OTC: Big 12 Football Predictions / Yours, Mine & Theirs

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is what the bookmakers are saying.

    Texas 7-5 In Progress
    Oklahoma 3-2 In Progress
    Nebraska 5-1 In Progress
    Oklahoma State 7-1 In Progress
    Kansas 8-1 In Progress
    Colorado 30-1 In Progress
    Missouri 30-1 In Progress
    Baylor 50-1 In Progress
    Texas A&M 50-1 In Progress
    Texas Tech 50-1 In Progress
    Kansas State 50-1 In Progress
    Iowa State 50-1 In Progress

    but who cares about football, Kansas is the favorite to win it all in Mens Basketball

    YEAH BABY!!!

    2010 Mens NCAA Basketball Tournament – Indianapolis IN – Odds to Win
    Future Odds Status
    4/5/2010 – 2010 Mens NCAA Basketball Tournament – Indianapolis IN – Odds to Win
    Kansas 4-1 In Progress
    Kentucky 5-1 In Progress
    Texas 10-1 In Progress
    Louisville 12-1 In Progress
    Duke 15-1 In Progress
    Michigan State 15-1 In Progress
    North Carolina 20-1 In Progress
    Purdue 25-1 In Progress
    Villanova 25-1 In Progress
    Washington 40-1 In Progress
    Wake Forest 40-1 In Progress
    Gonzaga 40-1 In Progress
    Missouri 40-1 In Progress
    West Virginia 50-1 In Progress
    Field (Any Other Team)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I could see the North ending up in a 2-3 way tie with KU,MU and Nebraska being in that mix. I just don’t see a clear-cut winner and that means 4 losses for everybody in the North. It will come down to head-to-head meetings or ranking in the BCS(just kidding).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    A lot of good points and takes on 810. No wonder their No. 1, in this town for sports.

    I bet 610 is STILL trying to put a hex on KK and 810.

    810 scoops 610 once again.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘Maybe jojo got tired of posting with all of us low rent, negative, white trash, shit job, fat wives and girlfriends, kids with lice and bad teeth, no money in the bank, shopping at Dollar General, Chef Boy-ar-dee eating can

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff, Greg. I think K-State can beat ISU and Colorado as well as A&M. That’s three wins right there, and if 4-4 or 5-3 is going to win the north, that puts them right there with the rest of the pack.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Because of the massive effect of injuries on a football team, pre-season predictions are about as meaningful as predicting how your next crap comes out. You guys are thinking too much. Just take a deep breath, grap the bar in the handicap stall and enjoy the ride.

  7. Anonymous says:

    As an MU fan I want all predictions to go to the other teams in the North

    Missouri is to expectations, as oil is to water.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uh, jojo – can’t trade draft picks in MLB and draftees can’t be traded until one year after they’ve signed with the team that drafted them – that’s all in the CBA

  9. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    A Log Cabin Republican, always thinking about kiss, dick, and shagger.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    JoJo, What did Nick Wright say about Grenkie? And did he do it while acting black again?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    810 Scoops 610 once again!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I knew it. Jojo is running the local ACORN operation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    missouri returns their punter, jake harry

  14. Anonymous says:

    hey losers…did you get off the couch last
    night to get a beer and determine that was
    about the most exercise you’ll get this
    I’m not republican actually a democrat so
    you’re wrong again.
    I love your comments. Now get back to that
    $8 an hour job you have.
    Old man kissl: #1: you really need to get some
    p*ssy. You sound a little feminine so I’m not
    sure what you need. Wright a month ago said
    that with royals being out of the race that
    greinke would challenge batters more often
    which meant that he would have great great
    games and really bad games. Wright was right
    and i gave him a shout out for hitting the
    nail on the head. Now..old man..go back to
    your cave you old fart.

  15. Anonymous says:

    ManD…jojo didn’t deny running the local ACORN operation. You may be right.

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