OTC: Chiefs’ QBs Stink, Stank and Stunk / A-God Gets Sent To Omaha

Some say the position of quarterback in the NFL is the most skilled role in all of team athletics. Few NFL teams experience success without a competent if not great signal caller. The Chiefs have four QBs in River Falls. None appear to be threatening to become the next Johnny U. Read on for some comments from the local media who have witnessed the Chiefs

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Erin might be a better journalist than YOU, because I managed in 20 seconds to pull up an article from Deadspin. com that says that her photo spread was shot back in APRIL – BEFORE the peephole incident. Are the photos a little sexy? Yes. Are they “Girls Gone Wild” slutty? Not even close.

    I don’t really consider anyone at ESPN (or anyone covering sports) real journalists, so this doesn’t really offend me. She’s not anymore of a whore than the attention-seeking corporate monkeys like Chris Berman or Joe Buck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jim Rome’s comments remind me of Robert Duvall’s(Max Mercy) conversation with Robert Redford (Roy Hobbs) in “The Natural”.

    Max Mercy: “They come and they go, Hobbs. They come and they go. I’ll be around here longer than you or anybody else here. I’m here to protect this game.”

    Roy Hobbs: “Whose game?

    Max Mercy: “I do it by making or breaking the likes of you.”

    Roy Hobbs: “Did you ever play ball, Max?”

    Max Mercy: “No, never have. But I make it a little more fun to watch, you see. And after today, whether you’re a goat or a hero ….you’re gonna make me a great story

  3. Anonymous says:

    Erin was on entertainment tonight and yes the photos were taken in April. She still refuses to comment on the peep hole incident other then to say she has hired a lawyer to track the offender down. Officially the last we heard was that police sources had tracked it down to someone at ESPN. This story is going no where and my guess is we’ll hear nothing else about it, unless someone shows that she was involved. Which I’m becoming more and more convinced that she was.

    810 scoops 610 by having Gil Brandt on.

    Greg-We’ve had some average at best quarterbacks with Super Bowl rings. QB would not be my major concern at this point. The Chiefs did make a QB error (see upcoming post).

  4. Anonymous says:

    Random thoughts:

    *A writer slammed Carl Peterson’s appearance on 610 a few weeks ago. They said something to the effect of “What’s next Herk Robinson’s take on the Royals.” Sure enough The KC Star had an excellent article on what went wrong with the Royals and Herk had some great insight.

    *The biggest under reported story is Linas Kleiza leaving the NBA to sign in Europe for big money. Is this an isolated incident or the beginning of a trend?

    In ABC’s Superstar competition WNBA star Lisa Leslie lost in the basketball competition and she was the only pro ball player in the game. It’s things like this that make Jim Rome hate and lack respect for the WNBA.

    Did not the experts miss on where Vick was going to end up at.

    Chiefs should of picked up Brain Griese when he was cut. They could use a veteran back there. He’s still available.

    One of Whitlock’s weakness as a writer is there is no follow up to obvious items of interest. Example in last Thursday’s Star Jason quotes Harry Edwards in regards to Michael Vick stating Falcons Owner “Arthur Blank made a mistake in his handling of Vick.” I finished the article wondering what that mistake was ?????? No follow up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Before they pulled the videos I did get to see them, and she was shakin her ass, and primpin, and dancin around, and looking very hot.

    I dont know if it was posed or not, but who cares. This publicity will only do her good. Case in point; Would anyone know who Sharon Stone is, if she had not allowed her beaver out of the cage in that one movie?

    shake it, shake it one time for Elvis, thank ya, thank ya very much.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Cassel is a d-o-g. There’s a reason he rode the pine all those years. Just doesn’t quite have top shelf talent. He’s a lot more enticing as a back-up, but not if your starter is Brodie Croyle.

    Expect Croyle to look better than Cassel again this Friday against Minnesota, provided he’s got Bowe on the field with him. Interceptions in practice don’t matter at this point, look at who he’s got to throw to…a bunch of re-tread geriatric WRs we signed off the street, no TE, and no RB who can catch out of the backfield. If we had two Dwayne Bowes, Croyle would make Cassel look like Mike Elkins.

    Does anyone really think Alex Gordon is ever going to come around? He’s a package player in a trade just waiting to happen, and it isn’t if but when.

  7. Anonymous says:

    concur shake it. good career move.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Cassel could be the biggest bust in KC history.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Could be. He also could be the greatest QB in KC history. It’s just wayyyyyyyyy to early to tell. It’s like judging the taste of the cake while its still in the box. Let it bake first.

  10. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Rick is on target, guys remember this was THE WORST TEAM IN THE NFL, WE HAVE NOTHING, no star, zip and Cassel is a star…give him a minute, I can’t believe our new G.M. would make this big of a mistake…I really am excited about him, he still looked good on his five or six throws Saturday…we have no talent to help him, that might shake anyone up, not one established reciever, no talent in the backfield…maybe, maybe Larry is above average, we’ll see, but …. again this season is pre season for next year…thats the way it is, yes we stink, we will likely be 2 and 8 out of the box..than win 3 or 4 more…thats it..if so that is good, and then build for next year to be plus 9 wins…thats the plan…we’ll see…again this is KC and boy we have been a graveyard for pro players the last 25 years in baseball and football, nothing good much since 85 and Marty ball…so sad

  11. Anonymous says:

    Craig you really think they are going to be the worse team in the NFL? Heck I’ll race you in a 100 yard dash on that one. I think they have a TOUGH schedule but I just don’t see them as bad as the rest of you.

    I think the depth of the running game is going to surprise people. I was impressed with Dantrell Savage in the pre season game.

    While Brad Cottom is no Tony, he caught a touchdown pass. Tyler moved well and showed some quick thinking.

    My concerns are O-Line and special teams.

    Maybe I’m quoting you wrong. You said “was” worse team. Even at that Detroit was worse.

    I think its not as bad as you others think but i could be crazy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Haley knows how bad we are and it shows by his comments.

  13. Anonymous says:


    wtf is hillman doing. Callaspo drops a ball because he’s looking at thr runner.
    Buck is catching and he won’t even be on the
    team next year. Farnsworth is called up and he
    won’t be on the team next year.
    Billy butler drops a ball because of his
    loose mitt (i’ve never heard of this before)..
    But they won the game.
    Problem is that all these problems with the
    managing the team will come out during the rest
    of the season.
    I made the suggestion before. How to get $130
    million dollar in salary money.
    1. Cutoff all minor league operations. Scale them down to bare bones. Savings $25 million
    2. Stop all international scouting. We don’t
    need 16 year old mexican pitchers getting
    2 million bucks. Savings: 7 million dollars.
    3. Trade all draft picks. Trade Crowe now.
    Trade the #1 or #2 pick in next years draft
    for quality player now. Glass won’t spend the
    money to sign these players so trade them off..
    get solid replacements. Instead of gambling on
    unknown talent…trade these picks for
    experienced ball players with a track record.
    4. Replace Hillman and Moore. Theireability to
    evaluate talent is terrible. They have failed in
    every acquistion to the royals. They don’t
    know how to manage a team or run a team.
    Cut every unnneded expense to the bone.
    Upgrade the bar b q at the stadium. It’s a digrace that a town know for great bar b q allows their home team to sell crap like that
    on a bun. Replace all management of the inhouse
    bar b q and bring in arthur or ollie or jack
    fiorella and make us proud of our meat.
    Cut all expenses. No air travel for the team..use a bus. No free cleaning of uniforms.
    The players wives have plenty of free time to
    wash/dry clean/iron all the uniforms which probably save 200K a year.
    6. Elect someone with some balls in jackson county. March into glass’s office and say
    “we’re subsidizing your team..now spend the money
    or get the hell out of here”…explain that taxpayers are paying lots of the clubs expenses
    and put the3 heat on glass to get a winner.
    If you put itall together…you have 130 million dollars for players salaries. Bring in the best
    availble manager/gm with excellent talent
    evaluation skills. Go into the market and every year buy the talent that will win games.
    Since its kc, you have to outbid other teams
    by 15-20% toi get the really good talent.
    We have a good base of talent…need 5 or 6
    major players to get us into the playoff.
    Think this won’t work. think its too
    harsh. Then think what it willbe like for the
    next 5-8 years have a team that stinks and finishes last every year.

  14. Anonymous says:

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Can’t wait to see Matt Bono or is it Elvis Cassel Friday night.

    810 scoops 610 once again!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    ManDshagger-You had me rolling in the aisle with laughter. I think the military folks should consider this as a torture method. I know I would confess to anything.

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