OTC: Royals End July Dead Last & Fading

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  1. Anonymous says:

    David Glass needs to go as he has no vision for this baseball team. It is all about $ and cents. The best type of owner is an entrepreneur that made is his money through creating something like Mr. Kauffman not like Glass who just followed the orders of the entrepreneur Sam Walton. A proverb says “Where there is no vision the people perish.” That is exactly where we are today with this ballclub. We need a risk-taker who wants to win and not just clear a profit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea what White or Lefebvre discuss because I can ALWAYS find something better to watch than the Royals. Give me a dating show on VH-1…unless Zack is pitching or Soria is in there. Why, why, why did we not draft Longoria? Or Ryan Braun? I’m a huge Royals fan by the way but watching this team attempt anything just makes me sick

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Not that it would do any good, but fans need one of those old school walk-out protests that 810 did back in the day, only this time instead of directing it at unequal revenue sharing, it should be directed at David Glass. Problem is, Glass wouldn’t be there to see it. The fact that this man has not shown up to one game at the “new” Kauffman Stadium should be construed as an insult to not just the players and management but to all the fans who forked over the money to pay for it.

    And if has been out to The K this season I sure as heck don’t remember it being reported.

    Increase payroll by $20 million Glass or you’re going to trot out another mediocre-below average-atrocious baseball team again next season. Please tell me you have been able to see the trends cycle around now since you’ve owned this team.. Please tell me you have learned something the past 6-7 years. Please tell me you have the smallest bit of foresight and intuition to not allow this to happen to the people of Kansas City again next year.

    Oh wait, what’s that? You’re never in KC? You have no relationship with the town or your team’s fans? You couldn’t make a pimple on the late great Mr. Hunt’s a**? Ahhh I see now. Well no wonder you don’t care. I get it. And this whole time I was under the impression you might be interested in winning games and stepping up to get this team back to respectability without relying on a 5-year plan of waiting on draft picks who already appear to be under-achieving in the minors. Heck I guess I should just do what everyone else is getting ready to do, watch football.

    We do that every year you know. Since you don’t have a clue how to run a baseball team…what choice do we have…

    Take care there Dave, you savvy baseball man you.

  4. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Sadly its the same comments we all seem to make each year….time for Glass to sell team to someone who will keep it here, spend some money wisely and have better luck….The Royals have become “THE BAD NEWS BEARS” minus the comeback..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who is Petro kidding? The Royals aren’t going anywhere for at least 20 years. Scare tactics ain’t going to get us out of this mess…

  6. Anonymous says:

    GH: “Why do I get the feeling the fans and media are more concerned with the well-being of the Royals than the people in place with the team that can make a difference?”

    It may seem that way, but keep in mind all of the Royals’ mid-management — notably Moore, Hillman and the scouting and player development staff — have their careers on the line. Not since John Schuerholz and Whitey Herzog has a departed Kansas City GM or manager gone forward in their baseball careers. The one constant throughout the debacle that has become the Royals’ franchise has been Glass (hat tip to JS for his post; that about sums up Glass’ career).

    Glass is MLB’s Accidental Owner. He got a sweetheart deal to buy the franchise from the board of which he was chairman in 1993, and his career as a baseball low-baller has continued unabated. He is better known for pushing to hire scabs in 1994 (true to his Wal-Mart heritage) and crying about the perils of small-market franchises than his desire to bring a title to KC. One can only speculate whether the Prentice group would have done better, but its bid suggested it was serious.

    There’s an old saying that flows downhill, and that has never been more apt than in its application to the Royals. It is time for MLB to step in, as it did with Montreal, and intervene in the Royals. When one franchise has been as consistently inept for as long as the Royals, it stains baseball’s credibility. When ownership shows as little willingness to put a legitimate product on the field as the Royals, it damages the integrity of the game.

    I’m not as willing to judge Moore and Hillman as harshly when the incompetence at the top of the organization is so blatant. Glass is one of those misguided baseball executives who seemed to believe that success in another business — in Glass’ case, the success being mainly derivative — translates into baseball. Others, like the Cardinals’ Gussie Busch, learned the hard way, but eventually adjusted. Glass has no more than a clue today than he did in ’09, but either pride or hubris — or the fact that MLB franchises are money-making machines merely by the league’s financial structure — prevents Glass from coming to the realization that he is in a business for which he is ill-suited.

    It’s time for the Royals to be sold, if not willingly then under orders from MLB. It doesn’t necessarily mean the move of the franchise, especially since Kansas City — unlike Montreal — has shown its willingness to support an inferior product. But it’s a risk worth taking to ease the suffering of Royals’ fans.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, used the wrong brackets in the fourth graph. It should read (excrement) flows downhill. My mistake for attempting to avoid the use of profanity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hillman must go! Moore must go!
    SAid it in may and I was the only one to get this
    right. Look at seattle…101 losses last year
    …this year 4 or 5 games over 500. A team can
    be turned around fairly quickly with the right
    manager and front office.
    Making deals for freel/anderson and bettancourt
    were nothing less than disastrous. Sam mellinger
    pointed out that bettancourt was the worst
    shortstop in baseball. Detroit let anderson go
    for nothing and the royals were the only team to
    pick him up. He can’t bat…he may have speed but at this point the royals need someone who can
    hit runs home. Freel is even worse.
    This team has been set back by moore’s inability
    to evaluate talent. Ponzon starting last night
    was a joke. Jacobs still playing even with
    striking out almost half the time is a joke.
    The manager’s inability to get this team ready
    to play. Third base coach is an idiot.
    The players not understanding the fundabmentals
    of the game falls on the shoulder of the manager.
    The players play like the manager. Hillman is not
    the guy for this team.
    Until glass lets a real gm come here WITH
    EXPERIENCE IN MLB…until glass lets a reall
    manager with Mlb MANAGERIAL experience come
    here the royals will remain the worst in baseball.
    You only need to look at former royals who never
    played well here and are now doing good with
    other teams to understand how bad the manager
    and front office of this team are.

  9. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    JoJo made some good points here….its all the front office, I think we will see the difference with the Chiefs by next year due to front office..same with Royals, they need a new one

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