
    the talent.
    Cassel…how come so many teams (good teams)
    wanted this guy. If the cheifs were the only
    team to want this guy i’d be worried. But
    4 teams wanted him including the broncos who were
    willing to let go an allpro quarterback with an
    incredible future to get him.
    Class is over for you losers.

  20. Anonymous says:

    All the old f*cks on this site like rick(how old
    are you? 65?)/old man kissell/greg hall/ and the
    rest of the dinosaurs on here need to stop the
    Your old age is really affecting your senses
    and you need to watch out for alzheimers.
    Stop living in the past you old coots.
    The world has passedc you by and now you’re left
    wondering where your life went. You’re like
    the grumpy old neighbor who tells the kids
    to keep off the grass.
    Now go back to your black and white tv’s
    and wait for the mailman to bring you your
    social security check.
    You guys are old/worn out/washed up/negative
    people. Maybe a positive attitude will change
    your life. Try to say something positive about
    You’re old/tired/and probably can’t get out
    of bed in the morning.
    Now take all your pills and don’t forget to
    turn off your nightlites.

  21. Anonymous says:

    hey glassey/Q and A/PS/common sense…
    Have you losers nothing better to do than post
    on a saturday night at 1-2am. Maybe you need
    a girlfriend? The blowup dolls not working anymore?…get a life! Need to vent some anger?
    Now take those bipolar meds and get back to
    bed you old coots.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Seek Help
    Seek help dude, you are losing it. Why are you are lashing out at thin air with all your vast generalizations? You seem to have real anger issues, and a wierd fasination with blow up dolls, what is up with that?

    Actually maybe I understand, after all you did get ripped off buying chef season tickets( ha ha ) but dont be all ranting and raving, take a chill pill before you have a heart attack.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Seek Help
    This is one instance where it does not matter what anyone may or may not have accomplished, it is clear that haley is ready to be a real NFL coach. It appears his whole leadership squad was created through social networking, not hard work. It makes me sick to see this N.E. connection infesting our area. I am disgusted.

    haley may be suited as a golf coach, but not an NFL head coach. Time will show this mistake, and I bet you in years to come haley will admit the mistakes he made “as he was learning”. How about he does NOT learn as m,y head coach. Anyone being honest will admit this is heading in the wrong direction. The worst mistake? Paying 63 million to a an unproven QB BEFORE THEY HAD TO.

    I did not get personal with you, but if you would rather beeeacth and rant and rave personal attacks, we can do that too.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Maybe Brian Waters should go up to Haley and tell him, “Any coach off the street could come in and lose three exhibition games.”

    It would be interesting to see how cocky Haley is when he just wins 3 or 4 games this season.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    810 scoops 610 once again!

  26. Anonymous says:

    its just the total negativity of this city
    and guys like hall and the rest of the retired
    old mens club here.
    Is there nothing positive you can see..try
    seeing it.
    And its not your money. I’m sure mr. hunt the
    billionaire values his money more than you.
    If its a bust…so be it…63 million is
    lunch money to the hunts over 6 years.
    Ithought the defense played very well.
    Jamaal ran the ball great. The o line needs
    work and we’ve known that so put the
    qb in a shotgun so he can complete 65% of
    his passes. They need a strong speedy outside
    receiver which they must have…and probably
    will get…or take a chance with brandon in
    The chiefs are our team. Your screaming before
    a single real snap is insane. Your personal
    attacks are so bad so early.
    You old coots must wake up with a bad
    disposition…you must need to vent your own
    lifes anger on a guy you don’t even know.
    Haley has accomplisyed more in his few years
    in football than any of you will ever accomplish
    in your entire life. Is it jealousy or is it
    that you feel you are a loser and must compensate
    for your horrible life.
    All my posts are about the negative comments
    you bring on. Get over it. There’s more to
    it than you see.
    Now go bacdk to your $8 an hour job and
    makue sure you are on time to work.

  27. Anonymous says:

    JOJO what the F*ck are you talking about? Two points-You must not read the posts because I am pro Chiefs and think people are wayyyyyyyyyy over reacting. Already we are 100 times better then last year. So why are you accusing me of being negative? You must be 120 because you have me confused with someone else. Go back and READ my posts KNUCKLEHAED!!!!

    Second-I guarantee I’m at least 20 years younger then you and once Greg rolls your a** I’ll do the same.

    Speaking of OLD MEN. Very funny line Old Man Kissel with Brian Waters telling Haley about coach’s off the street.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Also JOJO can’t you see that some of these posts are the same guy writing under different names? I think everyone needs to take a chill pill. It is just wayyyyyyyyy to early to judge Todd Haley. Jeez give the guy a chance. And this team is much more competitive this year then last. And why is every one all worked up. They said last night they took x-rays and nothing is broke. Just a strain. 90% of you have already pissed your pants over what appears to be nothing. I’m more concerned about Brandon Flowers then QB.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Seek Help
    so many words, saying nothing about football?

    You cast insults on other posters while advising everyone to just trust haley? Not a peep about about the nothing hit that broke Cassel, or the issue with our kickers. I guess there are no problems when you wear rose colored glasses. Lets see what you say when the the chefs are 0-6.

    haley is learning, at the fans expense. He does not yet know how to build a real NFL team. We have been putting up with rebuilding for as long as I can remember. I discuss the chefs becuase I STILL care. I am not here to insult people. I am confident with my self without belittling other posters, haley is the problem here.

    One more comment,
    The Chiefs had the lowest payroll in the NFL last year, the salary cap was not even an issue…..


    …..there are real problems with this team, and they will not be solved until they are addressed, why is that hard to understand?

  30. Anonymous says:

    loser rick… you watched fouts/joiner? wasn’t he in the 60’s or 70’s…before i was born.
    You are the most negative guy on here and you’re
    wrong 90% of the time.
    Anytime old man…but i will not take advantage
    of an old man like you in a wheel chair…
    you’re way past your prime and you show it
    with your words and lack of knowledge about
    anything after 1980. You’re like the rest of
    senior citizens…living in the past about
    their whole life.
    You’re probably the same age as my grandpa
    and I do respoect your age…but not your
    wisdom and defintely not your old negative
    worn out attitude.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Seek help-See you are a perfect example of someone that just spouts without reading what you are responding to. You say “not a peep about the hit that broke Cassel.” If you read the FREAKIN post before responding you would see I said “They took x-rays and nothing is broke.”

    You say you care about the Chiefs. Then why are you talking about payroll from last year. what the Hell does that have to do with this year. Hey, why don’t you tell us about the Super Bowl years because that has as much to do with this year as last year. Its a NEW YEAR and NEW START.

    “So many words,say nothing about football” Again WRONG. Talked about Brandon Flowers injury was more of a concern.

    I don’t mind getting slammed. But at least slam me for something I did or didn’t do. And its very helpful to actual read what i said.

    You’ve already determined after three PRESEASON games that Haley is worthless and doesn’t know how to build a team.

    Well, at least you gave the guy a chance. I love it when people have STRONG opinions but at least be reasonable. Sheeesh…

  32. Anonymous says:

    jojo you are so stupid you don’t even know when someone is on your side. And the problem is your daddy and grandpa didn’t smack the spit out of your mouth enough when you were a kid. Also I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of Classic ESPN where you can watch these legends of past. No you are to busy posting to know history. So you think Fouts is what the water comes out of and Joiner is what no team wants you to be part of. And if you think I’m the most negative guy on here then you obviously don’t read your own posts and have many personalities. Good Luck.

  33. Anonymous says:

    D. Trump
    “Todd you have lost three straight pre season games.” “Yes, this last one we only lost by a few points and our starting QB only played a few minutes.” “And yes the second game we were on the goal line in the closing seconds to win it.” “But the fans of KC Confidential have spoken.” “It’s already clear that you are not cut out to be a major league coach so no point in wasting any more time.” “You’re FIRED!” “Someone get Neil Smith on the phone, at least I can understand what he is saying and he is a former football owner.”

  34. Anonymous says:

    Seek Help
    I was not aiming at your rick, you seem ok, my issue is with haley, and yes I beleive he has issues. The main prob … ah never mind, it was already stated.

    My solution, which I stated 2 1/2 years ago (when I spotted sherm’s BS) was to hire Jimmy Johnson to be GM and Coach. He is a proven winner.

    I have no idea why the other guy gets so personal with his rants about old people, $8.00 an hour jobs, etc etc. His HELAnegative ranting about others negativity now kind of amusing.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Cool. I don’t have a problem with the J.J. idea though I just don’t think he wants to return. And that being said I could of come up with a half dozen other proven coaches over what the Chiefs did. I would agree 100% if you said Haley is unproven and you have your doubts. I do ALSO. But I just don’t think I’ve seen enough to make an educated decision about him. Thats where I’m at. I apologize if it became personal.

    As far as Jojo. He’s just like your crazy uncle that you see at holidays. Some of the stuff he says makes sense, some of it crazy, some of it amusing. He’s the guy talking to himself in the corner. You just accept him for what and who he is. Rarely does he make me angry. Bemused is usually the word. But when knucklehead decided to slam me for something I didn’t do (be negative towards the Chiefs) I decided to slam back.

    All that being said. Bottom line is time will tell who is right. And they could start 0-6. But i just feel they are a better team. We’ll see.

    Here is what I do think. Cleveland will upset the Vikings in week one causing all sorts of heat on Bret.

  36. Anonymous says:

    All those years when gm CP was in charge, he used this same type of required performance BS verbage. As he started to show his poor performance isssues, I wondered out loud, how he would handle an employee who did as poorly as he did.

    NOW, bigmouth haley with all his accountability BS, same thing. He screams and penalizes poor performance, so what would he say about himself?

    Would he hire himself?? What in haleys background makes him deserving of his position?

    I trusted Hunts kid, UNTIL I see this coming debacle, now I look into haleys past, and WHAT?? WHY WOULD THEY HIRE THIS GUY?

    This is the NFL, come on, Hunt fkd up. If he keeps disrespecting us fans, Arrowhead will have 6000 people in it, again. I respected his father too much to EVER say a bad word, but his kid….COME ON!!! WAKE UP!! Have the balls to talk like your GM and coach … ACCOUNTABILITY!!! THIER WORDS!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    its all good rick : ) excepting the football issues at hand.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I dont think this is rocket science. It is supposed to be fun. I see fun in other NFL teams like philly and Pitt. All I see in haley is business serious work hard grumpy business BS, come on it is a game.

    If I was to suggest a strategy, I say do do it like Clint Eastwood directs movies. He hires the best available position players and he provide the script. He does not hound them. Clint does not scream ACTION!!

    Clint has the players and the plan in place, and then he calmly says “OK lets go”.

    I scared rabbit looks on the Chiefs players. I hear haley berating our STAR PLAYER Bowe.
    What does being a tyrant do? I dont see it as “team conducive”.

    come on lets make it fun, and if it dont work, I am easy. BUT IF this haleykid want to scream and yell, and look all mean, then he better expect the same, cuz, what goes around comes around.

    I bet BIG MONEY JJ would love to run ARROWHEAD.

  39. Anonymous says:

    To much help here, my head is spinning. I don’t have much to add other then different players respond to different management/coaching styles. I know as someone in management that one size doesn’t fit all. And one of the key things is finding out what motivates people-money, praise, family, time off, being appreciated.

    Some players you have to kick in the rear to get the best out of them. Others you have to put your arm around them and encourage them.

    You look at Super Bowl winning coaches and you see several different styles that got them there.

    I’m curious of those of you sharing your thoughts. Is Todd Haley different then say Bill Cowher and if so how?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Also…and obviously i’m going back a way (Which since JOJO has never heard of Blockbuster he’ll assume I must of been alive during this time)but remember Clint did the Every Which Way series which was successful as far as box office. But i don’t think anyone is going to say the movies about a monkey was academy award winning stuff.

    And the difference between Clint and Todd is that its an open market so he can afford to get anyone. Where Todd has to make trades, draft, and deal with other’s reject.

    That being said. Very thought provoking comment to compare the management styles. THANKS

  41. Anonymous says:

    I will have to check the factbook,
    but didnt Clyde ( the orangutan ) win the oscar for best actor that year? and didnt the granmda win best supporting actor?

    right turn clyde ; )

    I was more referring to Clint’s later work. I have read and watched some of his interviews, and he explained the process.

  42. Anonymous says:


    oops, according to IMBD, maybe they did not win those oscars, but it was the 2nd highest grossing moive of 1978. It also says Clint’s advisors agree with you…

    “None of the advisors to Clint Eastwood wanted him to do this film. They did not think it was funny or that audiences would get it. It ended up being a huge hit and inspired a money making sequel.”

    Royals’ Zack just pitched his 3rd shutout today, against Seattle, We win 3-0.
    Game over, and me too, for now.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    I was thinking more along the lines it’s a shame his mama didn’t spit.

  44. Anonymous says:

    As ALWAYS Uncle Dick you had me rolling on the floor. And the more I thought about it the funnier it got.

    Wow Helped you have a better memory then me. You knew the monkey’s name. Get ready you’ll be getting a You Are Older Then Dirt and You Should Die Slam from JOJO.

    I also forgot about the grandma Ruth Gordon who was VERY FUNNY. Think Betty White but more wrinkles.

    I think if I was Clint’s advisor I would of told him to take the movie. It showed his comedy side and would expand his marketability after years of spaghetti westerns. I think movies that are very broad and don’t require a lot of thinking (See Transformers) usually get good box office.

    I wonder if BJ and the Bear was before or after this movie?

    I’ve only walked out on two movies my entire life. And one of them was a Clint movie. Bridges of Madison County was terrible and Clint should of kept his shirt on.

  45. Anonymous says:

    heck I am just a kid, but I study my history, so I wont be doomed to repeat it. No one should limit themselves by when a movie came out. I love all the good flicks**, heck, and I have only ever seen that Clint movie at home ( 26 times ).

    These days with DirecTV having uchomucho movie channels, we just scan the channels 10 days ahead and it is amazing how many good movies can be DVRd for later. Skipping the 5 minutes of commercials is the key. (If you add netflix to the plan, there is no excuse to not see the greatest movies of all time, no matter when they came out).

    I cant think of a way to steer this back to the O line topic, oh wait, haley is a blow job who ruined the o line, and speaking of that, I am not familiar with BJ and the Bear, but it sounds like a gay porn movie ; )….hehhehehe.

    My how times change, in the innocent days, when that show was on TV, I dont think Bear was a “term” yet. It was the pre accronyms for everything days.

    **I never even tried that meryl streep clint movie, just based on title of all time and imuho the more oscars ( meryl) someone has the more likely lame their movies are.

    I enjoy movies more than films.
    That is why I mad fun of the oscars, but I was the only who laughed … oops I meant, LOL just to be modern… ok bbl cya ttyl omg i must stop.

    OK, I will ask, what was the other movie you walked out of? and while we are at it, what movie has anyone seen the most times?

    damn!!!! that oline is bad.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Ruth Gordon. After “Harold and Maude”, couldn’t see her without thinking about Burgess Meredith saying “that sagging buttocks….”

    Anyone who has ever been to Madison Count,Iowa
    (spent a week there one Thursday), will tell you no one would choose to or be able to do the hokey-pokey in front of a roaring fire. Iowa in August is hotter than hell. If that wouldn’t have been a fake fire, Clint would have melted away like that Nazi in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

    Yeah,I’m an old bastard. I remember the day Bruce Rice told Kansas City that Mack Lee Hill died.

    I wonder if any of these young folks know about the man the Chief’s rookie honor is named for?

    How about the men who were featured on the Ring of Honor? In many cases they gave up their health to play football, and then we take it down? For those of us who watched these men, the Ring was more than painted metal letters attached to concrete.

    Tiller fucks up one procedure, we get jojo.

  47. Anonymous says:

    rick..how old are you…65/70?
    .and yes joiner was in the 70’s.
    RICK…do you have a computer…do you download
    music…hey rick…they invented an i-phone and
    no its not like the phones you grew up on
    that had a crank on them.

    Rick…how about that new company called
    “you tube”…NOT ITS NOT A TV…its a
    video integration site…GOOGLE… its not
    a childrens toy..its a search engine…and
    its not like those trains you get on xmas.
    RICK…you are old/worn out/negative and
    probably the worst one on here.
    Instead of bitching at 2am on a saturday night
    maybe put out a few buck and go cheer on your
    hometown team. It might change your attitude
    and get you out of the house and watching
    reruns on tvland.
    Hall: how were those dvr reruns of the chiefs
    satuday night game. Did you forget the little
    lady wanted some action while you analyzed the
    3/4 inside rush defense package the cheifs
    ran against the wide out seahawk offense.

  48. Anonymous says:

    UNCLE DICK…yea you are old…way too old.
    Surprise you’re on here after 6:30 bedtime
    at john knox village.
    Maybe try a different depends next week and
    get a new attitude.
    The old washed up worn out crowd on this site
    ois purely disgusting. What will you complain
    about next. Tht bingo at the old folks home
    started 10 mintues late. Or that your bib didn’t fit.
    Get a better attitude and maybe you won’t have
    to be on here at 1am on a saturdeay night and
    maybe get some 70 year old widow to hang with
    you as you watch lawrence welk together.
    get to sleep. Its late now.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I wonder, what is the objective of a hate spewing rant like that?

    Is there a purpose, a vision, a hope an objective? or is it just released steam?

  50. Anonymous says:

    I remember back before they had sound. Those
    movies were boring. Then they added sound and
    boy did that make going to movies fun.
    We’d get the model T cranked up and put all the
    relatives in it and head to the theatre where
    the man with the machine would turn the wheel
    and we’d actually get to see moving pictures
    along with real sound. No more piano music!
    Then after talkies we got a telephone and no
    longer have to scream out the front door and
    wake up the neighbors when we had some good
    Ah…and saturday nights! Huddling around the
    victrola listening to those great musicians.
    I really miss the old days.
    But I don’t miss the neighborhood kids coming on my freshly mowed lawns and ruining the roses.
    I hate kids. They are such a waste.
    I hate football because I played in the 40’s
    before they had protective helmets and now I
    just sit here at the retirement home wondering
    how bad things are today.
    I yearn for the good old days! Gotta go.
    Betty Sue the pianist is starting to play
    “zippydodah” and its sing along time.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who has ever been to Madison Count,Iowa
    (spent a week there one Thursday)…
    quote of the hour, that was a good one : )

  52. Anonymous says:

    Jojo have you notice that extra smile on your ladies lips? I think it has to do with an older experienced man. Someone that doesn’t wet his pants at the first sign of naked flesh. Someone that has the slow hand and knows how to take his time. Be thankful that some older men are keeping your house together while you are blogging and going to arrowhead.

    We understand that you need a crank but its not for a phone. And you know way to much about you tube, I-phone, google, etc. No wonder she needs some attention. Apparently you have misplaced your search engine. But we’re goggling her for you brother, so you keep up with your net games.

    Yes, Charlie Joiner played in the 70’s. George Washington was our first president. What’s your point? Because I know more then you I must of lived during that time??? Shoot all the time you spend on the computer you would think you would learn some things. Guess not.

    Also show me one time I’ve blogged at 2AM on a Saturday night? Ain’t happening. You know us old people are in bed by 9PM. Got to get up early to take care of things while you are at work. Lots of downloading involved 😉

  53. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Nick (I’m Black) Wright is already thinking of calling for Haleys job. And of course Greg will make it out that it’s a big scoop.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to thank the participants of this thread for not only breaking a post record, but also providing some damn entertaining stuff.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    Being old. Only two things worse: being dead or young and stupid.

    Noticed jojo was using punctuation and the shift key. What’s the matter, Junior, run out of coke?

    Can you imagine the look on the face of that mail order bride from the Ukraine when she first saw jojo. Sent her a picture of Tom Selleck and Wally Cox meets her at the airport. “I make good
    wife for you”,she says, as she’s eyeing Ahmed the cabbie.

    I’m sure he got along swell with the Republicans. That little toe-tapping game they play probably sealed the deal.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hey Rick, did you give JoJo’s wife a facial?

  57. Anonymous says:

    Jojo still hasn’t denied that he’s running the local ACORN operation.

    I’ll give Scottodd the benefit of the doubt but this season is gonna be like kicking water uphill. Matt Cassel better channel Fran Tarkenton or he WILL be pissing in a bag and slurring words from his wheelchair by the end of the season. He’s not physically tough the way that Aikman or Favre were. He’s not going to be able to withstand the beating he’s gonna take.

  58. Anonymous says:

    old man kissel imposter
    610 scoops 810 once again.

    In a battle of the heavyweight posters Rick knocks out Jojo. Give one up for OLD MEN!!!!

  59. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Phil
    I am one of the 1000’s of celebrity friends that Craig Glazer has. I was at the Daytime Emmy Awards when Craig called me up and asked me if I would give my professional opinion of Jojo.

    After reviewing many of his posts two things are clear.

    First point. Jojo tries to make people dislike him. This is because he has a low self image. He hates himself. He does not believe he deserves to be loved or liked. This explains why even if you agree with him he’ll attack you. Jojo self loathes.

    Point two is connected to point one. Jojo has immense hatred for older white males. This is likely from being sexually abused by an older male. Most likely a uncle. It is also possible that these acts are continuing at this currect time. Jojo has the self hatred(point one) because when these sexual acts were being pentrated against him…ah..I mean perpetrated against him he received pleasure. He now feels immense guilt because part of him enjoyed what was happening to him.

    I ask all of you to encourage Jojo to come on to my show and share his humilation with all of America in exchange for the nominal appearence fee of $350 that we give all guests.

    It is also possible that I’m totally wrong and Jojo was a member of the mayoral staff(most likely a member of the janitorial crew) and accidently walked in on Mayor Funkhouse and his wife engaging in sex in the mayoral bathroom. This would also explain his dysfunction.

    DR. PHIL

  60. Anonymous says:

    Just to keep things in perspective jojo is predicting a landslide victory in 2012 for President Obama….the guy who is trying to sneak through some legislation that would allow him to SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET without any congressional or judicial advice/consent or approval.

  61. Anonymous says:

    smartman…come on…stop watching all that
    fox tv. Thats what give you the negative
    attitude. And he’s not trying to shut down
    the internet…thats how he and the rest of
    the democrats got elected.
    Its just paranoid people like you wake up wsith
    this incredibly bad attitude about life.
    I’m headed to mexico…will be on twitter so
    you cavemen can vicariously experience some
    fun in your life. Get out of the house people.
    Theres a glorious and beautiful world out there.
    While you losers are watching reruns of the
    chiefs game i’ll be enjoying the beaches of
    puerto moreles.
    See ya later losers. Now get back to that
    $8 an hour job losers. And rick and old man…
    wipe the drool off your bibs andget back to the
    bingo game before the supervisor takes away
    your visiting priviledges.

  62. Anonymous says:

    the only thing rick can knockout is the
    gerbers baby food the nurses feed him at
    the retirement home.
    no I have no problem with old people…just
    old negative attitudes that all you have
    about everything in life.
    You are losers and you know it. So you take that
    negative attitude about yourself and use it
    in everything you do.
    Its that which is a terrible way to live.
    And rick/old man etc…list some ofy our lifes
    accomplishments ( family/career/volunteer work/
    church work/personal life/overcoming obstacles/
    etc)…nothing too much just a short synopsis
    so we can really see the losers you all are.

  63. Anonymous says:

    “”greg Says:
    August 30th, 2009 at 6:44 pm
    Just wanted to thank the participants of this thread for not only breaking a post record, but also providing some damn entertaining stuff.””

    You are welcome happy to be part of it. Someday, when this website is flooded, these will be the “good ole days”

  64. Anonymous says:

    Understand that jojo is posting things under my name. I guess he figures if I have his women he can take my name. No JOJO the BABY will take my name.

    Accomplishments-giving your girl the ride of her life. Whooooo…..

  65. Anonymous says:

    Helped-to answer your question. The other movie I walked out on was the Shawdow with Alex Baldwin. Just boring. Crossed the theater and caught the last part of City Slickers 2.

    The movie I’ve seen the most repeatedly? Easy answer. Wizard Of Oz. As a kid it would come on every year. And got to say I’m still trying to figure out how they done some things as obviously no CGI back in those days. Rick

  66. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick. I know the Mack Lee award and that he was a rookie. But I don’t know of him. It’s funny because Jojo is always talking about Jack Harry getting his job because of Bruce Rice dying. So he MUST be old to know that. So young guy wouldn’t know any of that.

    I do remember Bruce and his death.

    I also wish they hadn’t taken down the ring of honor.

    Line about jojo and Tiller. HILARIOUS!!!

  67. Anonymous says:

    Helped-I think Dr. Phil explained why JOjo is hate monger and just says negative stuff.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Jojo sure sounds like YOU know a lot about the Good Ole days.

  69. Anonymous says:

    greg-U r welcome. Let’s see if we can break 75

  70. Anonymous says:

    JimmyD-It won’t surpise you but we met Jojo’s wife during group therpy and yes we all gave her a facial.

  71. Anonymous says:

    So Jojo is crossing the border to bring back more members of the family. Great. Where is Bob Barker to spade and neuter him now when we need him.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Jojo you need to reread your own posts. You are the most negative person in the short history of this blog. Hope you can buy yourself a sense of humor.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Think we got the 75 if not I may just do as Jo-Blow asks and list some of my accomplishments.

  74. Anonymous says:

    rick I really never heard of the movie shawdow, but you made the right call on city slickers II : )

    Did someone really steal your name? that happens and it is one of the reasons I abandoned trying to have the same name always. I make up for it by using psychic embeddentation in my posts. I also try to have having a recognizable style.

    I have started to mainly post to blogs that do not require registation, becasue they are the most honest.
    was that 75 🙂

    oh and … YEAH THAT O LINE SUCKS!!!

  75. Anonymous says:

    someone said that the o-line hides a secret pack under a secret bench, and somehow it causes inflictation on … well anyway… 75: )


    I still can not figure out how that nothing hit broke our ex QB, you know the used to have …. long ago … that guy we paid 63 milllion to ….

    I will say ity again , Matt Gutierrez at only $385,000 PER YEARS IS OUR STAR ….. did you know that he NEVER lost a game whne he started in high school over 4 years? ….

    I thought he looked great when he came in on Saturday, he had nothing to lose, was playing loose and HAVING FUN!!


  76. Anonymous says:

    YEA HELPED you topped us at 75. The shadow was originally a radio program. Before Jo-Blow writes and tells me i must be 100 because I know about it….my parents would always talk about it. It had a line in it “Only the Shadow knows”. what ever it had going for it didn’t transfer well to the screen.

    Wow did not know the history on Matt. he looked good until he threw those 2 interceptions.

    Jo-Blow was obviously using my name to be funny. Just like I use his wife.

    Do u really thnik the OL is worse then last year?

    Later Ric

  77. Anonymous says:

    Jon Haas
    I admire your blog , it

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