Claire McCaskill Unleashes Taboo Twitter; By Accident, Of Course

Few politicians have benefited more from basking in the shadow of Barack Obama than Claire McCaskill

Damn few.

And hey and the Baby Boomer Senator from Missouri is keeping up with the new times, too. As in Twitter-ing to her 29,000 Twitter followers from sea to shining sea. And if you’re wondering if it’s really Claire laying down the Tweets – as opposed to some pimply Gen Y page boy – wonder no more.

Take McCaskill’s 11:03 PM Tweet last night…

“clairecmcI support the pubic option on healthcare reform, but must make sure private market can compete. Working on that in the Senate.”

She’s on the Health Care Plan, right? Wrong. Turns out McCaskill was on the Typo Plan.

As evidenced by her followup Tweet nine minutes later…

“clairecmcBig mistake, tweetng when dead tired,one more time spelled right….I support public option,as long as private can compete. Now sleep.”

See, even politicians need to write corrections once in a while. Although had she not, “I wouldn’t even have caught it has she not updated,” says one of her 29,000 phone faithful.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    HUGE story….yawn. Whats next? Big reveal Michael Jackson liked young boys?

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