Drawing a Blanc: Will Blanc make Plaza Numero Uno?

It’s not much of a mystery who might replace Uno Chicago Grill on the Plaza…

At least not to those who’ve seen the design plans for Blanc Burgers + Bottles

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3 Responses to Drawing a Blanc: Will Blanc make Plaza Numero Uno?

  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    This will be good for the Plaza and bad for Westport, Uno Pizza on the Plaza had no real energy, just there, but this place will create a buzz and light that corner up…big loss for Westport

  2. Anonymous says:

    uh…who cares? Is this all you have to
    talk about.
    the royals suck..noone cares.
    the cheifs are questionable…noone cares.
    no good concerts…except kevin costner (wow..thats big news)…
    nothing in this worn out washed up town
    except the few things this site talks about.
    who cares about the plaza..its dead too.
    who care about westport unless its news about
    a shooting or carjacking.
    i’ve heard nothing about the jones so the
    glitter is off that…
    what can we talk about now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Trey Hillman
    Jojo, why do you live in KC? Oh yeah, you need a solid source for your meth habit.

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