OTC: Arrowhead Construction Still A Year From Completion

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3 Responses to OTC: Arrowhead Construction Still A Year From Completion

  1. Anonymous says:

    Arrowhead from the outside just looks like another half-assed job done by the city and by the Chiefs. I think when it’s all done, people will be disapointed with what they see at Arrowhead just like people are disapointed with how the New OK came out.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the people of Kansas City want what they have in Chicago. But, what were going to get is something OK. Why is it that when KC has a chance to build something that will make the rest of the country go wow. We just build something OK?

    Sprint Center, The New K, and now Arrowhead. All so-far just OK.

    That’s been the story of this town for the last thirty years I guess.

  3. Anonymous says:

    kansas city is a dying city. OUtside of some
    nice pockets its showing massive decay after
    decades of neglect. Had there been no state
    line to divert funds away, kc as a whole would
    have been an incredible city.
    Now…its lost. Every project comes up short.
    And taxpayers in joco saw what kcmo does with
    money with the loser union station.
    KC is dying. Maybe the emphasis on tyhis city
    needs to be directed toward the joco side
    of the line.
    KC never does anything right. 18th and vine…
    sprint center…p and l…and the resto f the
    wasted billions of dollars.
    the k is nice and it satisfied the royals.
    arrowhead will be a major disappointment because
    the fans will not see anything new.
    The kaufman center is incredible and shows how
    a private enterprise can be spectacular.
    KC will be falling for years. They have written
    their own death warrant. Until a new bright
    upbeat leadership group takes over the city
    it will continue to go down.

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